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Used to be, you wanted to make yourself known, you proved your worth as a street fighter or a hustler. We don't fight in the streets no more, we organized now. We...too gangsta for the garden so we've taken it underground...inside. I'm a business man, and this is my biz-naz. My soldiers are legion: Method Man, N.O.R.E., Capone, Luda, Redman, DMX. You want a shot at me, you gotta make it past these brothers. It's a dangerous world out here. Seems like everytime I turn around, there's another young buck want to take me on. I lay down for no man. You want to take what's mine, you gotta beat me. But me...
~ D-Mob's monologue.
Listen. Crow thinks fear is power... but he's wrong. A beaten dog may fear you, but the second you turn your back, he's gonna strike. Real power comes from respect and that is what the code is all about.
~ D-Mob to his crew.
To really change our lives, we have to get smart. We have to make society recognize. That's why I need people, strong physically and mentally, to join my movement to make this fighting scene into a proper business. Someone like you.
~ D-Mob to the Hero in Def Jam Fight For NY Takeover.

Darrell Lewis, also known as D-Mob, is a major character in the Def Jam series. He is an underground crime lord who operates illegal fights under the crime world, which he took control of. He also seems to believe in "Loyalty and Respect", thus believing in true power is what can make him win the streets.

He appears as the main antagonist of Def Jam Vendetta, the tritagonist of Def Jam Fight For NY and returns as the main antagonist of the prequel Def Jam Fight For NY: The Takeover.

He was voiced by Christopher Judge.


He is a large and bald person with a goatee. He is always seen wearing a business suit nearly in all of his appearances. His height is 6’6” and weight is 295 lbs.


In Def Jam Vendetta, he started out as a ruthless, power-hungry and intimidating man, taunting the protagonist about how he took Angel from him and chased him out of town. He is shown to be murderous as he planned to kill the protagonist. However, he believed loyalty and respect, meaning he has an honorable side to him, which was shown more in Def Jam Fight For NY. In the second game, he seems to learn a valuable lesson after the events of the first game from the game's protagonist, becoming more level headed and regarded his relationship with Manny after shooting him, becoming more kind and collected.


Early life

Born with the name Darrell Lewis and grew up in Baltimore. In his teens, he turned the neighborhood corner into a network of hustlers who worked for him. When he came to New York, he became a crime lord and bid to control the underworld, buying clubs all over the city running illegal fights and gambling operations out of them. By that time, he grew a large number and loyal followers who held respect and a code of street ethics.

When D-Mob entered the circuit and made changes around it and assembled a group of loyal followers for his territory, the protagonist (from Vendetta), did not like this and decide to rebel against this. D-Mob schemes to get rid of him, he seduces his girlfriend, Angel, promising her with fame and fortune while dangling a record contract for her. Briggs becomes furious and challenges D-Mob to a fight. However, D-Mob defeats and droves him out of the city. He later started a "relationship" with Angel.

Def Jam Vendetta

Returning to Town


D-Mob taunting the player.

After three years, the protagonist returns to town and meets up with Manny. The protagonist is called by Manny for a fight in the Face Club, D-Mob is seen hanging out and talking to some of his followers, Pocket, House and Snowman. Manny tells the protagonist that Angel is with D-Mob now.

Later, the protagonist goes to Grimeyville, one of D-Mob's followers' clubs, N.O.R.E., which the player much fight. Manny meets up with the protagonist, asking him he didn't buy new clothes to impress Angel, saying it is a serious mistake and the last thing he wants to be doing is "pissing off D-Mob." But they are confronted by the underground boss, asking the protagonist if he's out of retirement, Manny replies that his friend is helping him with his money needs, which D-Mob claims their his money needs. Manny responds that every time his friend wins a fight D-Mob gets paid. But D-Mob questions Manny what his friend gets out of the deal, he sees him looking at Angel, taunting him by saying, "Stare at her all you want little man! I'm the one who's makin' her sweat now." D-Mob attempts to pull out his gun, possibly to shoot the protagonist, but Angel stops from doing so, before Manny and his friend leaves to prepare for his next fight.


D-Mob making an announcement about the Def Jam tournament.

After the protagonist defeats Ludacris, D-Mob makes an announcement, telling everyone about Def Jam tournament will have something special for them. D-Mob tells them he will be in the tournament, hearing people saying he too old or slow. Before leaving, he tells everyone that, "nobody ever... beats me." This angered the protagonist, who ignores Manny's warnings about going up against D-Mob.

Afterwards, the protagonist goes to The Junkyard, one of D-Mob's followers' clubs, DMX, which the player much fight. Before the fight, the protagonist arrives at the Junkyard and sees Angel, who notices him. He does a funny trait, making Angel giggle. However, D-Mob show this and angrily takes Angel's hand and leaves.

Final Battle

After defeating DMX, the protagonist goes to the Face Club after closing, getting a text from Angel to her at the club. Revealing to be a trap, D-Mob sents his three henchmen; Pockets, House, and Snowman, telling him that their boss wants him to drop out of Def Jam. The protagonist defeats the trio as they retreated. However, Manny finishes up job and beats his friend up, revealing to be own by D-Mob before knocking him out.


D-Mob face to face with the player.

D-Mob, Angel, Manny and the trio are seen at the Def Jam tournament in a private room to see above. Angel notices her former lover running down the fighting arena, shocking everyone, resulting in angering D-Mob, who was looking furious at Manny. After defeating Keith Murray, Capone, WC, and Ghostface Killah, D-Mob walks down to the arena, recaps how he got Manny working for and took Angel from him, making her his own "bitch". Angel pushes D-Mob and goes back to her former lover and saying she is no one's "bitch". D-Mob becomes angry and attempts to kill both Angel and her lover. Manny stops D-Mob and gets shot, this results in the protagonist fighting D-Mob and wins the battle. After the fight, D-Mob is knocked to the ground and arrested for the attempted murder.

Def Jam Fight For NY

Unknown Fighter


D-Mob and the player back at the safe house.

In the second game, is seen being taken away by the police as they are closing down the Def Jam tournament. While Jervis and Starks are driving to the police station, they hit by another car. Hero comes out of the car and helps D-Mob. They headed to the safe house where they see Blaze and Sticky playing video games while Redman is sleeping on the couch. They are surprised to see D-Mob and planned to putting out their remaining members of the crew on the streets after the events from the first game. D-Mob tests Hero's fighting skills by having him fight House. After defeating House, D-Mob helps Hero set up his own flat and give him some money "look the part." Hero helps D-Mob recovering his crew.

After defeating Ice-T at Club 357, Crow, along with Magic, Crack, and Trejo approaches D-Mob and his crew, showing intent to take the club from him. Leading D-Mob and his crew to become defensive and threaten Crow. Before the rival gang leader leaves, he makes a public announcement to recruit fighters for "some real money." Later, at some point, D-Mob kicked out Snowman for being "too soft" and WC, one of D-Mob's best fighters, left the crew and joined Crow's crew, leaving a vulnerable position in the gang. D-mob makes an emergency meeting with Hero, Blaze, Ludacris, N.O.R.E., and Sticky, intending to make some power against Crow. D-mob starts to preaching to his crew how Crow believes fear is power, but the real power comes from respect, reminding them of their street code.

The Big Fight

Later, after the player defeats WC at the Red Room, D-Mob and Blaze thanked Hero for his services and winning matches and clubs. Crow approaches them about a business proposition and states how there are not enough places for both of them to rule. Crow challenges D-Mob to a winner-take-all; the winner gets all the clubs, while the loser "goes to Jersey." Crow has one of his best fighters Crack to against D-Mob's best man, Hero. Sticky becomes outraged about this and furiously leaves the club, D-Mob tells Hero not to worry about him and focus for the upcoming fight.


D-Mob telling the player and Blaze to leave him.

Crow hosts the big fight at the Club Murder, Crack's stage. Hero, D-Mob and Blaze arrives at Crow's building and enter the arena. Hero wins the fight and celebrates it in a limo. D-Mob rewards Hero with a "Vendetta" chain and stating he is now part of the "family." As the limo is pull up, they are attacked by Crow's henchmen and ends in a large accident near the 125th Street Station, resulting in D-Mob severely injured and trapped within the limo. As the player tries to pursue the attackers, it is revealed that Sticky joined Crow' crew, Trejo stays behind and attempts to shot the player, but runs out of bullets ends up fighting hero. Hero throws Trejo on to a moving train, killing him in the process. The player and Blaze tries to help D-Mob out of the crash, but insists them to escape the scene, leaving him arrested and treated. He later contacts his crew to continue with the plan and take clubs.


After Crow kidnaps the player's girlfriend and blackmails him to retake all the clubs, D-Mob leaves messages him being angered and in disbelief about the player's betrayal. After Crow's death, D-Mob messages the player once again and made amends to him, having a full understanding of Hero's situation that led to his betrayal. He and the player later had a friendly fight at the Junkyard After Hours.

Def Jam Fight For NY: The Takeover

In the prequel, he meets the protagonist after winning the Dragon House tournament and gives him some advice about the future. But throughout the rest of the game, D-Mob has been secretly having meetings with Officer Starks, discussing what to do with the protagonist. After O.G. is murdered by Crow, D-mob tells the angry protagonist to wait before taking on Crow. He later becomes the player's partner to takeover areas around New York, building up his new crew. However, after celebrating their takeover new New York City at The Babylon, D-Mob was profiting off the fights the player had, had Angel to distract the player from his intentions, ordering Crow to kill O.G. and helped the cops raid the bar. The player finally confronts D-Mob at the 125 Street Station, he is defeated by the player. D-Mob survives the fight and continues to build up his empire, leading to the events of Def Jam Vendetta.


Def Jam Vendetta

Let's get down to business.
~ D-Mob's intro dialogue in Def Jam Vendetta.
~ D-Mob while in Blazin' Mode.
Manny: Please tell me you didn't buy those clothes to impress Angel? It'd be a serious mistake. The last thing you wanna be doing is pissing off- Oh! D-Mob! H-hey.
D-Mob: You're out of retirement?
Manny: Oh yeah, he's just helping me out, just these couple of times on account my money needs.
D-Mob: You mean MY money needs.
Manny: Yeah yeah, that's right every time he wins you get paid. It's good for all of us.
D-Mob: Good for us... but what is he getting with a deal? Stare at her all you want little man! I'm the one who's makin' her sweat now. Let's make this quick.
Angel: STOP IT! Forget about him baby, he means nothing to me.
D-Mob: Yeah... Move out your five dollar ass before I have to make change.
~ D-Mob questioning Manny about his friend.
So y'all think that was a fight? That was no fight, and those two ain't s---! If you want to see real fighters, There's only one place to be! Yeah, I'm talking about Def Jam! his year's event will feature something special for all y'all upcomers, Me! Don't think I hear y'all talking, He's too old you see, too slow... You think you can take me? Now's your chance to prove it! You want the money? You want the respect? You gotta beat me! But nobody ever... beats me.
~ D-Mob making an announcement.
~ D-Mob to Angel.
Last time, I took your precious little b---- and made her mine. Now there's nothin' left to take, So I'm just gonna kill you.
~ D-Mob to the player.
Okay... I'll kill you both then!
~ D-Mob attempting to kill both the player and Angel.

Def Jam Fight For NY

Blaze: Oh Snap! D-Mob! Yo, we thought you was...!
D-Mob: Thought I was what? Arrested?
Sticky: Who this?
D-Mob: This is the guy who was helping me get home while you two clowns was sitting around playing video games.
Blaze: Hey! At least we're still around. Who knows what people are thinking after that shit you pulled man. Okay, Okay, look. We've got to count up our soldiers and put em on the streets now. So is this guy in or out?
D-Mob: He's in
Blaze: Remember man, we don't know shit about this guy. No offence.
Sticky: Yeah! Looks like a stray. How we know he cool?
D-Mob: Cuz I say so.
Blaze: Well if he stays, he's got to be able to carry his own weight. Can you fight?
Hero: I can take care of myself.
Blaze: We gonna see about that.
~ D-Mob to Blaze.
There's only one way to find out. Go buy yourself some new gear. If you gonna run with this crew, You better look the part. Think you can handle that?
~ D-Mob giving money to Hero.
Sit your a$$ down.
~ D-Mob to Sticky.
Wrong. We do that and they're just gonna hit us back. What does that solve? We start shooting up the streets and the cops'll be all over us. How are we gonna make money with all that heat?
~ D-Mob
Listen. Crow thinks fear is power... but he's wrong. A beaten dog may fear you, but the second you turn your back, he's gonna strike.
~ D-Mob preaching to his crew.
D-Mob: You came through for us again.
Player's girlfriend: Looks like my man just took another one of your clubs, Crow.
Crow: That's what I want to talk to you about. This war is costing us both too much money. You know it, and I know it.
D-Mob: What are you suggesting? A Truce?
Crow: Something much more interesting. A fight. Winner takes all.
D-Mob: And the loser?
Crow: The loser? Hell, I don't know. Loser goes to Jersey.
D-Mob: Who are the principles?
Crow: My boy Crack versus your best man.
Crack: Yeah and I'll make 'em bleed. Just ask Blaze...he remembers me.
D-Mob: Alright. You're on.
Crow: So who's gonna be?
D-Mob: My partner right here.
Sticky: WHAT?! man, this is bulls---!
D-Mob: You better watch yourself.
Sticky: Nah man. You better watch yourself! I'm outta here.
Crow: Looks like you've got yourself a little morale issue there, brother. See you friday.
D-Mob: Don't worry about Sticky. You just be ready.
~ Crow making a deal with D-Mob.
Send me a postcard from Jersey!
~ D-Mob to Crow.
Don't worry about me. Follow Blaze's lead and get our clubs back.
~ D-Mob texting to the player.
Your career ends here.
~ D-Mob's intro quote.
You punks are all the same. No skill.
~ D-Mob's victory quote.




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