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Cynthia Mandal is the main antagonist of season 2 of I Am Frankie. She is also the head of WARPA (Weaponized Android Research Program Agency).


At first Cynthia was a friendly, cheering, & protective lady. Her true personality is that she is merciless, evil, & mean. And she will do whatever it takes for her to get her way.



Cynthia & Sigourney were good friends since they were in high school, Sigourney said that Cynthia Was working on a top-secret project. Cynthia was sent to the Gaines resident to check on Frankie's Memory Files, while Sigourney is up in space. She also created her own android named Beto. After Sigourney put her in charge of watching Frankie, it was revealed that Cynthia at some point turned evil and became the head of WARPA.

Season 2

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