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Cyborg 0016, also referred to as "Cain", is a member of the High-Teen Number Cyborgs and a supporting antagonist in the Cyborg 009 vs. Devilman OVA.


John Cain Smith was originally the captain of a squad of Black Ghost soldiers. He was eventually volunteered for Dr. Adams Teufel's High-Teen Cyborgs line.

He first appeared with Cyborg 0014 and Cyborg 0017 to follow Cyborgs 002, 004 and 008. The three took notice of their followers and decided to confront them. A battle then ensued between the two cyborg triumvirates, but 0014 decided to wait to kill the 00 cyborgs and ordered 0016 and 0017 to retreat.

0016 and the other High-Teen Numbers later confronted the 00 Cyborgs when they arrived at Dr. Adams' laboratory. The two cyborg teams fought, with the High-Teens initially having the advantage thanks to their cell regeneration. This changed when 001 and 0015 disabled the High-Teen Numbers' regeneration factor with a wave of anti-energy. This wave also had the affect of turning Seth/Atun into an entirely new entity. 0017 charged at the entity, but was cut down by it. Enraged, 0016 also attacked the entity, but was also killed.


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