Daemond was a demonic alien supervillain from Marvel comics who fought against the on-and-off villain known as Morbius.


Daemond was one of the natives of Arcturus IV who were sent to Earth aboard the Starship, the Comet, to oversee the protection of the Savage Land after the Great Flood. When the Comet crashed on Earth, Daemond apparently was separated from the others, who went on to become the group known as the Caretakers.

Daemond's activities over the next millennia are undisclosed. However, Daemond's goals differed from the teachings of the Caretakers, and he sought to bring humanity into sorcery, etc. In the modern era, Daemond posed as a priest, and befriended a rabbi, Krause. Krause and Daemond together encountered the living vampire, Morbius. Krause attempted unsuccessfully to cure Morbius. Daemond suddenly revealed his true nature and took control of Morbius, forcing him to kill Krause. Daemond then sent Morbius to slay his greatest enemy, who turned out to be the woman-child Tara.

Tara was actually a creation of the other Caretakers who had rebelled against them and conspired to pit them against Daemond. Morbius could not bring himself to kill the woman-child, although he did apparently overpower her. Morbius then encountered the other Caretakers, who convinced Morbius to attempt to slay Daemond in exchange for their helping him to locate his lost lover, Martine Bancroft.

Daemond apparently knew of Morbius' connection to Martine, and mentally ensorcelled her, forcing her to act as his ally against the others. When Morbius arrived to attack him, Daemond summoned the Balkatar, the title of the Cat Person sworn to heed the summons of a human sorcerer. Daemond instructed the Balkatar to slay Morbius, but he instead transported him to the Land Within, under orders from his ruler, King Gerark.

Upon Morbius' return, he allied himself with Tara, and was pulled into the middle of a three way struggle between the Caretakers, Daemond, and Tara. Daemond succeeded in capturing Morbius and sought to gain even greater power by sacrificing him to unknown sources. The Caretakers wished to prevent Daemond from obtaining this power and sent their agents to stop him. When this failed, they confronted him themselves. In the height of the battle, Tara suddenly reappeared and attacked both groups, taking control of the as yet unborn Children of the Comet and forcing them to attack Daemond and their creators. Morbius, however, then attacked and apparently slew Tara by draining her blood. In her death-throws, she destroyed Daemond's base, causing it to explode and kill everyone except Morbius, who escaped.