Dabio is a recurring villain in Wild Kratts. He is Donita Donata's henchman. Dabio is very muscular. Dabio cares about his looks. He is voiced by Cory Doran who also voiced another Wild Kratts villain sidekick, Rex (Wild Kratts).


Dabio works for Donita Donata, and he uses his strength to protect her, move heavy things around, and collect her animal targets. Although Dabio is very obedient of Donita, he is very clumsy, and often gets confused or fails when given basic instructions. Dabio has an ancestor named Shabio . Dabio does most of the work while Donita is lazy. Dabio remembers animal facts than Donita Donata despite his simple mindness.


Dabio has a cheerful and childish attitude, despite being mistreated by Donita. He is also ditzy and takes some things literally. He behaves similar to Zach Varmitech's Zachbots and Paisley Paver's henchman Rex.


  • Dabio usually presented as unintelligent, but it seems that he remembers animal facts better than Donita can.
    • In "Under Frozen Pond", he corrected her by pointing out that draco lizards glide, not fly.
    • In "Golden Bamboo Lemur", he corrected her when she called a golden bamboo lemur a monkey instead of a lemur.
    • In "Mystery of the North Pole Penguins?", when Donita drops three emperor penguins of at the North Pole, Dabio tells Donita "we're at the North Pole and penguins live at the South Pole."
    • Dabio is a bit similar to Kronk from The Emperor's New Groove since they
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