Cymbal is one of the sons of King Piccolo and an antagonist in Dragon Ball.


Cymbal was the third offspring spawned by King Piccolo, after he was released. He was immediately ordered to seek out the rest of the Dragon Balls, so Piccolo can wish for his youth again. Emperor Pilaf told Cymbal where the nearest ball was and the dragon spawn set out to obtain it. He found that Yajirobe had the Dragon Ball and demanded that he hand it over. However

Cymbal's end at the hands of Yajirobe

the samurai refused, even when Cymbal threatened him with death. After a quick round of rock, paper, scissors with Goku, Yajirobe won the right to fight him and managed to kill him by cutting him in half with his katana, before roasting and eating him, leaving his bones behind.

Powers and Abilities


Cymbal confronting Yajirobe and Goku.

Cymbal is able to fly with his wings and can also use electricity/energy blasts. However, he is described as the weakest of King Piccolo's son, with the exception of Piano. Tambourine is stated to be several times stronger than him. Despite this, he is still more powerful than almost anyone on Earth. Other abilities include super strength and the ability to fire energy waves out of his mouth.

Like most other Dragon Ball characters, he is also bulletproof. Furthermore, despite being outclassed by Yajirobe, he was still strong enough to land a few blows.


  • Like King Piccolo and all his offspring, Cymbal is named after a percussion instrument with the same name.
  • Cymbal's mutation to look like a dragon is related to his job, finding the Dragon Balls.
  • In the videogame Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World, when looking for the Dragon Balls in the desert, there is a skeleton present that resembles Cymbal's remains.
  • Cymbal bears a great resemblance to another Dragon Ball character, Giran.
  • An offspring of King Piccolo's from his first reign of power bears a great resemblance to Cymbal.


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