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"Enjoy." And did I ever. I can still feel them, you know, more than the old ones. I could look at them and still hear every scream, every plead for— [...] I threw it to one of my girls and told her to start sewing her mouth shut. And she started doing it! That bitch was squealing like a f-cking pig and she started doing it!
~ D-3826 describing how he enjoyed the victims' painful scream under the torture of SCP-1034.
You'd look good as a doll, doc.
~ D-3826 making an unnerving comment towards his interviewer.

D-3826 is a sadistic and deranged D-Class personnel under the SCP Foundation's captivity. He was a serial killer who started using SCP-1034, a Safe-Class SCP which also known as the "Dollmaker's Kit", in order to torture his victims once he discovered it and owned it, and forcing his victims to mutilate themselves.


D-3826 was the owner of SCP-1034 and was once a serial killer who used to follow the "old-fashioned way" in murder until he found SCP-1034 on one of his "work tables" and began using it on his victims. The effects of SCP-1034 paralyzed their bodies and forced them to suture their own facial orifices upon making physical contact with it, only leaving their mouth with enough open space to let them scream in pain. D-3826 forced his victims to sew their facial orifices with it and enjoyed their screams, though he refused to reveal how he commanded them to do so.

After being held captive by the Foundation, D-3826 displayed disturbing ecstasy during an interview when he described how he used SCP-1034 to mutilate his victims, having once associated a girl's screaming to the squealing of a pig. Aside from physical torture, it was also implied that he took advantage of their situation and used their bodies as sex toys, since he observed the Foundation doctor who interviewed him and compared him to a "doll", meaning he would use SCP-1034 on this doctor once he had a chance. It disturbed the doctor and quickly cut the interview.

Later, D-3826 was set into an test concerning SCP-1034, by the very same doctor who interviewed him but ended up threatened by him. There, D-3826 finally had a taste of his own medicine through being cuffed to a chair and coming into physical contact with his own torture tool. Screaming and trying to uncuff himself, D-3826 got his own wrist ripped apart and died due to injury after a vain attempt to sew his hand back on.


  • He is one of the most heinous human characters in SCP Foundation.
  • Further research on SCP-1034 revealed evidence that it traps the souls of its subjects in their bodies. Therefore, it is implied that not only did D-3826 give innocent women a brutal and agonizing death, but he also condemned them to an eternity of screaming.


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