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A green child... No one told me that this would happen... My job was supposed to be simple... "Kill Jolyne Cujoh". That's what I was told, and that's what I'm gonna do...D an G

Yo-Yo Ma... do you still not understand? It doesn't matter if you destroy parts of my body, there is no way you can destroy me or stop me. You cannot destroy my target radar, or prevent me from attacking Jolyne Cujoh... The only way you two could have survived is if you had run away.Yo-Yo Ma

D an G is a minor antagonist in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean. An inmate in Green Dolphin Street Prison, he is one of the four assassins sent by an unknown figure (likely Enrico Pucci) sent to the maximum security ward to kill Jolyne Cujoh. He wields the Stand known as Yo-Yo Ma.



Prior to his arrest, D an G worked as a police officer who was obsessed with Nostradamus' prediction of the world ending in 2000. Due to this, he decided to make up of what seemingly little time he had left and killed people he didn't like, using his position to cover up their deaths. Eventually caught and sentenced to twenty years in jail, he was placed in the maximum security ward to aid him against violent prisoners who may desire harm to him due to his former job.

It is unknown if Yo-Yo Ma was a Stand developed through natural means or given to him by Whitesnake.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean

Alongside Viviano Westwood, Kenzou, and Guccio, D an G was sent to kill Jolyne Cujoh in the maximum security ward of Green Dolphin Street Prison, with him physically first appearing alongside Kenzou.

Following the manifestation of the Green Baby, D an G remarks on his job and the oddity of the situation before discovering Kenzou. Touching his shoulder, D an G, instead of answers on him and his nature, activates a hidden trap of the man's ribs jabbing themselves into his arm. In tears from the pain of his now mutilated arm, D an G still manages to send his Stand after the heroes before falling unconscious.

First appearing on Jolyne's and Narciso Anasui's getaway boat, D an G first aids the heroes by releasing the mooring ropes and offers some frog as a meal, although this latter request is rejected. It's first more dubious action is sneaking up on the heroes and devouring the forming Green Baby, with no Stand being able to retrieve it from its gullet. Despite this, D an G generally continues to act nice to Jolyne on part of his act, and unable to do much on the matter, Jolyne and Anasui begrudgingly takes the Stand along while leaving Foo Fighters back on dry land to find and execute D an G himself. The Stand then leaves to head on the boat, but not before using its acidic saliva to melt Foo Fighters' lower jaw.

Continuing to aid the heroes with camouflage in attempt to avoid the patrolling guards, Yo-Yo Ma uses the moment to allow mosquitos to inject his spit into Jolyne before Anasui knocks the Stand away to collide into the guards' boats. Returning to their escape attempt, Jolyne finally notices the acid through sudden whistling, revealed to come from holes in her tongue. Rendered mute from this, Jolyne manages to deduce Yo-Yo Ma's true nature before being incapacitated by another dose of Yo-Yo Ma's drool. With Anasui finally realizing the Stand's true evil intent, Anasui fights the Stand himself, and while riddled holes in him from the slobber, Yo-Yo Ma is forced to empty its pockets before Anasui covertly implants a frog inside the Stand's target sensor, causing it to act as if one and ending the threat.

Around the same time, Foo Fighters manages to find D an G himself being found by the prison guards and being placed in an ambulance. Using a guard's uniform to sneak inside, Foo Fighters first attempts to fire at D an G, only to fail at this by Pucci's hand. However, despite this and Whitesnake delivering great damage to Foo Fighters, some of Foo Fighters' plankton manage to get inside D an G, to which they decapitate him from the inside. Yo-Yo Ma disintegrates following this.


Of standard build and height, D an G has brownish gray eyes (with one covered in an eyepatch despite it seemingly being fine) and brown hair. For clothing, D an G wears a Pickelhaube helmet, a fuzzy, green and yellow-colored toga, a gray belt, leather wristbands, and closed-sole sandals.


D an G himself seems like a standardly serious assassin at first, showing traits of a lack of care in becoming corrupt, little moral issue with murder, and having some mental unease due to his former fanatical worship of Nostradamus' prophecy. However, D an G also is shown to be emotionally weak and a coward, as after his arm fell victim to Guccio's rib trap, D an G became a crying coward who relied on Whitesnake to aid him while his Stand was busy with the other heroes.

However, said Stand is actually unique among many, in that it actually has a personality of its own. Yo-Yo Ma will at first aid its target by seeming friendly (if not a tad scatterbrained) towards them, calling them "Master" and often giving them gifts or aid. However, this is merely a front for Yo-Yo Ma's main scheme, to make his foes seem like they're safe before striking when they least expect it. Furthermore, Yo-Yo Ma also has a habit to devouring objects and drooling, while also having a masochistic relation to pain and being yelled at. In addition, after getting its brain rewired to the frog, Yo-Yo Ma began to possess many traits a male frog would have, such as a liking for insects, a fear of birds, and romantic interest in female frogs.

Powers and Abilities

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Yo-Yo Ma

It's an Automatic Stand! It follows orders, like a slave... and acts like our servant... he seems harmless, but that's part of its game! This automatic Stand is somehow finding the opportune time to strike, probably when our backs are turned... If we don't do something, it'll kill us both!Jolyne on Yo-Yo Ma.

Yo-Yo Ma is an "automatic" Stand (meaning it can be deployed remotely, wander far from their Stand User without issue, and be damaged without harming the Stand User) that doesn't often attack on first sight, but the Stand itself is no less deadly. Possessing the rare trait of intelligence, the Stand has skill in crafting things (as shown by it making a chair out of spare twigs and making disguises for the heroes to avoid guards) and possesses knowledge on how to piolet hovercrafts. However, this general aid is used to distract targets and make them drop their guard, to which Yo-Yo Ma uses its acid-like saliva to mutilate its foes, something that also manages to happen quickly and right under their noses. This acid can be secreted through normal means, mixed with water to make a deadly splash, or injected by being spread into mosquitos. On top of this, Yo-Yo Ma is able to consume objects to keep them away from others, is able to unleash a waft of terrible odor once an object is attempted to be removed from its gullet, and also is extremely durable.


  • D an G's favorite movie is Showgirls.
  • Yo-Yo Ma's appearance is inspired by various forest creatures found in fairy tales.
  • Oddly, Yo-Yo Ma possesses the ability to urinate, implying the Stand has some form of genitalia.
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