009 is correct. These cyborgmen are human. But from what we've seen so far, I have to say, as warriors they appear to be perfect.
~ Dr. Gilmore talking with the 00 cyborgs about the Cyborgmen

The Cyborgmen are mechanically modified footsoldiers produced by Black Ghost. They are the successors to the 00 line of cyborgs, fulfilling the role of basic soldiers. They appear as antagonists in Cyborg 009.


Cyborgman #1 delivered the Black Monster to the Muamban rebels in order to escalate the war in Muamba. He later escorted the ruler of Muamba, Unbaba to an underground bunker where Skull could persuade him to buy Black Ghost's weapons.

Several cyborgmen piloted tanks and attacked the Muamban village where the rebels were hiding. However, they were defeated and destroyed by the 00 cyborgs. Commander Fuerge then dispatched #1 to go deal with them.

Number One returned with Cyborg 008 in his custody. This prompted the other 00 cyborgs to go and rescue him. However, this was all part of Fuerge's plan. Dozens more cyborgmen fought against the 00 cyborgs when they attacked Unbaba's headquarters.

The last Cyborgman to fall was Number One, who was shot and killed by 008. However, this was not the end of the Cyborgman line.

The version 2 Cyborgmen

Several more cyborgman were manufactured by Van Vogt serve as his footsoldiers. Unlike their predecessors, these cyborgmen did not have breathing apparatus. The newer cyborgmen fought against the 00 cyborgs as they made their way deeper into the Yomi Kingdom. A trio of these cyborgmen also fought against 009 when he infiltrated the Demon Statue, but all were defeated.


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