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Cyborgman #1 is the leader of Black Ghost's Cyborgmen soldiers and an antagonist in Cyborg 009, appearing as a major antagonist in the "Muamba" two-parter. He is eventually revealed to be Cyborg 008's friend, Mamado, who was at some point captured by Black Ghost and converted into a Cyborgman.


Mamado was originally a Muamban rebel, fighting against Unbaba's oppressive regime. He was at some point kidnapped by Black Ghost, brainwashed, and turned into a cyborgman.

In order to escalate the war in Muamba, Number One delivered a Black Ghost tank, the "Black Monster" to the Muamban rebels, which they used to repel Unbaba's forces.

Number One later escorted Unbaba to an underground bunker so Skull could speak with him and persuade him to buy Black Ghost's weapons. He later went with Unbaba and Commander Farej to watch Black Ghost's forces destroy the Muamban rebel's base.

After the 00 cyborgs fought off the cyborgmen, Farej sent Cyborgman #1 to deal with the 00 cyborgs. Number One fought against 008, who was able to deduce that Number One was his former friend. Unfortunately, while Number One retained traces of his memory, he did not have any emotion, and was able to soundly defeat 008. Before he could finish him off, Fuerge ordered him to bring him back alive.

Later, the 00 cyborgs infiltrated Unbaba's compound to rescue 008 and encountered Number One. 008 attempted one last time to convince Mamado / Number One to turn against Black Ghost and join the 00 cyborgs in fighting against the death merchant. However, Number One attempted to shoot 008, forcing the cyborg to, reluctantly, kill his former friend.

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