A Ferengi cannot be allowed to rule a Klingon House!
~ D'Ghor

D'Ghor is the primary Klingon antagonist of the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode The House of Quark.

He was portrayed by Carlos Carrasco.


D'Ghor was the leader of the House of D'Ghor. As such he continued his family's long standing feud against the House of Kozak. Wanting to obtain the lands and property of Kozak's House for himself without destroying that which he sought, he began a program of using financial manipulation to bring down Kozak's House.

When Kozak died on Deep Space Nine after drunkingly falling on his own knife, D'Ghor saw an opportunity to make good on the situation. Posing as Kozak's brother, D'Ghor travelled to Deep Space Nine and pressured Quark into continuing to maintain that he had defeated Kozak in honorable combat instead of Kozak dying in an acciddnt. With Quark publicly stating that he had killed Kozak in personal combat, this left Kozak's widow Grilka unable to petition the High Council to assume leadership of the House.

In order to prevent D'Ghor from taking over the lands and property of Kozak's House, Grilka married Quark, making him the head of the Klingon House. Quark was able to find the records of D'Ghor's manipulation. Quark brought the evidence to the High Council, and Chancellor Gowron informed D'Ghor that he was being accused of using money to bring down a Great House, instead of honorable combat.

D'Ghor challenged Quark to a fight to the death. Knowing that he would never be able to defeat D'Ghor, Quark knelt in front of D'Ghor, prepared to die in an honorless execution. Seeing D'Ghor about to murder a defenseless man, Gowron stopped D'Ghor from executing Quark. Gowron stated that due to his willingness to kill the "pathetic little man" D'Ghor had proven he was guilty of everything Quark had accused him of. Gowron and the council immediately discommendated D'Ghor, who was swiftly removed from the High Council chambers.

Several of D'Ghor's family members were quite successful during the Empire's conflicts with the Cardassians a year later, and D'Ghor was able to parley their successes into making a return to Klingon society then. Making a deal with the Reletek to provide security for them, D'Ghor gained access to transphasic technology, which he then used to attack Grilka's House. D'Ghor was later arrested by Odo when he returned to Deep Space Nine.


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