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Because the human spirit is weak and incomplete, strife has spread... This world is being ruined by it... I find this state of affairs deplorable.
~ Cyrus.
Fellow members of Team Galactic! Hear me! My name, as I appear to you today, is Cyrus. This world of ours is a crude one. In a word, it is incomplete. It has been, and always will be, a struggle to survive in this world. We humans and Pokémon are likewise incomplete. Because we are all so lacking, we fight, we maim... It is ugly. I hate the incompleteness. That we are all incomplete, I hate it with my entire body and being. The world should be complete. The world must change. Then, who will change it? Me, Cyrus. And Team Galactic. Yes, all of you. Together we pored over myths and exposed their secrets. Together we captured legendary Pokémon. And now, Team Galactic has obtained the energy to change the world! The power of dreams is within our grasp! Understand it, fellow members! My long-held dreamworld is on the verge of becoming reality. All those headed to Mt. Coronet, and those who remain here... Though our missions may differ, our hearts beat as one. Let there be glory for Team Galactic!
~ Cyrus' speech to Team Galactic.

Cyrus (in Japanese: アカギ Akagi) is the leader of Team Galactic and the main antagonist in Pokémon Diamond, Pokémon Pearl, and Pokémon Platinum, as well as their remakes, Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl. For most of his appearances, he appears to be completely stoic, but he explains early on in the games that this emotionlessness is done on purpose; he views emotions as a fallacy of the weak human heart, and always strives to be above such things. He is extremely adept with machines.

In Japanese, he was voiced by Kenta Miyake in the anime, Kenjiro Tsuda in Pokémon Generations, and Shunsuke Takeuchi in Pokémon Masters. In English, he was voiced by Sean Schemmel in the anime, Michael Sorich in Pokémon Generations, and Armen Taylor in Pokémon Masters.


Pokémon Diamond/Pokémon Pearl/Pokémon Platinum

He was seen at multiple spots including Mt. Coronet and Celestic Town (as well as Lake Verity and Eterna City in Pokémon Platinum). Later He was revealed to be the Team Galactic leader in the encounter with him in Celestic Town (and was also battled there in Pokémon Platinum).

He also battles the player in Team Galactic HQ and gives him/her a Master Ball upon his defeat. His defeat in the games differs between versions. In Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl, he furiously attacks the player after his plan to take control of Dialga or Palkia fails thanks to the Lake Trio (Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf) and he simply leaves, swearing to build his new world someday.

In Pokémon Platinum, his plans to take control of Dialga and Palkia fail not just because of the Lake Trio intervening, but Giratina appearing in a rage due to him being about to willfully disrupt time and space and capturing him, taking him to the Distortion World. He believes that the real world and the Distortion World will cease to be because of Giratina's defeat or capture, and stays in the alternate world. It was also revealed by a man who lived on Route 229 that he was worn down by his parents' expectations and found refuge by tinkering with machines.

Pokémon Ultra Sun/Pokémon Ultra Moon

Cyrus returns in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon, teaming up with Giovanni, Archie, Maxie, Ghetsis and Lysandre to form Team Rainbow Rocket.

Other Media

Pokémon Masters

Cyrus appears as an obtainable sync pair in Pokémon Masters, first introduced as the main antagonist and completion reward for the New World Dilemma event. A five-star sync pair, Cyrus uses a Palkia that represents the Dragon typing.

New World Dilemma

In the event, Cyrus makes a surprise appearance in Pasio due to a "mysterious ring" taking him from his universe to the universe the game is set in. With his arrival, Cyrus brings his plans to destroy the world and remake it in his image, with the player and their partners fighting against him in effort to foil his schemes. After meeting Sophocles and a Rotom he befriended in a wooded area, learning of his inventions and gaining a tour of Pasio, Cyrus muses to the child on his positive and negative emotions. Dissatisfied with his response of knowing the love of friends, he leaves.

Later learning of his true identity, Sophocles, alongside the player and Cheryl, charge to Cyrus as he plans to head through with his schemes to "perfect" the world, and although the heroes are defeated in battle, Cynthia armed with her Kommo-o charges forward to stop him. Through this clash of loving spirit and versus emotionless power, the heroes eventually topple Cyrus' Palkia. After Cynthia gives a monologue on the nature of humanity and friendship and Sophocles disarming him through his own speech on the glory of emotion, Cyrus leaves to head elsewhere in Pasio, planning to never change his ways and to always fight for his dream of a "perfect world". After this, Cyrus becomes usable to the player.

Main Story

Cyrus later returns in the second arc of the main story, this time leading Team Galactic alongside his admins. First appearing in a strange void created by Darkrai in a vision of his ideal world, the Pokémon is then seen seemingly teleporting him in front of his minions. Cyrus' goons, seeing Darkrai as a threat, prepare to attack, but Cyrus bars them attacking and does it himself with his Palkia, felling it in one swipe and taking control of it. Following this, Cyrus then announces his desires to make his "ideal world" come to reality as his minions cheer him on, asking them to seek out information on sync stones and sygma suits to replicate their power through technology. Cyrus then traps various innocents in nightmares through Darkrai's powers, sending his minions to make sure no heroes interfere.

While Cyrus is responsible for sending his minions to attack the heroes, Cyrus himself next appears when Lucas, Dawn, and Barry head to the farthest section of his hideout, where he unleashes both Dialga and Palkia in an attempt to defeat them. However, Dialga breaks his orders, to which Cyrus responds by attacking it with his still obedient Palkia. Being confronted by the heroes about his plans and his willingness to throw away his minions upon running out of use for them, he explains his ideals to them by going on a tirade about his desire to "fix" the world against human emotion, which he sees as causing damage to it. The three heroes then summon their Pokémon in order to battle Cyrus, with the leader using his Palkia to match them.

After making short work of their starters, Lucas then rechallenges Cyrus and proclaims he will always seek to stop his schemes, activating his sync pair with Dialga as he does so. After defeating Palkia with a mighty sync move, Cyrus laments on how Palkia chose human spirit over his plans, Cyrus allows Lucas to keep the legendary as he then uses Darkrai to teleport away, proclaiming that any emotions they will have will soon vanish.

Regrouping days later, Cynthia tells the group of cases of people falling into nightmares they fail to wake from, something Cyrus first tested on with his own grunts. However, Dawn soon announces that she used Cresselia to reawaken the people infected by Darkrai's nightmares, although Cyrus' machinations are still ongoing itself. Now in his sygna suit, Cyrus is seen floating in Darkrai's nightmare realm, pleased with how it resembles his idealess, formless reality.

As the heroes are in Professor Bellis' lab, Professor Scyamore alerts them of Darkrai's nightmare devouring all of Pasio before falling into Darkrai's nightmarish slumber himself. Alerted to the possibility of Cyrus' presence the heroes head out into the streets to find Cresselia's attempt to purify the people of Pasio failing, with many trapped in their nightmares. Now determined to put a stop to Cyrus' schemes more than ever due to them linking with his desires of a world of nothing, when discussing plans on how to get to Cyrus' location, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn emerge, desiring to help through a truce in order to be reunited with their leader. With Professor Bellis falling asleep just before they leave, the three then split up with the heroes to search for his location. Eventually, with the aid of Looker and the three Team Galactic admins, they locate Cyrus deep within a cave, with Darkrai standing guard over him.

Now ready to confront him, Dawn willingly lets herself into Darkrai's dream world, finding him inert and at peace. With the heroes following them shortly thereafter, Cyrus awakens through the admin's desires for companionship, and angered through the heroes' meddling, he emerges from his tomb once again raving about his "perfect" world, before summoning Palkia and Darkrai to defeat them. However, his attempts fail at the might of the heroes own legendary Pokémon even despite Darkrai using its abilities to lock Lucas' Dialga and Cynthia's Giratina in their nightmare realm. Confused over his defeat and the bond the heroes share with their Pokémon, Cyrus once again notes of his disgust for friendship, but through Cynthia's convincing, he departs willingly with his admins (who are more than happy with merely being pawns in Cyrus' plans) after seeing use within them, asking for Lucas to take care of Dialga before departing.


Main article: Cyrus (Pokémon anime)


Cynthia challenging Cyrus.

Cyrus makes his first appearance in "Vs. Stunky" as a silhouette walking down Route 207 where he receives a package, and he is fully revealed after signing the receipt and goes to Mt. Coronet. When Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum pass through Mt. Coronet he coldly attacks them with his newly evolved Probopass and Magnezone, trapping them underneath a pile of rubble and leaves while stating that they were disturbing sacred ground.

Cyrus later appears at the Celestic ruins where Diamond and Pearl finally meet him in person. He came to the ruins to find information of the Legendary Pokémon Uxie, Azelf, and Mesprit. He battles Cynthia's Garchomp and later Diamond and Pearl, who had stolen the camera he used to take pictures of the paintings in the ruins. As they battle each other, Pearl has his Chatot, Chatler, destroy the camera that Cyrus was fighting for. With his camera destroyed and having the information he needed, Cyrus takes his leave and traps the two boys on top of a pillar of stone.

After Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn arrive from their successful mission to capture the lake guardians, Cyrus begins the creation of the Red Chain.

After managing to make one Red Chain, Cyrus is attacked by the researcher of the Sinnoh myths and the Sinnoh region Champion, Cynthia. After a long battle, Cyrus manages to escape with Cynthia and her Garchomp far too exhausted to follow him. When he goes to check on the progress of the second Red Chai's creation, he finds that Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie have all been freed from their containers. Cyrus, realizing that recapturing them would be impossible and that he has to use his weaker, artificially created Red Chain, furiously flies off to the Spear Pillar.

He arrives at the Spear Pillar where he's greeted by his Galactic Commanders who were worried about his injured state. Cyrus tells them to ignore it and stop any intruders from interrupting his ritual to summon the Legendary Dialga and Palkia. Cyrus manages to summon the two dragon Pokémon and has them fight each other, causing time and space to distort in various ways. Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter are eventually defeated by the Sinnoh Gym Leaders and they all ambush Cyrus while he has Dialga and Palkia fight each other. Despite his best efforts, Cyrus is unable to stop them from breaking the Red Chain he was using and unleashes his fury onto them.

Later, when Diamond and Pearl go through with their assault on Dialga and Palkia, Cyrus attacks them while under the cover of a thick black haze. He reveals the reason for why he tried to make a new world; while emotion, knowledge, and willpower make up a complete world, the world they live always has one that is lacking compared to the other two and as such, Cyrus aims to create a world without any of these aspects, a world that is "perfect".

When Diamond uses his newly acquired Regigigas to stop Dialga and Palkia from causing any more space-time anomalies, Cyrus attacks the boy and knocks him off the giant Pokémon. Cyrus states that Diamond wouldn't be able to understand the reason why he does the things he does but the young boy replies with his own definition of time and space that he had learned on his journey with Pearl and Platinum. Cyrus at first ignores his words but quickly notices that Dialga and Palkia have stopped fighting with each other and quickly uses the Red Chain to get them fighting again. With only one Red Chain, Cyrus only has half control over the two dragons, Diamond and Pearl decide to take advantage of this and attack the two dragons with their teams.

Dialga and Palkia, now freed from their controlled status, use their powers to create a sphere of light that pulls Cyrus off the ground and into it. As he floats into the sphere of light, Cyrus looks at the Sinnoh Pokédex holders and realizes that they are a perfect combination of knowledge (Platinum), emotion (Diamond), and willpower (Pearl) and that was the reason he was defeated. He is next seen lying unconscious on the ground where Cynthia decides to take him to the hospital before interrogating him. While he and the unconscious Gym Leaders he had defeated earlier are taken to get medical help an accident caused by Charon's machine causes a hole to appear in the sky, where mysterious black tentacles drag Dialga, Palkia, and Cyrus into it.

Later, Cyrus appears in the Distortion World, still alive after the battle on Spear Pillar. He is discovered by Diamond, who had been sent there after being hit by one of Giratina's attacks. After explaining how he ended up there, Diamond asks Cyrus if he knew if there was any way to defeat Giratina. He takes Diamond to an area where Giratina had kept Dialga and Palkia trapped after it dragged them into the Distortion World. Cyrus reveals that his defeat at the Spear Pillar helped him see the error of his ways and he now wants to support Diamond's wishes. Together, they use their Pokémon to break Dialga and Palkia from the mineral that had them captured, freeing them in the process. Afterward, they ride the dragons over to where Pearl is, surprising him due to him not expecting Cyrus to be helping them.

As the battle between the Legendary Pokémon continues getting more and more chaotic, everyone begins to gather together. Cyrus listens to everyone realize that even though humans and Pokémon make mistakes, they'll work together to try to fix it. This gives Cyrus a sense of gratitude in his heart, which causes Shaymin to fly into his arms and later join the battle.

After Charon is defeated, Cyrus and his Commanders emerge from the Distortion World unharmed. Charon tries to lie to Cyrus by claiming that he intended to gather the Legendary Pokémon for Team Galactic's sake. Cyrus reaches down to Charon, which Saturn and Mars think means he's going to pinch him. However, Cyrus only takes his machine, and praises Charon for his technological genius. The records reveal that he has been using it since the battle on the Spear Pillar, which angers Saturn into figuring out that he was attempting to use the machine to control Dialga and Palkia into opening a hole to the Distortion World, which Charon denies.

Cyrus speaks to his four Commanders once more and reveals that he is disbanding Team Galactic. He begins to leave and tells them to do whatever they wish, but an angry Jupiter tells him that without Team Galactic, she, Mars, and Saturn have nowhere else to go. Listening to her wishes, Cyrus takes Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter away with him and thanks Diamond, Pearl, Platinum for their help.

Pokémon Generations

Cyrus used the Red Chains to summoned and control both Dialga and Palkia until a Pokémon from the shadow interfered Cyrus and destroyed the red chains to free both Dialga and Palkia to returned back to their dimensions as well taking Cyrus to the Distortion World. That Pokémon is none than Giratina. Cyrus sees the Distortion World as the world of nothing as the same world that he dreamt about. When Saturn contacted Cyrus, Cyrus ordered Saturn and the other Team Galactic to not search for him as he decided to stay in the Distortion World.


He appears to be emotionally withdrawn. In fact some believe that he touched Mespirit as a child and his emotions drained away in a few days. However, he was greatly angered upon his ultimate defeat. He faked a charismatic attitude during a speech in Pokémon Platinum, making him something of a charismatic manipulator. He also shows signs of megalomania as he often claims wanting to rule the universe as a god, despite this, he acknowledges being as "imperfect" as others because of his spirit. He's extremely calm and speaks very politely, even gives out the Master Ball to the player as he doesn't need it. Despite his hatred for emotions, he's capable of caring for others as he evolves his Golbat into a Crobat, which is only possible if it really likes it's trainer and had apparently befriended a Roton as a child. He also befriends Sophocles in Pokémon Masters as he reminds him of himself as a child and as both of them share a passion for technology although he quickly dismisses this friendship when he realizes that Sophocles rejects his ideals . Cyrus appears to be extremely stubborn as he refuses to change his ways and give up his goals even if everyone tries to make him see the error of his ways.

In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, after Cyrus is defeated by the player he accepts defeat and reassures Rotom that he won't do anything to the player's world. He also gives the player a key to activate the nearby machine as well to help the player reach Giovanni. His last words could imply that he regrets his success at his own world.





  • Cyrus shares similarities with Lysandre, as both have plans for world destruction. Also, both share the same Pokémon: Gyarados and Honchkrow.
  • Cyrus' Pokémon are all either of Dark-type and/or Flying-type (his Honchkrow is both). Also, all of his Pokémon are dual-types, and they all have a weakness to Rock.


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