DJ Phantasmagloria is a character making her debut in Luigi's Mansion 3. She is a disk jockey ghost that resides in the Dance Hall and is the fifteenth boss in the game. Luigi fights her for the fifteenth floor's elevator button.

Physical Appearance

Phantasmagloria has pink skin. Her eyes glow yellow, and she has a red dress and afro.


DJ Phantasmagloria resides in the Dance Hall located on the fourteenth floor. When Luigi makes his way in, he encounters the elevator button laying on the floor and collects it believing there is nothing to worry about. However, this suddenly changes when the stereos start playing loudly, knocking him back in the process. DJ Phantasmagloria materializes in the DJ soundboard and starts the music. When she does so, eight hooded ghosts (Disco Goobs) appear on the dance floor, with their leader taking the elevator button and hiding it in his hat as he and his friends start dancing to the rhythm of the music.

These dances can cause damage to Luigi if he gets really close to the hooded ghosts. Luigi has to vacuum the one that hides the elevator button. When he vacuums the correct ghost, the music stops abruptly and this ghost disappears after throwing the elevator button to another hooded ghost to hide it. DJ Phantasmagloria gets angered anytime Luigi guesses it correctly and resumes the music. After Luigi manages to vacuum the owner of the elevator button, DJ Phantasmagloria takes the button from Luigi and puts it away. She then reveals her eyes to wink at Luigi and moves to the dance floor to fight him by herself.

DJ Phantasmagloria attacks Luigi by throwing vinyl records at him, as well as disco dancing to damage him and spin around the dance floor. In order to defeat her, Luigi has to do a boost jump that will make her afro wig come off. This panics her enough for Luigi to flash her and vacuum her in the process. Before DJ Phantasmagloria is sucked in completely, she does some last disco dance moves.

At the end of the game, it is revealed that most ghosts in the hotel were brainwashed by King Boo, and thus were unwilling accomplices. Thus, this might also be true for DJ Phantasmagloria. However, her eventual fate remains unknown. 





  • Her name in the Japanese version (Afurodije) is a crossword between "afro" and "DJ".
  • She is similar to the Floating Whirlindas, as both battles involves dancing and music.


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