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Mark Malone is a fictional character and recurring antagonist of the British soap opera Emmerdale. He served as the main antagonist in 2020 and became a posthumous antagonist in 2021.

The character was portrayed by Mark Womack.


DI Mark Malone is a senior detective inspector of the Hotten Police Force who has steadily become highly-decorated member of the law department. However, over the years, he has secrectly grown corrupt to the point where he formed his own criminal gang to operate in illict activities behind the back of his non-corrupt colleagues such as Mike Swirling. It soon turned out that ex-convict Will Taylor had previously worked for Malone's criminal gang before he went to prison.

In 2020, Malone resurfaced in Will's life when he investigated the shooting of local farmer Nate Robinson in Emmerdale. The gunman turned out to be Nate's estranged illegitimate father Cain Dingle, who had shot Nate by accident after assuming that he was someone trying to break into the farm. Cain soon learned about who Malone was and that the gun belonged to him. Thereafter Malone began blackmailing Cain and Will, along with their friend Billy Fletcher, into doing some criminal jobs for him. This worked successfully until Will attempted to betray Malone, but this failed and Malone later had Will beaten up in retribution. Malone also threatened Cain's wife, Moira, when she stood up to him and he warned Cain that nobody in the village was safe from him.

During this time, Malone gets reacquainted with Cain and Will's common lover Harriet Finch. It is revealed that they used to work together in the police force, but then Harriet had then quit the force after learning about Malone's illict activities and refused to collaborate with him. It also transpired that he had fallen in love with Harriet to the point where they had an affair behind the back of Malone's unnamed ex-wife. Malone wishes for Harriet to reconcile with him, but she refused. It is then Malone sought to force Harriet's compliance by targeting Will and his daughter Dawn, also threatening her son Lucas as well.

Eventually, Malone's patience runs out and he attempted to kill Dawn by forcing her to commit suicide in a fatal drug overdose at gunpoint. Harriet rushed in just in time to save Dawn by knocking out Malone with an ornament. They began to call the police when Malone woke up and attacked to attack them. In response, Dawn picked up Malone's gun and shot him multiple times with him, killing him. Moments later, Will arrived and helped the duo cover-up Malone's murder by hiding his body in the woods owned by local businesswoman Kim Tate.


  • He made a total of 42 appearences during his time on the show.