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Cynthia is a Synthoid robot created for Howard and a villainess in Batman Beyond, Terry's Friend Dates A Robot. Cynthia was voiced by Shiri Appleby.


When Howard came with Terry to the robot factory, he met a shady man who makes life-like human robots called Synthoids and sells them to people illegally. Howard pays him with a credit card he got from his parents into making him a girlfriend. The man makes Cynthia and programs her to be Howard's devoted girlfriend. When Howard shows Cynthia to everyone at his school, he becomes popular. However, she starts to harm people who pick on Howard and even gets jealous when other girls talk to him. Later, Howard throws a party at his house where all of the students are invited at. There, Cynthia starts to become more possessive over Howard, right to the point where she trashes the party and the house. Terry arrives as Batman and tries to fight her off. Howard tries to talk to her and says that he no longer wants to be with her and that they can always be friends. Cynthia malfunctions upon hearing this and explodes, burning the house. Howard ends up getting scolded by his parents for burning the house and spending all of their money on Cynthia.

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