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Cyprian Wiley, also known as Whoreson Junior, is one of the four top crime lords of Novigrad and a major antagonist in the video game The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt.

He was voiced by Ewan Bailey.


Cyprian Wiley is a son of Alonso "Whoreson" Wiley, who was a crime boss of Novigrad under the nickname Whoreson. Junior murdered his father and took over his crime business, adopting the alias Whoreson Junior. Unlike his father, Junior had no intention to cooperate with the rest of the crime lords and wanted to eliminate them instead. Radovid V the Stern, the King of Redania used this to invoke chaos in Novigrad, so he could take over the city-state. Junior ruled illegal casinos, illegal fighting clubs and illegal brothels. He was known for brutal raping and savagely killing prostitutes for pleasure.

Dandelion and Ciri made a deal with Junior, Sigi Reuven's treasure for fixing a magical box. However, after Dandelion stole the fortune, Caleb Menge took it from him. Junior kidnapped Dudu to interrogate him about Ciri's and Dandelion's whereabouts. The doppler was tortured and scarred on face by the crime lord but was eventually saved by his friends.

Geralt of Rivia, in his search for Ciri and Dandelion, came to Junior after long and exhausting search and wiping out all of his thugs. Geralt was utterly disgusted when he witnessed how Junior had been treating women. Thinking that he may have done the same to Ciri, Geralt, infuriated to no end, started to beat up Junior out of rage. After getting the information he wanted, Geralt could either put an end to his life right on the spot or let him live, only to be brought down by his former associates and left to rot in the streets.


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