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Daddy Dearest, also known as The Father or The Dad, is the main antagonist of Friday Night Funkin', serving as the main antagonist of Week 1, the unseen overarching antagonist of Week 3 and 6, and one of the two secondary antagonists (alongside his wife) of Week 5.

While having no true voice, his audio samples were provided by Isaac Garcia, better known as Kawai Sprite.


Before the events of the game, before he was married and had his daughter, the closest of his backstory is Daddy Dearest that he was a retired rockstar, possibly as a member of a band or soloist. He would later meet a woman which he marry, and would have a daughter. When his daughter aged, he would later meet a person which he'll soon imprison.


Daddy Dearest takes the form of a human-like figure with purple skin, black hair styled into a moon-like pattern and stubble, red, glaring eyes with black sclera , and a permanent grin. For clothing, he wears a leather jacket with a exposed chest, matching pants, a belt with a gold bucket, and a gray watch.

In Week 5, he wears a green version of his outfit.


Whilst not much is known about Daddy Dearest, it is known he is greatly protective of his daughter, desiring to kill the Boyfriend for dating her and having shown to enact terrible punishment to other suitors, as shown with The Senpai. Furthermore, Daddy Dearest's wrath isn't contained to his daughter's lovers, as shown during Week 5, where he points a firearm at "mall Santa" and held him hostage. That being said, he does seem to honestly love his wife and daughter.



  • Daddy Dearest is one of two characters who lack a "danger icon", the other being The Senpai.
    • However his "danger icon" can be found in the game's files.
  • Oddly, despite both Daddy Dearest and The Mom having purple skin, their daughter's skin is white.
    • It's unknown how he has purple skin.


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