Cyclonus, later known as Snow Cat, is a Decepticon and supporting antagonist in Transformers Armada and Energon. He was voiced by Don Brown in Armada and Energon, and Daran Norris in the Armada videogame.



Cyclonus was one of the four original Deceptions who arrived on Earth, alongside MegatronStarscream and Demolishor. He, alongside Starscream, serve as air-support througout the hunt for the minicons. He bonded with the Mini-Con Crumplezone, which was one of the first discovered on Earth. As his alternate form he took that of a flat-nosed combat-helicopter.

After Starscream's death, Cyclonus and the other Deceptions joined forces with the Autobots in order to fight Unicron. In this battle Galvatron persihed as well, which led to all Decepticons, including Cyclonus, to join the Autobots side.


Cyclonus is stationed to guard a base of Earth's moon ten years after Unicorn's and Megatron's death. He was later recruited by Scorponok to resurect Megatron, which he agreed to.  After Megatron's resurection he managed to convince Demolishor to rejoin the Decepticons, and a new war began between the two Transformer-factions. 

Later, after being damaged in battle, Megatron upgaded him, giving Cyclonus a new body, which transformed into a snowcat. Ironically, the Decepticon also took the new identity of "Snow Cat".

Later, when Megatron flew into the Sun created from Super Energon in an attempt to kill Unicron, Starscream and Mirage followed their leader into the Solar inferno, presumably perishing alongside him. Snowcat and Demolishor decided not to follow and were last seen floating in space, pondering what they should do next in their life.


Before the war with the Autobots began, Cyclonus was part of Megatron's inner circle. He and Demolishor attacked Mini-Con Village C52, capturing most of its population after getting past its forceshield by simply attacking from underground.After picking Crumplezone as his personal slave, Cyclonus participated in the Decepticon assault on Cyber City.

At some point in the early days of the war, Cyclonus participated in a battle where Scorponok led an attack on an Autobot bunker. He watched the battle from a Decepticon saucer-ship, alongside Megatron, Starscream, Thrust, and Demolishor.


Snow Cat


Cyclonus was one of the most idiotic Decepticons in Megatron's army, throwing himself usually into combat without a plan. He loved war and fighting, which Megatron saw as useful, despite Cyclonus' lack of intelligence. Cyclonus was also one of the more loyal Decepticons, who usually always followed his master's orders, though in secret he sometimes showed spite against Megatron. 

Despite being a ruthless Decepticon, he had a good friendship with Demolishor, and the two often went into combat together, enjoying the carnage they caused.



  • While sharing a name with a Generation 1 character from 1986's The Transformers: The Movie, the two do not share anything in common, as at that point, Hasbro reused names without linking them to distinct characters.
  • He does not appear in Transformers: Cybertron. However, according to his Universe toy bio, after Energon, Snow Cat finally became completely insane, and was left on Cybertron as a wandering lunatic. 


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