Cytomander the Swift is the Supreme General of the Human Eradication Army affiliated with Air and a major antagonist in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. He is a hybrid of human and peacock, and fittingly enough he is vain and arrogant, with a psychopathic streak when things don't go his way. He commands a giant aerial fortress named Dai-Gunten, packed with bombs, rockets, and flying Gunmen. His personal unit is Shuzack, a slender Gunmen focused on speed and agility. It has a second form, but its capacities were never displayed. He is the fourth general team Gurren face.


In his first encounter with Team Dai-Gurren, his fortress managed to dish out a lot of damage to the walking battleship but was heavily damaged by a combination of Viral clashing with Gurren Lagann inside of it and a jumping kick by Dai-Gurren. He was forced to retreat, and his ship lost a levia-sphere which was installed into the Dai-Gurren, allowing it to fly henceforth. He returned to defend Teppelin against Team Dai-Gurren's assault, but his Shuzack was rammed by the flying Dai-Gurren and slammed into the Dai-Gunten. Cytomander perished in the resulting explosion.


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