Daddy Wronglegs was an extraterrestrial supervillain from Marvel Comics.


The extraterrestrial criminal Daddy Wronglegs was brought to Earth during the events known as "Maximum Security".
Daddy Wronglegs took over Building C at the Projects near Manhattan Bridge by killing the Haitian mobsters, who had turned the building into a fortress. The alien started to deal with a very special designer drug.
The Punisher learned from Mickey Fondozzi about Daddy Wronglegs.

After some reconning the Punisher went into Building C. The building had no security at all and the Punisher only found a few dozen sleeping addicts with weird growths on their skin. The Punisher went upstairs to the tenth floor, where the Haitians had their lab and money rooms.

He found hundreds more junkies and blood on the walls. Suddenly the Punisher heard a hissing sound in the lab. He saw a hooded figure and asked him if he was the guy people called Daddy Wronglegs. The alien revealed his true nature and attacked the surprised Punisher, who started to shoot at it.
Daddy Wronglegs sliced Punisher's face, who soon realized that the alien was bulletproof. A specially designed 40mm frag grenade was as useless as any other weapon the Punisher had. The Punisher tried to retreat, but the assumed addicts, who were Wronglegs' drones, cut him off.

Wronglegs was still after the Punisher, who decided to escape to the roof, after putting a few bullets through the door, where Wronglegs and his drones tried to break through. The door to the roof was locked and the Punisher was cornered at the door by Wronglegs and his drones. Without any bullets left the Punisher pulled out a knife and sliced one of Wronglegs' arms. The alien hit the Punisher with another arm and jumped at him, but the Fantastic Four had arrived and the Punisher was saved by the Invisible Woman's forcefield.

The Thing knocked out Wronglegs, while the Human Torch took care of the drones. The fight was over within seconds and Mr. Fantastic grapped Wronglegs and then returned with the rest of the Fantastic Four to the Baxter Building to study the alien to prevent more infections with his insectoid strain.