Cynthia Wilkes

Cynthia Wilkes

Cynthia Wilkes is the secondary antagonist of the 2010 film Red.

She was portrayed by Rebecca Pidgeon.


Wilkes works for the CIA but at some point joined forces mob boss, Alexander Dunning and helped him cover up his killings of Guatemalan villagers in 1981 by framing Vice-President Robert Stanton and sending assassins to kill retired agents, but they failed thanks to retired agent Frank Moses' old training skills. She eventually signs agent William Cooper to hunt down and kill Moses.

Soon Moses is joined by four others: his terminally ill mentor Joe Matheson, former black-ops agent and paranoid conspiracy theorist Marvin Boggs, former wetwork agent Victoria Winslow and her former lover, ex-Russian secret agent Ivan Simanov.

When an attempt to get the five to surrender with Moses trying to tell Cooper about Stanton's "Treachery" only results in Matheson being killed, Cooper takes Moses' girlfriend Sarah Ross captive, but Moses takes Cooper's Family "Hostage" warning Cooper not to harm Her. Soon the four take the Vice-President hostage and threaten to kill him if Sarah is not returned alive. Soon after The four and Cooper arrive At the meeting point, Dunning and Wilkes show up and After a short dialogue, Dunning injures Stanton, revealing himself and Wilkes to be the masterminds behind the assassinations and the Vice-President a pawn who was never involved. Disgusted with Wilkes' corruption, Cooper pretends to arrest Moses, but shoots Wilkes dead while Marvin and Victoria kill Dunning's bodyguards, and Moses kills Dunning by crushing his windpipe. Soon, Cooper lets Moses' team go.

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