The Cyclops Mask is the fourth of Black Cross General Sun Mask's Masked Monsters.

He is voiced by Eiji Maruyama.


Cyclops Mask's scheme, as supported by Sun Halo Mask, was to abduct children from throughout Japan, subjecting them to brainwashing on his secret island base and making them into young Zolders for the Black Cross Army (differentiated by the large eye on their uniform instead of typical Zolder goggles). When Kaijo and Kenji try to stop his initial scheme, Kenji becomes abducted while Kaijo is initially foiled due to the general flashing him making him fall and lose track of the enemy. However Ooiwa and Peggy, set up to protect a group of children, had another plot in play: pretending to already be brainwashed into Black Cross Zolders, they allow themselves to be captured while alerting Kenji to their scheme forcing him to go under and follow along to Cyclops Mask's base.

While on the base, Kirenger and Momorenger learn of Cyclops Mask's means while continuing to put up their front. When Akarenger arrives on the island, he initially doesn't know what is going on and tries to attack them until they alert him too of their scheme, forcing him to play along until the duo turn the tables on Cyclops Mask and assist in freeing a girl who was not brainwashed prior. The quartet regroup where Cyclops Mask tries to brainwash them and nearly succeeds until a rested Aorenger shoots him right in the eye, blinding him. He is shot once again by a Blue Cherry before being finished by a Gorenger Storm.


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