DAGGER (also known Ragnarok in the Japanese versions) is the villainous organization from the Kuuga series (Vapor Trail, Rohga Armor Force and Skull Fang). They are a terrorist organization seeking to take over the world through their military power.


Vapor Trail: Hyper Offense Formation

In the year 1999, DAGGER attacks and successfully occupies New York City, hacking into various military defenses worldwide which allowed them to gain access to nuclear weapons, which they threatened to use unless all world's governments submitted their power to DAGGER. With the world held hostage, a special Air Force unit is created with the mission to destroy DAGGER's forces and free New York from their control. The operation, codenamed "Operation Vapor Trail", is successful, as DAGGER is defeated and forced to retreat, with New York being freed from it's control.

Rohga: Armor Force

2 years later in 2001, the world see a great advance in mecha technology, with the majority of factories being set up in Oceania. At this time DAGGER resurfaces and takes over Australia and New Zealand, claiming all the mecha technology for it's own evil purposes. The world's government forces organize a new strike force comprised of various mech pilots to stop DAGGER's plans and liberate Oceania. The team attacks various key points under DAGGER's control, eventually splitting up to take down their forces on the two countries. DAGGER is once again defeated, secretly escaping and hiding themselves.

Skull Fang: Kuuga Gaiden

7 years later in 2008, DAGGER once again resurfaces, this time attacking various American cities with the military power they kept from their previous assault. However, during those seven years a new strike force called the Skull Fang Squadron was created, prepared to protect the world from DAGGER or any other terrorist organization that may threaten peace. DAGGER attempts to attack the Skull Fang HQ, butthey are once again defeated, this time for good.

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