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Cyclopian Guard

Cyclopian Guards (ロボット兵) are robots that appear in the movie Dragon Ball Z: The Return of Cooler. Cyclopian Guards were created by the Big Gete Star and serve as a part of Cooler's army while attacking New Namek.


Cyclopian Guards appear to all have the same appearance: each are a white, gray and blue combination of colors. They are very large in size (roughly twice the size of Piccolo), have heavily armored bodies, large torsos with elongated shoulder plates, small heads with one large, red eye (hence the "cyclop" in the name Cyclopian), long arms with transforming appendages (used for gripping and fighting), as well as feet that can be used to simply walk or skid across ground.

According to Meta-Cooler, the Cyclopian Guards are mute and deaf, meaning trying to reason with them is useless, although he implies that it would still have been useless even if they were not deaf/mute.


‎Cyclopian Guards are attacking Namekians when the Z Fighters arrive on New Namek. Piccolo, Gohan, and Krillin battle with the guards while Goku picked up his fight with Meta-Cooler. During the battle, Piccolo realizes that the guards are made with incredibly hard metals, and instructs Gohan and Krillin to focus all of their energy on their point of attack. Piccolo Punches Robot (Return Of Cooler) Piccolo battles Cyclopian Guards

Once this is realized, they have no problem easily piercing the armor of the Cyclopian guards. Because of their sheer numbers, Gohan, Krillin, Master Roshi, Oolong, and Yajirobe are all eventually captured. After being pounded by thousands of bullets, Piccolo eventually uses a powerful ki explosion to obliterate all of the remaining guards, and heads off to find the others.


The Cyclopian Guards are all very strong, each being able to swat Gohan and Krillin around, as well as put up a decent battle against Piccolo, who had previously fused with Kami. They are able to transform their right arms into blasters, coils, and machine guns. They also have a mechanized release that contains giant nets used for capturing the opposition. All are seen being able to fly.



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