DD Donmo is a cellphone-themed monster and is the main antagonist in episode 26 of 1996 TV series called Gekisou Sentai Carranger.

He is voiced by Naoki Tatsuta who later voiced a New Year's Org, Poppenian Hymal, Hades Beastman Gaston the Thief, Kawazugami, Zakyura and a Tombstone Shadow.


He's Bowzock's best maniacal shopper, specifically over the phone. He used cellular phones on his wrists to order special weapons that were sent to him by missiles.

He made his first appearance on planet Earth where he introduce himself to the viewers and demonstrates his ability and to do so he just to find something in this here catalog then make a call and the missile delivery system will be sent to him immediately like the Skyscissors Shears as he demonstrates it just by destroying the building with it. However as this goes on it didn't went unnoticed for the Carrangers to stop Donmo. After that they managed to destroy his first product so he used own ability and open fire on them.

As this goes on he then orders a Finisher Beam Repuls-A to deflect the blast from the Giga Formula. After that he was about to make another call but the products that he's getting are a bit busy so he has to wait for a while.

Even though the Carrangers used RV Robo as a measure to survive long enough for the Giga Booster's arrival (to swat the missiles out of the air before they could reach him), this Gorotsuki did not use any imo-youkan and merely used his catalog weapons to attack the giant robot while remaining small. (since the imo-youkan must be from Imocho for growth and it was not sold in the catalog, DD Donmo wasn't able to buy any for the battle even though he could buy items such as bombs and protective vests).

As this goes on he successfully managed to get at least two more products and they are a giant banana peel called Robo-Slipper to slipped the megazord and a couple of 100 high-grade bombs which are literally a collection of bombs with his personal monogram just bombard the heroes.

As he ordered the Farewell Hero Cannon he was surprised that it arrived a bit quickly, but turns out it was Minoru and the Giga Booster that arrived instead. After that the real product that Donmo has arrived and he was about used this here weapon to open fire on the team, but he was killed by the Giga Booster after Green Racer had to get it back from accidentally sending it to Hokkaido.


DD Donmo is a compulsive shopaholic. He wears cellphones all over his body and constantly talks like he's in a infomercial. He likes senseless destruction and thinks waiting is the best part of phone orders.


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