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GYA HA HA! I'm-a remix yo face!
~ DJ Octavio's most famous quote.

DJ Octavio is the main antagonist of the Splatoon videogame series, serving as the main antagonist and final boss of Splatoon and its sequel Splatoon 2, and as a mentioned antagonist in its DLC story Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion. He will return in Splatoon 3 in a currently unknown role.

He is an octopus who is the evil leader of the Octarians, the archenemy of the Squidbeak Splatoon, the former boss of Marina Ida and Agent 8 and the former friend of Cap'n Cuttlefish, before the Great Turf War tore them apart.



Octavio's stage begins with Cap'n Cuttlefish tied up warning the player character (Agent 3) not to come any further. Once the player takes a few steps forward towards the Great Zapfish, Octavio's machine sucks it up and he starts scratching the records on his turntable.

The boss fight against DJ Octavio has five phases. Each phase has Octavio launch the machine's fists at the player, which must be reflected by splatting them in order to knock him back. Once Octavio is knocked back far enough, he will launch a large missile that needs to be splat-reflected three times in order to move on to the next phase. The missile gets faster the more it is reflected. Unlike most other tennis bosses, Octavio will not stop shooting his other weapons while the player is reflecting the missile.

  • The first phase starts off with Octavio firing Octopods that follow the player, similar to heat-seeking missiles, he will also launch his giant fist-like weapons at the player, which must be launched back at him to make him retreat to another platform, allowing the player to move onto another one as well.
  • The second phase adds a Killer Wail attack to the mix, which is a one-hit-kill unless you have armor.
  • The third phase will add small soccer-ball-like projectiles that will spawn lower-ranking Octarian troops if not destroyed.
  • The fourth and fifth phase does not add any new weapons, but they presumably increase Octavio's rate of fire and change up the patterns.

After hitting Octavio with a missile four times, the music will change to a song sung by the Squid Sisters (the real identity of Agents 1 and 2), prompting Cuttlefish to break out of his bonds. After the fifth hit, Octavio will fly out of his machine, and one shot will send him flying back into it, causing it to self-destruct in a blast of orange ink.

Splatoon 2

DJ Octavio returns as the final boss in the Single-Player campaign of Splatoon 2, but this time, there are two final bosses: DJ Octavio and Callie.

When the level starts, Callie appears to be standing on a stage-like platform, once the player approaches her, she will turn around and will begin to rise into the air, with Octavio coming out of the ground in his Octobot King II. DJ Octavio has three phases instead of five and the phases are similar to the first Splatoon.

The first phase starts with DJ Octavio firing fists while the player tries to launch them back, similar to how he was fought in the first game. Occasionally, his punches will become more difficult to ink and will sometime have to be dodged. After knocking his fists back at him, he will fall out of his the Octobot King II and the player will have the chance to attack him. Once they attack him long enough, he will be launched back into the giant bot.

The second phase will begin with Octavio rapidly firing giant Splat Bombs at the player, similar to how a Bomb Rush special works. He will also fire four "Calamari Bombs" at the player, which must be destroyed or they will become impervious to attacks, creating giant spirals which can harm the player if they happen to touch them. The second phase is entirely the same as the last one. The player must repeat what they did by knocking Octavio's "fists" back at him, causing him to fall out of his mech and onto the ground.

The third phase begins with Marie flying in, wearing her Squid Sisters attire, holding a replica of the Hero Charger from the first game, preparing to shoot DJ Octavio's hypnoshades off Callie's face, so she could regain awareness. Marie fires the shades off her face and Callie goes into a daze.

Despite losing his control over Callie, Octavio steps up his attacks, now strafing to the side before launching one or both of his fists at the player. He also uses a spread of Splat Bombs or Suction Bombs, his 'Calamari Bombs', and an Ink Shower attack he rains down from one side of the area to the other in a wide area under his Octobot King II. After launching his fists back at him enough, he'll fall out to be attacked directly again before being flung back into his mech.

After that, Marie pulls out a boom box and begins playing the Squid Sisters' famed "Calamari Inkantation". Upon hearing it, Callie snaps out of her daze from the Hero Charger, leaps towards Sheldon's truck Marie is on, and transforms her clothes back into her Squid Sisters attire as she joins her cousin to counter Octavio's music again with their own. Sheldon then sends down his drone to arm the player with a modified Rainmaker to finish off Octavio and the Octobot King II.

Realizing that the player is packing some heavy firepower now in the Rainmaker, Octavio attempts to escape as his Octobot King II rises towards the top of the arena, but the player super-jumps to the grind rails circling Octavio to pursue him. With no other option available to him but to take out the player before he can make his getaway, Octavio launches his fists towards the player, who needs to shoot them back at Octavio with the Rainmaker, but only those he fires straight, while dodging the spinning punches he fires at times. After enough hits, the Octobot King II conks out, loses power, and unable to remain airborne, crashes back to the arena below, where the player then needs to use a newly-appeared grind rail to leap down onto Octavio and deliver the finisher with the Rainmaker.

Defeated again, Octavio groans "Cross-fade to black..." as the Octobot King II undergoes a similar self-destruct to the original Octobot King and explodes in a huge splatter of green ink, freeing the Great Zapfish and leading to Octavio being imprisoned again in a giant snow globe, this time being watched over by Marie to ensure he doesn't escape again.

Splatoon 3

DJ Octavio is set to return in Splatoon 3 in a currently unknown role. In the story mode of the game, he seems to be commanding a large white mech similar in design to his Octobot King.

Other Media

Super Smash Bros.

DJ Octavio appears as a primary neutral spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which can be summoned using cores from Octoling, Octorok, and any neutral spirit core. He can be enhanced to a spirit of DJ Octavio in the Octobot King, whose ability can enhance the fighter with metal at the start of a fight.


Octavio appears as a pink octopus with a golden crown. Two of his tentacles are crossed and two are holding wasabi roots, and the other four are used as legs. Octavio does not fight hand-to-hand, instead opting to use a giant mecha that resembles a DJ podium.



  • DJ Octavio's dialogue varies depending on the region. The North American version has hammy DJ-pun-filled banter, while the European and Japanese versions have fairly generic final boss dialogue.
  • After defeating Octavio, he is trapped in a snow globe in front of Cuttlefish's shed. Shooting at it causes Octavio to recoil. This defeat reminds of the defeat from Dave from Penguins of Madagascar, who is also an Octopus.
  • It is speculated that DJ Octavio may be an adult Octoling male, though it is just speculations.
    • The octopus forms of enemy Octolings bear a strong resemblance to Octavio.
    • If he is an Octoling, it is unclear as to why he never assumes his humanoid form, but it could be because of inkling humanoid forms.
  • In the first Splatoon game, Octavio's missiles appear to have shutter shades, most likely added for fun.
  • When re-fighting DJ Octavio, his dialogue and Agents 1 and 2's dialogue change.
  • DJ Octavio is the only boss in Splatoon who takes more hits to defeat rather than three.


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