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The DMp is an evil organization in the series Ultimate Muscle. They serve as the primary antagonists of the dMp Arc (and the entire series).


The dMp started many years ago where they began an infamous feud with the Muscle League that has been going on for many years. However, the dMp was eventually stopped by King Muscle who managed to defeat most of the top members and the dMp seemed to have gone away for good.


The dMp first made their precense known when their giant fist base landed on Earth where they start to cause destruction. However, the Muscle League started to fight against them but the dMp managed to beat them. Later, one of members of the dMp, Addversarious, challenged Kid Muscle to a match but ends up losing to Kid who used the powers of Ultimate Muscle and nailed him with the Butt Buster. The dMp heard of Addversarious' defeat by the hands of Kid Muscle and plans on getting rid of the son of King Muscle. The dMp decided to get revenge on Kid Muscle by sending Boaconda against him who managed to trap him in a titanum cage that will only open up if Kid defeats Boaconda. Boaconda manages to gain the upper hand against Kid for awhile until Terry Kenyon damanges him by spitting seeds at him. Boaconda was then taken out by the Butt Buster by Kid leading to another loss from the dMp.


The members of the dMp are as followed divided from the top members to the just lower ranking ones.

Top MembersEdit

  • Sunshine (one of the founders; former leader)

Other MembersEdit


  • The design, logo, and colors for the dMp was well as the way it is spelt is a homage to the nWo.
  • One of the annoncers believe that the letters "dMp" stands for "destruction, mayhem, and pain".
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