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Cyclonus is a high-ranking member of the Decepticons and major antagonist in the Transformers franchise. Most incarnations portray him as turning into a purple Cybertronian Starfighter, and forming the torso of the combiner Galvatronus, though only this latter trait is only seen with Generation 1.

The tech spec from the box art of his G1 toy states he is a Decepticon air warrior and saboteur. Cyclonus has nuclear-powered turbine engines that can propel him at speeds of mach 2 and carries an oxidating laser that fuses an enemy robot's internal mechanisms. It makes no reference to the concept that he was built from another Decepticon by Unicron (as is his usual portrayal in fiction) because at the time of release, this would have been considered a spoiler to the movie.

In the movie and for the majority of the third season, Cyclonus was voiced by actor Roger C. Carmel, who frequently displayed an inability to maintain consistency with the character's voice, noticeably rising and dropping in pitch and tone from episode to episode. When Carmel died towards the end of the series, Jack Angel took over the role of Cyclonus for the final five episodes of the series.


The Movie

In 2005, following an abortive attack on Autobot City, the Decepticons let go of excess mass from their craft to make it back to their homeworld of Cybertron. This meant jettisoning the injured and dying Decepticons on board, including the Decepticons' leader, Megatron, into the void of space. However, their bodies were recovered by the world-eater Unicron who rebuilt them as deadly new warriors in the service of the newly recreated Megatron, now known as Galvatron.

Thus, a dead Decepticon (either Bombshell, Skywarp, or even both in some continuties) was rebuilt as Cyclonus, whose loyalty to Galvatron is so intense it came first before most other emotions and interests in his mind. Immediately following his creation, Cyclonus became Galvatron’s personal ship, transporting his leader to Starscream’s coronation, into the battle in Autobot City, and in pursuit of the Autobots to the Planet of Junk. Cyclonus was also the one who attacked and crippled the shuttle carrying Hot Rod and Kup. After the destruction of Unicron and Galvatron's seeming demise within it, Cyclonus seemingly took charge of the remaining Decepticons.

Season 3

Leaderless, the Decepticons fell into disarray after retreating to the planet Chaar, Cyclonus thus temporarily led the Decepticons in order to locate Galvatron. After entering Unicron's damaged and disembodied head and replaying its memory banks, Cyclonus wa able to locate Galvatron on the world of Thrull. Unfortunately, after extracting Galvatron from a pool of the planet's plasma-lava, the Decepticons found Galvatron to have been driven insane from exposure to it as he brutalized Cyclonus and Sweeps. Eventually though, Galvatron was talked down and returned to his position as leader of the Decepticons.

As 2006 settled in, Cyclonus was captured by a Quintesson scientist for study, along with Ultra Magnus, Wreck-Gar and Marissa Faireborn, but when the entire group was sucked through a black hole into a negative universe, they were forced to work together to escape; Cyclonus and Magnus developed a grudging respect for each other as warriors, but vowed that when they met again on the battlefield, it would be as enemies.

Some time later, outnumbered and fleeing from the Aerialbots, Cyclonus and Scourge took refuge inside a vortex, which transported them to the pacifistic, energy-rich planet of Paradron, which had been settled by Cybertronian refugees. Naturally, the duo immediately overthrew the planet and summoned Galvatron and the other Decepticons there; the plan was ultimately foiled by the Autobots, but at the cost of Paradron itself, which was destroyed.

Cyclonus later had his body possessed by the ghost of the deceased Decepticon air commander, Starscream, and went on to clash with Ultra Magnus again aboard the Autobot records asteroid with the fate of Daniel Witwicky in the balance.

When a group of Decepticons, tired of being beaten and abused by the deranged Galvatron, confronted Cyclonus and demanded that he do something about the situation, Cyclonus was so short on options that he accepted the advice of a Quintesson, and tricked Galvatron into accompanying him to the therapeutic mental institution on planet Torkulon. It pained Cyclonus to see his leader so demented as each attempted therapy met with failure, but when the Torkuli attempted to cure Galvatron by removing the damaged part of his mind, thereby leaving him a vegetable, Cyclonus sprang into action, only to be restrained. Patched into the sentient network of the planet, rather than be cured, Galvatron infected the world itself with his madness and freed himself, destroying the planet and decided to turn his attention back to fighting the Autobots, rather than dwell on Cyclonus's deception.

Despite Galvatron’s mental instability, it is evident that he values Cyclonus above all other Decepticons. For example, to escape the clutches of the Trans-Organic Dweller, Galvatron hurls a couple of Sweeps to the beast, which gives both himself and Cyclonus a chance to escape. Although the Dweller eventually captures Cyclonus, Galvatron turns back for a moment and seems to consider going back to help him. Also interesting to point out is that earlier in this episode Galvatron is seen to be taking his frustrations out on Scourge and the Sweeps while leaving Cyclonus completely unscathed.

Later still, he, along with a group of Autobots and Quintessons, were transported into a region of space cordoned off by the Quintessons, landing on the planet Zamojin, where Cyclonus aided the Quintessons in acquiring Perceptor's Universal Emulator, in order to repair their systems and return to normal space.

When the Hate Plague swept the Universe, Cyclonus was infected and took leadership of the afflicted Decepticons, hunting down Galvatron and tracking him and a group of Autobots into the depths of Chaar and infected scientist Jessica Morgan.

Season 4 - The Rebirth

In 2007, Cyclonus participated in the massive Decepticon attack on Autobot City which culminated in the theft of the key to the Plasma Energy Chamber. When the chamber was then opened, the energy released blasted the key and a group of Autobots across the galaxy to the planetNebulos, and Cyclonus and Scourge led a team of Decepticons in pursuit, attacking and capturing several of the Autobots. To battle them, the remaining Autobots joined with a group of Nebulan rebels to become "Headmasters" and bested them in combat. Having learned of this fusion of Transformer and Nebulan, the Hive, the evil ruling council of Nebulos, approached the Decepticons to repeat the process, but Cyclonus argued them down to taking the heads of only the animal-mode Decepticons, and merely the weapons of himself and the others. Consequently, Cyclonus became a Targetmaster as his oxidating laser was converted into an exo-suit for the Hive member Nightstick, giving them enhanced targeting abilities and firepower. Reclaiming the chamber key with their superior powers, the Decepticons headed back to Cybertron aboard the giant robot Scorponok, where Cyclonus attempted to convince the disgusted Galvatron of the benefits of being bonded to the Nebulans. The Autobots soon arrived back on Cybertron and invaded Scorponok, only to be captured by the Decepticons, and almost executed by Cyclonus before being saved by Spike Witwicky and Fortress Maximus. The Decepticons' plan was subsequently thwarted by Spike and the Nebulans, and they were sent spiralling off through space aboard Scorponok by a tendril of plasma energy.

Marvel Comics

Cyclonus debuted in the Marvel UK exclusive story "Target: 2006", where he, Galvatron and Scourge travelled back to the present day from the events of Transformers: The Movie, displacing Optimus Prime, Prowl and Ratchet into limbo in the process. Cyclonus functioned as Galvatron's lieutenant as he planned to construct a cannon and hide it on the future site of Autobot City, then return to their own time and trigger it, destroying both the Autobots and Unicron. While the trio were more than a match for the present day Autobots, they were eventually tricked by a time-travelling Kup, Hot Rod and Blurr into believing they were in an alternate timeline, and returned to the future.

Tangling with Death's Head

Following the defeat of Galvatron and Unicron, Cyclonus and Scourge found themselves at a loose end. They were attacked by the bounty hunter Death's Head, who was after a reward for Galvatron. Cyclonus correctly guessed that Galvatron had fled back into Earth's past. He and Scourge objected to being treated as subordinates by new Decepticon commander Shockwave and, when he hired Death's Head to kill Rodimus Prime, they set out to prove they could defeat him themselves. However, their intervention mainly served to stop Death's Head killing his target and then leave them fleeing in panic from his vengeance.

With Rodimus Prime having hired Death's Head himself, Cyclonus and Scourge found themselves on the run from the bounty hunter. They ended up on the planet Junk, where all three of them fell under the influence of Unicron, whose head had ended up on the planet. They returned to Cybertron, where Death's Head killed Shockwave and installed Cyclonus and Scourge as the new Decepticon leaders. As per Unicron's instructions, they led the Decepticons in a mass attack on the Autobots to keep them busy. However, when a group of Autobots made it to Junk anyway, Cyclonus and Scourge abandoned the battle to assist him, only to end up being pushed through a time portal by Death's Head and ending up on Cybertron in the past. This led into their appearance in Marvel US' Headmasters miniseries, where they were among the Decepticons who accompanied Scorponok to Nebulos and were upgraded to Targetmasters.

The Headmasters

In Broken Glass, Cyclonus and Scourge travelled with Scorponok and other Decepticons to the planet Nebulos in pursuit of Fortress Maximus's Autobots. In Brothers in Armour, after they were defeated by the new Autobot Targetmasters, the Nebulan Vorath duplicated the technology on the Decepticons. Cyclonus was partnered with the Nebulan Nightstick, who had been engineered to transform into his weapon. Cyclonus tested his Targetmaster abilities by battling some Autobot Headmaster escapees. The battle destroyed the city Koraja, culminating in Fortress Maximus knocking down Cyclonus and the other Decepticon Targetmasters with part of a fountain. In Worlds Apart, Cyclonus and the other Targetmasters lay in ambush for the Headmasters at the Fortress of Despair where they had the Autobot Targetmasters held captive. However, once Scorponok had abducted Highbrow to study the Headmaster process the remaining Headmasters freed their Targetmaster comrades and turn the tables on the Decepticons.

Heading to Earth in Wrecking Havoc, Cyclonus and Scourge first made contact with that era's Shockwave, then sought out Galvatron who they believed had a trigger device that would return them to their own time.. En-route to the meeting grounds, they were accosted by a squad of human jet-fighters, and Cyclonus gleefully shot them down. Nightstick cheered him on, only for the Decepticon to remind the Nebulon that he was only a spectator. Shortly after, the humans tricked Cyclonus into crashing in a rocky peak, and Nightstick had to take control to retreat. Cyclonus and Scourge met with Galvatron, and revealed they weren't going to serve him any longer. Instead, they demanded that he hand over his time travel device so that they could return to the future and their position as leaders. Their confrontation was interrupted by the arrival of the Autobot Wreckers, and Cyclonus found himself battling Springer. The Autobot drew both Cyclonus and Scourge away from the humans by claiming to have stolen Galvatron's time travel device. Cyclonus and Scourge caught up to Springer and learned it was a ruse just as the rest of the Wreckers came to their leader's rescue. Unwilling to fight them all at once, Cyclonus and Scourge fled.

A time shattering death

With nowhere else to go, they returned to Shockwave, but while chafing under his leadership Cyclonus let slip that they would be responsible for his death in the future. Shockwave responded by setting a brainwashed Megatron on them, who crushed Nightstick, and as Cyclonus begged Scourge for help, his companion fled to save himself and Cyclonus’s head was torn from his body. As revealed in Time Wars, Cyclonus and Scourge’s fall into the past had unbalanced the space-time continuum, and Cyclonus's death 20 years before his creation, was the final tipping point to a massive time rift forming. Cyclonus's remains were strung up as a trophy by the increasingly deranged Shockwave. Planning to restore the balance by returning all time travellers to their own time, Scourge tried and failed to recover Cyclonus’s body from the unstable Shockwave. Ravage aided Shockwave's sanity enough for him to deposit Cyclonus’s remains in it.

Rhythms of Darkness

An alternate version of Cyclonus appeared in Marvel US #67, in a timeline where Unicron had destroyed Cybertron and the Decepticons ruled North America. In this timeline, as seen in Regeneration One: Less than Zero Cyclonus and Scourge had pursued Rodimus Prime and his crew to Junkion. After his shuttle had been destroyed and his crew deactivated, Rodimus stood against the attacking Decepticons, but a distraction gave Cyclonus and Scourge the opening they needed to shoot the Matrix away from him, allowing Galvatron to finish him off.

In 2009, preparing to sit out a futile aur strike by the remaining human military, Cyclonus and Scourge ended up battling the Autobots Getaway, Guzzle and Chainclaw. Cyclonus was the last one left standing but had to be saved from Chainclaw by Galvatron...who promptly killed Cyclonus for needing rescuing in the first place, declaring him a weak fool.

Unicron Trilogy

Main article: Cyclonus (Unicron Trilogy)

Like several Unicron Trilogy characters, this Cyclonus only resembles the original in name only.

Transformers Animated

Main article: Team Chaar
Cyclonus Animated.jpg

An incarnation of Cyclonus exists as a member of the Decepticon's Team Chaar. His backstory is revealed in guidebook The AllSpark Almanac, which reveals he appeared in a storm of light above the Decepticon city of New Kaon. After being rebuilt by Scalpel, he noted that Cyclonus's internal chronometer was off by megacycles, implying he was from the future, and that he was obsessively loyal to a figure called "Galvatron". As well as this, Cyclonus shared "Starscream's 'self preservation' algorithms commented out", heavily implying he was created from Starscream's cowardly clone Skywarp. After coming to, Cyclonus swore loyalty to Megatron, albeit in the abstract.

As seen in Transwarped, Cyclonus and Team Chaar battled their Autobot counterparts, Team Athenia, for control of the Autobot Sapce Bridge to Cybertron. Cyclonus strafed Rodimus before using his twin swords to disable Ironhide and Brawn with the help of Oil Slick. Silently accepting Strika's orders to secure the area, he ignored the stoic defiance of Rodimus, not even watching it get disabled. When the Elite Guard arrived and he was given the order to retreat, he did so without complaint.

Aligned Universe

Main article: Cyclonus (RID 2015)



  • Due to an animation error, it's ambiguous which one of the damaged Decepticons (either Skywarp or Bombshell) becomes Cyclonus. However the animation sheets for the movie label Bombshell becoming Cyclonus. Official word from the creators say who become Cyclonus varies by universe.
  • In Target 2006, Cyclonus claims that he was recreated from a Decepticon called "Life Spark". This was presumably a misreading of an early draft of the Movie's script, which referenced the fading "life spark" of an ancient Decepticon.
  • Animated Cyclonus seems to come from a dark future when Unicron converts Megatron into Galvatron, and it is unclear whether this is the "true" future of the Animated universe, or just one potential one.
  • While Animated Cyclonus does not speak in Transwarped, he is characterised as speaking melodramatically, often using recurring phrases commonly associated with long time Transformers writer Simon Furman, nicknamed Furmanisms.


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