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Cyclops is a minor antagonist in Pico's School. A neo-Nazi and a punk with a pink mohawk and black eyepatch (hence the name), he is one of Casandra's minions.


Pico's School

Cyclops could be found in the hallways guarding them when encountered, shooting at Pico if he doesn't have a weapon. Once Pico has a gun, he is able to to shoot/disharm Cyclops by shooting his gun, leaving him unarmed. When Cyclops is unarmed, he begs for his life and Pico has a choice of killing me of letting him go.

Spare Choice

If the player/Pico spares his life, Cyclops runs away and is not seen even again in the game, as/even though the school doors are locked, is unknown where he went or what happen to him.

Killing Choice

If the player/Pico does not spare his life, Cyclops pees himself right before Pico kills him down. The dead body can also be shot again, winning you the BRUTAL medal to have.

Pico Roulette

In Pico Roulette, Cyclops is a playable character.


Cyclops has a pink mohawk, a pink eye on the left, and on his right eye he wears an eyepatch, hence his name being Cyclops. He wears a black leather jacket, a white shirt, and grey shoes with gold swastikas. Cyclops has no swastikas in the April Fool version.


  • According to Pico, Cylcops was a big Pearl Jam fan before switching to G Squad.


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