I came after the Coopers to prove that Le Paradox is the greatest thief who has ever lived! Is there any doubt?
~ Le Paradox to Sly in their final confrontation.

Cyrille Le Paradox (known in promotional materials as The Collector) is the main antagonist of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. He is an egotistical skunk who despises the Cooper family and tries to exact vengeance upon them by traveling back to different periods in time in order to gather the canes of various Cooper ancestors.


Pre-Game Bio

Like Sly, Le Paradox descends from a family of thieves and also particularly tried to follow in his thieving father's footsteps. His father attempted to steal a massive diamond during a major heist, and frame Sly Cooper's father for the crime. However, Sly's father beat him to the punch and Le Paradox's father went to jail instead. In the meantime, Le Paradox attempted to engage in thieving himself, but with no one to teach him the family business, was immediately arrested after a string of failed jobs. Ironically, it was in prison where he developed the skills of manipulation and bribery that would lead to his rebuilding himself. After his release, he gradually influenced his way into becoming an art thief with his prison connections. Putting together a crime syndicate centered around the smuggling of priceless stolen treasures, and masterminding heists worldwide. All the while maintaining the image of a well-refined rich art collector.

In the beginning of Sly 4, Sly investigates into Le Paradox's art theft activities and arranges to pull a heist. When Bentley approaches Sly about the disappearing passages of the Thievius Raccoonus, the Gang arranges to steal a Feudal Japanese sword from Le Paradox's art museum to power the time machine.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

Throughout the game, Le Paradox hires five individuals (El Jefe, Sheriff Toothpick, The Grizz, Penelope, and Ms. Decibel) to steal the selected Cooper ancestor canes for his purposes while piloting his massive time-traveling blimp. Initially, he does not appear (aside from brief silhouettes) and instead has his gas mask-wearing rat minions attack and retrieve the respective items.

In the fifth chapter 40 Thieves, Le Paradox fully physically appears alongside Miss Decibel to check up on her process. He arranges for her to produce fake documentation from the Ancient Arabian era in order to create a faux royal lineage to further boost Le Paradox's image, wealth and status. He defeats Sly's ancestor of the era, Salim Al Kupar (who had grown old), and takes his cane for himself, while leaving Miss Decibel to be arrested. He declares he will return to Paris in the present day in order to establish his "lineage" with Carmelita as a hostage.

In the final level of present day Paris, Le Paradox seems to have succeeded, as banners of him are seen all over town and a sculpture of his head adorns the Eiffel Tower. Sly and the Gang, now accompanied by Sly's five ancestors, make their way into Le Paradox's blimp and retrieve the ancestors' canes, thus repairing the time anomalies caused by Le Paradox's theft of their respective weapons and returning them to their time periods. Before returning to his time period, "Tennessee Kid" Cooper shoots Sly and Carmelita free from the glass chamber Le Paradox used to imprison them. However, Le Paradox opens a time portal in the process, causing the blimp to tear apart.

Sly moves to confront Le Paradox and duels with the skunk as the blimp breaks apart. During the fight, Le Paradox declares his intent was to triumph over the Coopers as the best thief in the world, beliving he proved himself superior to the Cooper Clan by robbing them of their canes. Sly informs him that his egotistic actions have actually cost him everything, because by traveling back in time to rob the Cooper Clan, he also blew his own cover as an art dealer and exposed his black market operation to the police. Moreover, Le Paradox can't truly take credit for the thefts because he never actually stole any of the canes himself, but he just paid other people to do the jobs for him. Realizing Sly was correct, he expressed anger at not thinking his plan out.

The two of them continue to fight until Sly triumphs, leaving Le Paradox to hang over the edge and beg Sly to help him. The skunk steals Sly's parachute and jumps overboard when he is hit by an airplane and falls into the sea. Le Paradox is later found in the River Seine and arrested, locked away in an odor-proof cell.


Le Paradox is a conniving and treacherous individual determined to make a name of himself as the world's greatest thief. He pools his resources into his work in creating the time-traveling blimp in order to realize this goal by stealing the selected Cooper ancestors' canes, believing this will prove his worth as a thief. He also gives his hired hands a degree of free reign in their respective time periods as long as they provide him with the canes and other products needed for his scheme. He is quite indifferent to their situations and is willing to cast them aside when they have served their purpose, even willing to leave them stranded in the time eras as punishment for their failures.

Another defining characteristic of Le Paradox is his arrogance. In addition to wanting to be seen as the world's greatest thief, he forges fake documents in order to create a fake royal lineage to increase his status, which apparently worked to some degree, given the banners and Eiffel Tower topper seen in the last level. However, this also makes him somewhat incompetent in the process. As Sly points out, this effort only served to expose Le Paradox for his crimes.

Le Paradox also fits the stereotype of the smelly skunk character. This is reflected in his army of gas mask-wearing rats and how hazardous stink gas is used as an obstacle on his blimp.


So, please tell me the operation is going according to plan?
~ Cyrille, first seen talking with Mrs. Decibel.
Perfect! Once I get them back to the present day and my royal lineage is "discovered," my wealth and my power will be unstoppable!
~ Cyrille, discussing his plan.
Oh, and one more thing-tell your guards if they don't capture Cooper, I will have them all fired and then executed.
~ Cyrille, threatening to kill her guards.
Not really. But I want you to hear me-Don't fail me like those idiots, Cherie. I'd hate to see you stranded here permanently.
~ Cyrille, threatening Mrs. Decibel to leave her stranded in Arabia.
Good. Because the others have failed. Even Penelope, and she was the smart one. But now, I have to turn my back on her. You understand?
~ Cyrille, talking about Penelope.
Ah, the three musketeers! One step behind as usual. May your luck never change!
~ Cyrille to the Cooper Gang.
Ah, Cooper. You're so pathetic. You don't even realize you've already lost.
~ Cyrille, insulting Cooper.
Actually, he's yesterday's trash. Precisely why I threw him away.
~ Cyrille, describing Salim.
You're right. You don't understand. I don't care about that old bag of bones, just his cane! Which, as you can see, I already have!
~ Cyrille, holding Salim's cane.
So sorry, Cherie. With Monsieur Cooper here, I am afraid the schedule has changed, and I must make my exit now. I cannot risk that flea-bitten rat ruining my plans!
~ Cyrille, preparing to leave.
Well, it would seem this game is finished. How boring!
~ Cyrille, disappointed by Mrs. Decibel's defeat.
I...don't think so. You see, we have already reached maximum weight capacity. Perhaps due to my beautiful new guest!
~ Cyrille, referring to Carmelita as his captive.
Yes, well, thank you so much for my papers, but it wouldn't have worked out between us. I'm just not into big noses, and as for your music, how can I put this? It stinks worse than I do!
~ Cyrille, betraying Mrs. Decibel.
Flattery will get you nowhere! And as for you, Cooper, don't even think about trying anything. Otherwise, we're going to find out if your girlfriend can fly. I don't see any wings. Do you?
~ Cyrille to Cooper, threatening him not to follow.
Two rats in one trap! I knew you could not resist, Cooper. You are so predictable.
~ Cyrille, capturing Cooper.
Yes, yes, and now comes the big threats from the little man. As I said, predictable.
~ Cyrille, mocking Cooper.
No, no, no. I don't think so. I have something special planned for you two. It is, how do you say? A going away party!
~ Cyrille, before walking away with Sly and Carmelita.
Ah, but no! It is the two of you whom I am thinking. To be together. Forever. Just think of it as the most romantic coffin ever!
~ Cyrille, planning to kill Sly and Carmelita.
Ah, but not this time, I think! Look at this, my marvelous contraption-I call it the time tunnel. Something else I had your little friend, Penelope, develop before her unfortunate failure. It's very much like the time machine, no? With one important difference: from here, I have the control over where you go. And it's programmed to send you and your Interpol shrew on an endless honeymoon. Free of charge! Bouncing through time for all eternity. That's if you survive the trip. But either way, I will never have to see your irritating faces again!
~ Cyrille, explaining his time machine.
The deal? The deal is you Coopers! You destroyed my father, and you almost got me! But not quite. And when I rebuilt myself, I swore I would erase the Cooper name from history! So today, my revenge will be complete! It is time now for you to go, bon voyage!
~ Cyrille, revealing his hatred to Cooper.
Au contraire, Sly Cooper. I do not think we will meet again!
~ Cyrille, escaping



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