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Daddy Dearest is a major antagonist in Friday Night Funkin', serving as the main antagonist of Week 1, the unseen overarching antagonist of Week 3 and 6, one of the two main antagonists (alongside his wife) of Week 5 and one of the two unseen overarching antagonists (alongside his wife again) of Week 7.

While having no true voice, his audio samples were provided by Kawai Sprite.


Before the events of the game, Daddy Dearest was a rockstar, meet a pop-star which he would marry and then have a daughter, which is the Girlfriend. Fourteen years before the events of the game (and thus when his daughter was five), Daddy Dearest would imprison a man inside the Girlfriend's favorite dating simulator for unknown reasons, and it's also implied he did the same to many others.

Later on, his daughter would start dating the game's protagonist, and Daddy Dearest and Mommy Mearest would not welcome. After some practice, Week 1 happens, where the Boyfriend faces off against Daddy Dearest during the songs "Bopeebo", "Fresh" and "Dadbattle" and wins. Not accepting the fact he lost, Daddy Dearest sends the mercenary Pico to assassinate the Boyfriend. However, Pico turns out to be the Boyfriend's ex, and while he still hates him, he can't kill him. This leads to the events of Week 3 where Pico tries and fails to humiliate the Boyfriend in a rap battle.

Around Christmas during the events of Week 5, Daddy Dearest and Mommy Mearest take the "mall Santa" hostage so they can have another stand-off against the Boyfriend in the songs "Cocoa" and "Eggnog", this time singing together. However, the party is crashed when the Monster appears and twists everyone's perception, letting everyone except the Boyfriend and the Girlfriend escape, including Daddy Dearest. The Monster faces off against the Boyfriend, but loses. Later on, the Girlfriend and the Boyfriend decide to play the former's favorite dating game. Daddy Dearest notices this, and out of spite throws both of them into the game, letting the events of Week 6 happen. However, the duo manages to escape, but not before encountering the man Daddy Dearest imprisoned years ago, now simply a spirit.

Despite Week 8 not being currently released, the creators confirmed that Week 8 is canonically before Week 7. In that week, Daddy Dearest and Mommy Mearest would have another unsuccessful attempt at killing the Boyfriend by taking him and the Girlfriend on a "vacation", with Daddy Dearest sending out Pico to kill the Boyfriend once more. The week would take place on a plane. Eventually, the two suddenly fall out straight into the Tankman's restricted battlefield, letting Week 7 happen. In the final song of the week, Pico saves the heroes from being killed by the Tankmen and the entire trio ultimately survives.

It's confirmed that both Daddy Dearest and Pico will return in future weeks.


Daddy Dearest takes the form of a human-like figure with purple skin, black hair styled into a moon-like pattern and stubble, red, glaring eyes with black sclera, and a permanent grin. For clothing, he wears a leather jacket with a exposed chest, matching pants and dress shoes, a belt with a gold buckle, and a gray watch.

In Week 5, he wears a green version of his outfit, resembling that of an elf's.


Whilst not much is known about Daddy Dearest, it is known he is greatly protective of his daughter, desiring to kill the Boyfriend for dating her and having shown to enact terrible punishment to other suitors, as shown with The Spirit. Furthermore, Daddy Dearest's wrath isn't contained to his daughter's lovers, as shown during Week 5, where he points a firearm at "mall Santa" and held him hostage. That being said, he does seem to honestly love his wife and daughter. However, he is not above risking his daughter's well being to get what he wants, as he had no qualms with trapping his daughter in a video game alongside Boyfriend in an attempt on the latter's life. This also makes him somewhat of a hypocrite.

At first, Daddy Dearest had a huge hatred towards Boyfriend for dating his daughter. This caused him and his wife to challenge him in a rap battle to get rid of him, even hiring Pico to assassinate Boyfriend. However after Boyfriend defeats Mommy Mearest in Week 4, they start to gain some respect and approval of him, as confirmed by the developers. Despite this, Daddy Dearest still wishes to see if he is worthy of dating his daughter.

While he can be mean and strict, Daddy Dearest has a kinder side to him that he even shows to Boyfriend. As shown in Week 2 (which takes place after Week 4), he invites him and Girlfriend to their house to pass out candy after becoming more accepting of him.



  • Daddy Dearest is one of two characters who lack a "danger icon", the other being The Senpai.
    • However his "danger icon" can be found in the game's files.
  • Daddy Dearest and Mommy Mearest have purple skin, yet their daughter has white skin.
    • A plausible explanation is that purple is their natural skin color, and in reality their daughter has purple skin as well, but her skin is white because she's trying to appear as close to a human as possible out of her love for her boyfriend while her parents embrace their natural demon nature.
  • Due to the popularity of the game, many game modifications have spawned and featured more original characters. In some mods, Daddy Dearest is responsible for those characters to become antagonistic to Boyfriend and Girlfriend, such as Whitty, who was humiliated by him. All these actions would make his modification version worse than the original version to the duo.


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