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The Club DJ is a minor antagonist in the American web cartoon series RWBY and its Japanese manga adaptation/prequel. He is the deejay at Junior Xiong's Club and one of his henchmen. Despite never speaking, the character has gained a fan following.



It is unknown at what point the DJ became affiliated with Junior and his Club, but it can be assumed that, like the rest of his henchmen, they are criminals that serve Junior and help him out in his activities.

"Yellow" Trailer

The DJ is first seen in the music booth at The Club handling records while he and the patrons dance. When Yang Xiao Long comes in and causes a stir, Junior and the henchmen begin fighting her. Yang battles a series of henchmen out on the dance floor before the DJ grabs an automatic gun (resembling a Tommy gun) and begins firing down at her from the booth. Ynag is able to maneuver through the shots and launches herself into the booth, kicking the DJ into the wall, elbowing him, slamming his head down onto the record player, and finally picking him up and firing him onto the dance floor, unconscious. Yang is then confronted by the Malachite Sisters, who she does battle with. during their fight, the DJ regains consciousness and escapes, leaving Yang to face Junior.


Chapters 7, 8, and 9 of the manga adaptation recount and detail the events of the "Yellow" Trailer.

Volume 2

In the episode "Painting the Town...", Yang and Neptune Vasilias return to The Club to interrogate Junior about what he knows about Roman Torchwick and the criminals that have been terrorizing Vale. During this, all of the henchmen prepare for battle except the DJ, who is seen cowering in the booth, only popping up briefly to stop a looping record.





  • The DJ and the rest of The Club are "bear" themed, alluding to the three bears from Goldilocks and the Three Bears, as Yang alludes to Goldilocks.
  • The DJ's bear mask is similar visually to the mouse mask of famous dubstep artist deadmau5, leading some fans to dub the character "deadb3ar".


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