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D.L McQueen

D.L McQueen is the main antagonist of Fight Night Champion. McQueen is known for his hot temper and short-lived partnerships with professional fighters. He has been long despised by Gus Carisi, André's trainer, for his notoriety, and Isaac Frost's manager.



Not much is known about D.L. McQueen's past, but at some point he became a successful boxing promoter. However, over time, he went from likely a well meaning businessman to the hot-tempered crooked head of a boxing empire willing to do whatever it took to keep his legacy intact, even going so far as to rig matches in favor of his own talent. He eventually started his own company, McQueen Promotions, which became known as a breeding ground for top ranked boxing contenders but also became infamous due to McQueen's tendency to kick out boxers who either didn't fit his idea of a good contender or merely outlived their usefulness to him. At some point, McQueen fathered a daughter, Megan, but their relationship was strained due to her disapproval of her father's corrupt dealings.

Eventually, McQueen caught wind of Andre and Raymond Bishop's father, who was a middleweight prospect with a great deal of potential, and enthusiastically began trying to get him in his promotion. However, a major roadblock appeared in the form of his trainer and promoter, Gus Carisi, who had heard about McQueen's poor treatment of talent, and vehemently refused to have the elder Bishop work with him, sparking a longstanding feud between the two. Not taking this lying down, McQueen secretly approached Bishop Sr. with a deal: if he could get Gus to drop whatever grudge he's holding against him, McQueen would not only allow him to continue on as his manager, but would secure him a future shot at the Middleweight Title. However, before he even had a chance to inform Gus of the deal, Bishop Sr. tragically died, orphaning his two sons and likely fueling the hostility between him and Gus.

Fight Night Champions

D.L. McQueen was present at the amateur boxing tournament Andre was competing at in order to scout talent, though his only confirmed signing was that of the overconfident, hard-hitting heavyweight gold medalist Isaac Frost. Upon realizing that Andre, the middleweight gold medalist and fighter of the games, was the eldest son of the boxer that had slipped through his fingers, McQueen became fixated on getting him in his promotion, but Gus' lingering hostility toward him prevented him from making any headway. Undeterred, McQueen made two attempts to try and bribe Andre into signing with him: sending his daughter Megan to the boxing gym Andre trained at to warn him that his opponent for an upcoming match, Keshawn Hayes, intends to drop him with a left hook, and, when that fails, informing him of the backdoor deal he made with his father and offering to do the same for Andre and Raymond, who was just starting his career as a heavyweight. Andre, however, was annoyed that McQueen would try to get him to go behind Gus' back and demands that he stay away from him and Raymond. Furious over Andre's refusal to work with him, McQueen attempts to waylay his career by bribing the point judges in his fight with middleweight contender Ricardo Alveraz to avoid scoring him during the fight, but when Andre wins the fight by knockout regardless, McQueen conspires to have two crooked cops under his employ dupe him into attacking them, thus getting him incarcerated in jail for five years and destroying his credibility as a fighter. To add further salt to the wound, McQueen offers the same deal to Raymond, who, not really believing the warnings Gus and Andre had about him, recklessly buys into it and signs with McQueen.

When Andre's prison sentence ends, McQueen shows up at the gym where Andre works as an assistant trainer to subtly gloat about what he did to him. However, he soon becomes shocked when Megan, who had split from her dad's promotion, not only convinces Andre to make a comeback as a heavyweight, but successfully manages him to become a threat to Frost, who won the Heavyweight title during Andre's prison term. Determined to put a stop to this as quickly as possible, McQueen sets up a bout between Andre and McQueen Promotions fighter Kobe Nichols, then inserts a crooked referee into the match that will penalize Andre for every clean body shot he scores on him. Andre and Gus, however, see right through it and win the fight with a head focused gameplay, forcing McQueen to come up with a new strategy.

As he tries to figure out how to derail Andre's momentum, McQueen is surprised when Raymond, annoyed that Andre's return is overshadowing his career and spurred on by comments Frost made claiming he was never in his league, shows up in his office and demands a fight against his brother. Figuring Andre won't have the heart to put his all in a bout with his baby brother and knowing Frost would slaughter Raymond should they face each other, McQueen sanctions a 'title-eliminator' fight between the two with the winner earning the right to face Frost in their next fight. McQueen's plan works to perfection: not only does Andre refuse to answer a second round knockdown, but Frost makes quick work of Raymond in their bout, brutalizing him so badly that he has to be taken to the hospital. McQueen's euphoria, however, is short-lived when Megan arrives with the revelation that Andre, with the public backing him, is demanding his own title bout against Frost as revenge for what he did to Raymond. Having gotten the satisfaction he wanted at seeing Andre broken and no longer seeing a place for Raymond in his plans, McQueen casually denies setting up the match, but is quickly horrified when Megan's true agenda is revealed: having accurately guessed that her father had a hand in setting up Andre's arrest, Megan leaves her phone, set to record, in McQueen's office, then informs Franco, one of the dirty cops that had arrested Andre, that McQueen intends to go public about the arrest and put the full blame on him; when Franco angrily reminds the old man that he only arrested Andre on his orders, Megan returns and ends the recording, confident that she now has her way to ensure the match takes place.

After getting Megan's word that she will not release the recording to the authorities, McQueen begrudgingly set's up the fight between Andre and Frost under the assumption his champion will end the fight quickly so he can put the matter behind him. However, as the fight progresses longer than what Frost has been known to last, McQueen becomes incredibly anxious and demands that Frost stop messing around and finish Andre. McQueen's fears are validated when Andre's defensive strategy wears out Frost to the point where he's able to knock him out and take the title off him. Compounding his problems, Andre informs a horrified McQueen that, while he got Megan's word about the recording, he failed to make sure neither Andre nor Gus would do anything with it. As FBI agents arrest Franco of his role in Andre's arrest, McQueen quickly leaves the ring to try and do damage control.