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The Daedric Princes, also known as the Daedra Lords or Old Gods, are a pantheon of often antagonistic deities from Bethesda's hit Action RPG series The Elder Scrolls. They are referred to as the Daedra, a race of godlike beings that inhabit the twisted realm of Oblivion. They have a huge sphere of influence all over Tamriel with various cults spread across the land dedicated to worshiping one Daedric Prince each. Their motives range from questionable at best, to downright pure evil at worst. Though they aren't always considered evil, some mortals view them as an necessity or even benevolent. Though whether they are considered good or evil lies solely or each individual's viewpoint.



During the Dawn Era their existed the et'Ada or Original Spirits who came into being after the creation of the Aurbis also known as the universe. the et'Ada then decided to create two planes of existence for them to inhabit, creating Aetherius and Oblivion. When the being Lorkhan proposed that the et'Ada should create an extra third plane named Mundus for them to create mortal beings to rule over, a faction of the et'Ada refused the offer and instead decided to stay in Oblivion becoming the Daedra. As eras pass, and as mortals flourished, the Daedric Princes started to gain influence, creating small isolated cults which slowly grew more powerful as time passed. Their most notable influence they had over mortals was with the Ayleids, who's empire created vast alters of worship all across Tamriel, and they would often use those alters to torture and sacrifice their human slaves to appease their Daedric deities. After the fall of the Ayleid Empire, Daedric worship was abolished by the Slave Queen Alessia and instead replaced by the Eight Divines pantheon, thou cults of Daedric worship still exist outside of human civilization. "Daedra" is elven for "Not our ancestors" (elven society largely believing they are descended from gods) and so the qualifying titles more-or-less assign Daedra as "The Other Gods"; The eldest and most powerful of Daedra called "Princes" to illustrate their title in the cosmos, lesser than Kings/gods, but considered within rank of them - this is also why the title "Prince", exists regardless of gender. To this day there are dozens of cults dedicated Daedric worship all across Tameriel, with each cult worshiping one specific Daedric Prince each. Though the Daedric Princes made a pact with the Divines not to directly interfere with Nirn (the world), this only extends to them manifesting in the flesh and physically attacking the mortal world. Even with their pact with the Divines, the Daedric Princes have found a multitude of ways to toy with the mortal world without directly coming into contact with it.


Mehrunes Dagon

Daedric Prince of Destruction and Ambition. He takes the form of a giant four armed devil and is considered the second most evil of the Daedric Princes, second only to Molag Bal. He serves as the main antagonist of Elder Scrolls Oblivion and is the one responsible for the Oblivion Crisis. However, after the Oblivion Crisis, his access to Nirn is near non-existent, as he was defeated thanks to the combined efforts of the Hero of Kvatch, Martin Septim and the Avatar of Akatosh, who ensured that Dagon could never set foot on Tamriel ever again.

Molag Bal

Daedric Prince of domination and corruption. Referred to as The King of Rape, he is considered by many to be the most evil out of all the Daedric Princes. He takes the form of a tall slender demon. He's the creator of vampirism along with other kinds of undead monsters, and wants nothing more but to spread corruption and death across all of Tamriel.

Hermaeus Mora

Daedric Prince of knowledge. This deity has no physical form of his own, rather he appears as a horrific shadowy mass of eyes and tentacles. As such, accounts of his true appearance varies drastically from scholar to scholar. He's the keeper of knowledge so powerful and incomprehensible that only a feeble few are able to understand such knowledge without loosing their sanity. He is based on the works of HP. Lovecraft such as Cthulhu and Yog-Sothoth/


Daedric Prince of disease and tasks. He takes the form of a traditional, six-limbed, green dragon. Despite his fearsome appearance, he is considered the weakest of the Deadric Princes and as such has the smallest sphere of influence out of all the Princes, Relegated to a few small cults with one or two senile followers. His worshipers believe that his existence is part of the natural order of life itself.


Daedric Prince of madness and creativity. He's the ruler of the Shivering Isles in Oblivion who often takes the form of a lavishly dressed king with slit pupils. A trickster who loves to drive mortals insane at best, and an unpredictable psychopath at worst. Sheogorath was originally a prison of sorts for the Daedric Prince of Order, Jyggalag, representing everything the latter hates. He is also the only Daedric Prince to be replaced, as after the Hero of Kvatch defeated Jyggalag during the Greymarch, the Prince of Order made the Hero the new Prince of Madness, as he was free from ever becoming Sheogorath again.


Daedric Prince of dusk, dawn, and prophecy. She is said to keep the balance over light and darkness and is considered perhaps the most benevolent of the Deadric Princes, though she is certainly not "good" by mortal standards and has been known to wreak terrible vengeance upon those who slight her with little regard to collateral damage. She is depicted as a woman holding the sun on one hand and the moon on the other. She serves as a major ally to the player character during the events of Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, helping the Nerevarine stop Dagoth Ur from destroying Tamriel.


Daedric Prince of treachery and conspiracy. Their gender varies from culture to culture. They often gives power to mortals who are willing to betray and sacrifice those they hold dear. They are seen as a symbol of rebellion to many and has a huge rivalry with Molag Bal. They are either depicted as an armored knight or a hooded figure.

Clavicus Vile

Daedric Prince of bargains and wishes who takes the form of a goat-like humanoid. As his title suggests he known to make deals with mortals, granting them wishes that they often regret. He is often accompanied by a hound named Barbas, which is a fragment of Clavicus Vile that Vile granted its own sentience for unclear reasons.


Daedric Prince of Hunting. He takes the form of a humanoid wearing the head or skull of a deer. He and his followers live for the thrill of the hunt and he is responsible for the creation of lycanthropes such as werewolves and werebears. When a worshiper of his order and blood dies they'll be transported to his part of oblivion, the Hunting Grounds, where they will play the role of both hunter and hunted forever.


Daedric Prince of Law and Order. Taking the form of a tall thin knight, he seeks to take control of all of Tamriel to create a world of pure order and harmony at the cost of freewill and happiness. It was revealed that between his growing power and what he represented, the other Princes despised him, and condemned him as the Daedric Prince of Madness, Sheogorath, the very thing he hated. He was allowed to return for a special event called the Greymarch, where he would destroy Sheogorath's realm, the Shivering Isles, only for the latter to rebuild it once Jyggalag transformed back and the cycle would repeat. During the Oblivion Crisis, Sheogorath transformed back into Jyggalag and proceeded to repeat the Greymarch. But the Prince of Madness' champion, the Hero of Kvatch, defeated the Prince of Order and stopped the Greymarch, freeing him from his curse. As a form of gratitude, Jyggalag named the Hero the new Sheogorath, before departing to roam Oblivion once more He's the main antagonist of Elder Scrolls Oblivion's Shivering Isles Expansion.


Daedric Prince of oaths, curses, and the downtrodden. He's the patron deity the orsimer/orcs worship. He's depicted as a tusked ugly humanoid, and is seen as a symbol of those who are ostracized by society. Despite his fearsome appearance, he's shown to genuinely care for his followers, referring to them as his "little brothers", making him more benevolent than most Daedric Princes.


A Daedric Prince whose sphere is obscured to mortals, but is associated with seduction, murder, and manipulation among other things. She is associated with spiders, and is sometimes known as "the Webspinner." It has also been said that she and Hermaeus Mora are siblings, due to their love of secrets, knowledge and their cutthroat ways of obtaining it.


Daedric Prince of life, light, and beuaty who takes the form of an angelic woman. She deeply despises the undead and often opposes the schemes of the other Princes, causing her to be regarded as one of the more benevolent Daedra. She indeed has this view of herself, and is of the opinion that she and everything she does is good, and thus that any who oppose or slight her are evil and must be destroyed.


Daedric Prince of decay, revulsion, and the ancient darkness. She's seen as a symbol of all things repulsive such as cannibalism, insects, and filth, and plays a major antagonistic role in the religious beliefs of the the Khajiit. She's typically depicted as a hooded woman.


Daedric Prince of the night and secrecy. Referred to as The Night Mistress or Lady Luck by many. She has the largest sphere of influence of any Daedric Prince across all of Tamriel, and is worshiped by many thieves.


Daedric Prince of hedonism and debauchery. He takes the form of an armored dark skinned dremora and is considered the least evil out of all the malevolent Daedra.


Daedric Prince of nightmares and torture. She is said to bring bad omens to all who witness her. She takes pleasure from psychologically torturing her victims, and is said to eat dreams.


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