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Chainsaw the Children guy's son goes on a rampage!!
~ The description of Dad 'n Me by the creators.

Dad 'n Me are the titular protagonist villains of the online fighting video-games Dad 'n Me, and Chainsaw The Children.


Dad'n Me (Dad & son), both look very like each other. The dad appears to be a muscular, bald big purple humanoid, with a skull-head white mask on it's face. While the son appears to be a smaller version of the father, being a shorter, muscular character with the same mask on the face. The son is also seen to be wearing a skull-headed belt around himself.


Chainsaw The Children

In this game, the son is not featured, only the father is, which is going on a rampage. At the beginning of the game, Dad is seen cutting palm trees (to gather gasoline) and killing naked children with a chainsaw, which are on a island alongside with dad. The game ends when Dad's chainsaw is out of gas, and the goal of the game is to kill as much children as dad possibly could.

Dad 'n Me

At the beginning of the game, Dad drove his son to the Almond Hands Park, and while driving they run over one kid. Once they arrive, Dad drives away as his son leaves the car going on a killing spree in the park. His first victim is Marcus, which was building a castle in the sand. Eventually he kills Marcus and moves on.

As he moved on, he saw a tough guy beating up a weak one to death, which escalated to killing the tough guy and two others. After killing the three, he moved on to a kid which was swinging. As he started beating up him to death, two others appeared, one having a helmet on which he used to fight against him.

After killing these three, he entered a soccer game in which four footballers are playing. He managed to kill all four of football players moving on to another four that are dressed up in uniforms killing them as well. After he again kills more four people which one of them had a toy-like weapon.

Eventually, he enters a basketball match, killing the three players instantly, as he goes on finding two young gangsters which one is driving a vehicle which he also kills. After he moves on he kills more five people. As he move on he sees two ninjas one driving a vehicle. The two ninjas actually had real fighting skills, making it tougher to kill them. As he kills the two ninjas, he also kills more two people.

As he goes on, he finally finds someone his level. He sees Sunchips a real strong gangster with a pistol with two of his mates. He easily kills his mates but takes some time until he kills Sunchips. At the end a scene plays of Sunchips laying dead on the ground, as his father in his car comes from the behind, looking at his son proudly.

Toss the Turtle

In this game, the player must launch a turtle as far as they can. Dad makes a cameo appearance. He is usually found casually walking on the ground with his a chainsaw while the turtle flies across the map. If the turtle makes contact with Dad, the latter revs up his chainsaw and adds more speed to the turtle's flight trajectory.

In Animations

Dad'n Me, have been featured in numerous animations from the Newgrounds Portal, though the Villains wiki will list only the most known ones:

Pico Mart (Pico Day 2010)

In this animation, Newgrounds heroes Pico, Nene and Darnell are seen in a store, until a gang of criminals gather them around with guns, causing a massive fight between the heroes and the criminals. In one of the scenes, Dad, his wife and the son are seen entering the store, son gets excited and pulls his knife out to start fighting against everyone, until the mother turned around and the father held his son pulling him back. The animation ends with one of the store workers shooting one of the criminals, and the cops arrest the store worker.

Fatherly Bonds

In this animation, the son is seen getting prisoned by a masked group, and the dad is seen chasing them. On the dad's way, he mets up with Tom Fulp, one of the biggest Newgrounds creators, and goes on a killing spree with Tom Fulp, murdering a lot of the masked members. Tom Fulp and Dad went in a castle, finding a Castle Crasher character there, which gets into a fight with the Dad. Tom Fulp then stops them and explains to them that Tom is the creator of Newgrounds and that they both fail into the same category. making the two fighters squash the fight.The animation ends with Dad with his son, Tom, Castle Crasher character, Alien Hominid and Domo all together, walking happily.

Dad'n me Christmas

Son is seen waking up happily, because it's Christmas, he wakes up the dad and goes to the Christmas tree, to find that there is no presents. The dad is seen his son sad, making the dad get furious and take his chainsaw and go outside. Santa Clause is seen making and writing gifts, until Dad comes to Santa with the chainsaw, wanting to kill Santa. Until Santa pulled his hands stopping Dad and giving Dad a present. After of which a scene is seen of Dad in home again, giving his son a present, which instantly becomes happy again, once the son opens the gift, he finds a photo of a head of the dead Santa, which ends up in the son and dad celebrating and hugging it out.

Dad's Secret

Dad's Secret is a short animation, which features the son asking the dad how does he looks without the mask, the dad takes the mask off apparently showing a child goofy face, making the son shoot himself dye to the new discovery.

List Of Victims

All the victims from the game.

  1. Marcus
  2. Knox
  3. Tommy
  4. Danny
  5. Wilbur
  6. Chuk
  7. Ronald
  8. Turtle
  9. Zap
  10. Jared
  11. Jose
  12. Wade
  13. Nate
  14. Harry
  15. Robbie
  16. Joey
  17. Winston
  18. Orvil
  19. Bruce
  20. James
  21. Thud
  22. Mario
  23. Afroninja
  24. Matt
  25. Farter
  26. Dominic
  27. Dewey
  28. Capone
  29. Ben
  30. Sam
  31. Roger
  32. Simon
  33. Herbert
  34. Illwill
  35. Edmund
  36. Shok
  37. Flip D
  38. Gunrio
  39. Harold
  40. Josh
  41. Brandon
  42. Beef
  43. Sunchips





  • They were created by DanPaladin.
  • The game was uploaded on July 27, 2005 and in one day, the game got front paged on Newgrounds.
  • Dad 'n Me also appeared in Chaos Faction 2 as a unlockable character.


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