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In 1880...the organization their ancestors made was...the beginning of everything.
~ Kate Green to Ryan Taylor.

The DNA Bio Reactor Corporation, abbreviated DBR Corporation, is a pharmaceutical corporation that serves as a prominent aspect of the The House of the Dead series.


The DBR Corporation was a pharmaceutical company that was owned and financed by Caleb Goldman, in order to mask the true nature of Dr. Roy Curien's research. The company's namesake came from Dr. Curien's research, dubbed the "Bio Reactor project". Thornheart's ancestors were the original founders of the company, dating back to 1880.

After learning of Dr. Curien's research to remove the barrier between life and death, Goldman took interest in the doctor's research and founded the corporation, hiring Curien as it's research director and providing the latter with a team of researchers. Through his research, Curien was able to reanimate the dead and created dozens of zombies as well as several unique mutations. Due to the inhumane nature of the project, most if not all of DBR Corp's researchers began to abandon Curien and the doctor himself was eventually driven to the brink of madness. Curien then began to use DBR Corp's personnel as test subjects, raising the suspicions of the AMS, who had been observing his activities for some time. On December 18, 1998, he unleashed them in his own mansion where they began to roam and kill off his own researchers, prompting one of the survivors, Sophie Richards, to call for help. AMS agents Thomas Rogan and G arrived and the creatures were repelled from escaping the mansion grounds. Curien was killed by his own creation The Magician, who in turn was destroyed by the agents. It is unknown what became of DBR Corp after the Curien Mansion incident, though the EFI Research Facility included an area dubbed the "DBR Institute", indicating that the company may had a role in conducting some of the facility's experimentation.

A month later, Goldman visited the abandoned estate and recovered Curien's research. He spent two years using the research to create new monsters inside the DBR Corporation's headquarters. In 2000, Goldman unleashed the zombies and sent them to attack Venice, Italy. AMS Agents James Taylor and Gary Stewart  eliminated the threat before visiting the headquarters of the DBR Corporation. Before entering the building, Gary and James were confronted by the Magician who was revived and became more powerful. After a fierce battle, James and Gary managed to destroy The Magician. They entered the building but were ambushed by more zombies. After dispatching the zombies, Gary and James rode Goldman's private elevator to the top floor. They found several large tubes that created the zombies. James and Gary confronted Goldman in his office. He unleashed his last and greatest creation: The Emperor. It almost killed Gary and James but they managed to kill it. Afterwards, they questioned Goldman if he was going to do anything else. Goldman told them that he would eventually be replaced by a successor. After bidding farewell, Goldman calmly committed suicide by falling off the roof of the building.

Without Goldman, the DBR Corporation went out of business.


Andrew Zombie.jpg Andrew A zombie who behaves like David but has a larger amount of health. Andrew wears a blue shirt.
Bobzombie.jpg Bob An obese zombie who wears an executioner's hood. Bob attacks his victims by headbutting, kicking, or throwing barrels/oil drums at them.
Cecilzombie.jpg Cecil An alternate version of Johnny. Compared to Johnny, Cecil has lower health and weaker defenses.
Davidzombie.jpg David A shirtless zombie who bites his victims.
Ebitanzombie.jpg Ebitan A zombie covered completely in sludge. Ebitan lurches from bodies of water to attack his victims.
Ericzombie.jpg Eric A cybernetic zombie armed with dual pulse sabers on both of his hands. Eric is unable to teleport but he boasts a large amount of health.
Franklinzombie.jpg Franklin A small, cybornetic zombie who appears from walls. Franklin attacks his victims by hitting them.
Gregoryzombie.jpg Gregory A large zombie wearing Medieval knight clothing. Gregory brandishes a large sword and uses it to attack his victims or to block gunfire.
Johnnyzombie.jpg Johnny A zombie wearing a flannel short. Johnny uses axes to throw from a distance or to hack his victims.
Kaegozombie.jpg Kaego A skeletal zombie. Kaego attacks his victims by swiping a knife at them. He also attacks from dark areas or in groups of himself.
Keithzombie.jpg Keith A hybrid of a lizard and a zombie. Keith tends to crawl through underground areas. He is equipped with a tail and uses it to attack his victims. Keith's body is colored brown, green, or black.
Kenzombie.jpg Ken Similar to Kaego. Like Kaego, Ken wears an executioner's mask and body armor. Ken uses knives to attack his victims.
Lancezombie.jpg Lance A small, cybernetic zombie. Has a tendency to crawl on walls and ceilings. Lance throws energized blades at his victims or bites them. He is fully capable of teleportation. 
Maxzombie.jpg Max An agile zombie. Uses chainsaws to attack his victims and block his head from gunfire.
Mickeyzombie.jpg Micky A short zombie who throws knives from a distance. Micky attacks his victims by biting them. Micky has a tendency to leap from rooftops or other high places.
Patrickzombie.jpg Patrick Similar to Ricky but possesses more exposed muscles. Wears a military beret, pants, and boots. Doesn't have any eyes.
Peterzombie.jpg Peter A zombie infested with a parasite. It will burst from Peter's  chest if any part of his body shot except for his head. The parasite is capable of instantly killing Peter's victims.
Randyzombie.jpg Randy A small and nimble zombie clad in armor. He wields claws for attacking his victims. Tends to roam in pairs. Randy can scour walls and ceilings.
Rickyzombie.jpg Ricky A strong zombie with exposed muscles. Compared to other zombies, Ricky is intelligent.
Ryanzombie.jpg Ryan A fully grown version of Micky. Ryan uses knives to attack his victims.



  • The DBR Corporation is in many ways similar to the Umbrella Corporation from the Resident Evil video game franchise. Both are pharmaceutical companies, both bio engineered zombies and creatures, and both were responsible for outbreaks in the both of the games' settings (Spencer Mansion and Raccoon City in RE and Curien Mansion and Venice in THOD).


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