Cyborg 0014, real name Edward Adams is the son of Dr. Adams Teufel as well as the leader of the High-Teen Number Cyborgs and a major antagonist in the Cyborg 009 vs. Devilman OVA.


Edward was originally a university graduate who had studied bionics. He eventually joined Black Ghost and became his father's assistant. He was later critically injured in a lab accident and thus, he was remodeled into Cyborg 0014.

Alongside 0016 and 0017, 0014 pursued the 00 Cyborgs 002, 004 and 008. The three soon discovered that they were being followed and went to confront their pursuers. 0014 introduced himself and his fellow High-Teen Numbers before attacking the 00 Cyborgs. However, 0014 eventually told his companions to stop, having decided to let the 00 Cyborgs live for now.

0014, 0016 and 0017 later confronted the 00 Cyborgs when they reached Dr. Adams' laboratory. The two cyborg sets fought. During the battle, 0014 received a telepathic message from 0015 informing him that Atun had killed his father. Angered, 0014 vowed to kill both Atun and the 00 Cyborgs to prove his father's research.

001 and 0015 later sent an anti-energy wave towards the High-Teen Cyborgs that also had the side affect of turning Seth/Atun into an entirely new entity. Proclaiming himself a true Angel of Death, the new entity made short work of 0014 and the other High-Teen Cyborgs.

In his final moments, 0014 contemplated how he and the others could have been defeated before passing away.

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