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D-Bag is the main antagonist of the Nostalgia Critic review of I'll Be Home For Christmas. He is a parody of "likably hatable asshole" characters, specifically that of Jake Wilkinson from I'll Be Home For Christmas.


D-Bag is unapologetically cruel, sadistic, and unmerciful. He does everything he can to be perceived as awful, convinced that it make him look cool. He has little to no empathy or compassion for anyone around him, willing to do horrible deed after horrible deed whether or not it benefits him or if he thought it may be funny. His list of sins is too massive to mention, including bullying his nerdy best friend into doing what he wanted, animal cruelty, blackmailing his family, lying to his girlfriend, stealing Santa Christ's rocket ship after kicking him in the nuts and burning down a terminally ill child's home.

D-Bag's notable quirk is his full-on self-awareness. He is aware that what he does has no point and seems to do it out of an obsession with being "likably hateable".

Powers and Abilities

Because his uncle is the Devil, it is possible that D-Bag has some demonic qualities, as he was able to easily open a portal to Hell.



  • D-Bag is clearly meant to be a hip abbreviation of "douchebag", a derogatory term used for people who think they are cool and likable, but are actually neither.
    • It is also possible that the "D" stands for "Devil", since the Devil is his uncle. So, Evilina might be revealed be his cousin.