Eva Maria Pallares, also known as Cyborg 0015, is a High-Teen Number Cyborg and an antagonist in the OVA crossover, Cyborg 009 vs. Devilman.


Eva was born along with her brother Seth in a Black Ghost facility in Canada that experimented on mutant children. At some point, Seth became comatose and was brought to Dr. Adams Teufel for his "Cyborg Demon" project. Eva had been led to believe that the project would cure her brother.

Eva at some point modified to become a High-Teen Number Cyborg and sent to lure out Devilman. Posing as a transfer student at the school Akira attended, 0015 kidnapped Akira's friend Miki after she fainted upon her encounter with the demon Lilith, taking the schoolgirl to Dr. Adams' facility.

The "Cyborg Demon" project eventually proved to be a success and Seth was completely overtaken by the demon Atun. Eva attempted to reason with her brother but to no avail. Atun then left to go battle Devilman. 0015 assisted 001 and Dr. Gilmore in sending an anti-energy wave towards the High Teen Cyborgs to disable their cell regeneration. Unfortunately, he anti-energy also had the affect of turning Seth/Atun into an entirely new entity. However, Eva was able to reason with her brother via astral projection and convince him to leave his body. She then passed away from her pre-existing injuries.

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