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Vietnamese street gang. Extremely violent. At war with local Chinese ("Triads") gangs. Uncontrollable. Major interests in protection.
~ GTA San Andreas website (about the Da Nang Boys).

The Da Nang Boys is one of the gangs which introduced in the videogame Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. In some missions, they served as the primary antagonist, the primary threat of Carl Johnson.


The Da Nang Boys is a Vietnamese gang preparing a full move to San Andreas, then United States. They are extremely brute and violent to every gang. Their first target is an another asian gang, San Fierro Triads. They also hate San Fierro Rifa.

This gang is more equipped in terms of vehicles and weapons than the other gangs. They have a freight, motorcycles, cars and trucks and they use heavy weapons like grenade, RPG and shotgun.

Their only known named member is the Snakehead, who also is the leader of the gang.


The Da Nang Boys appeared in seven missions of the game.

Mike Toreno

In this mission, the Da Nang Boys kidnaps the syndicate member Mike Toreno and goes to the airport. Carl Johnson and T-Bone Mendez finds them via phone signals and kills all of them and saved Mike Toreno.

Mountain Cloud Boys

Carl Johnson and Wu Zi Mu goes to alleyway to find the missing Triad and they encounters two destroyed cars and massacred Triad members. Later, the Da Nang Boys comes and ambushes them and attempts to kill the two but Carl and Woozie survived and killed all of them.

Ran Fa Li

Carl goes to the airport and takes a car, kills the gang members who try to stop him.


The Da Nang Boys prepares to assassinate Ran Fa Li and Wu Zi Mu. Because of it, Carl gets in a decoy car and drives to Angel Pine and luring the gang members there to get Ran Fa Li safely.

Ampihibous Assault

Carl goes to the dock on Esplanade North and swims to the tanker and kills the gang members and plants a bug back of the tanker and swims back to the dock.

Da Nang Thang

Carl meets Little Lion, a Triad gang member, and gets in a helicopter and drives to the Da Nang's freight, Carl attacked with a minigun from the helicopter to the freight, but a Da Nang member shoots the helicopter and destroys it via RPG, kills Little Lion. Later, Carl swims and sneaks into the freight and kills the gang members and finds the refugees and frees them, one of the refugees tells where the Snakehead is, the leader of the gang. Carl makes his way to the Snakehead, kills the gang members and meets Snakehead and kills him too. And the refugees lower some boats and leaves from the freight.


The Loco Syndicate gives Carl a mission to protect their drug van until their drug factory. Carl kills the Da Nang members who ambushed their way and the van safely arrives their factory.

Villainous Actions

  • Kidnapped Mike Toreno.
  • Massacred the Triad members and destroyed their two cars.
  • Attempted to assassinate Wu Zi Mu, Carl Johnson and Ran Fa Li.
  • Destroyed the Triads' helicopter and kills Little Lion.
  • Keeps people as slaves and uses them for human trafficking.
  • Attempted to destroy the van of San Fierro Rifa.



  • The Da Nang Boys is the most brutal gang of the game.



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