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Daemos is a villain in the Spider-Man franchise. He is a member of the Inheritors and the older brother of Morlun.


Daemos was the first born son of Solus and a member of the Inheritors.Like his siblings he was forced by father to follow in his footsteps and became a monster like him. Daemos and his family had been hunting down the animal-totems devour them for their life energy. One hunt later Dameo and his siblings alongside his mother where capturing the Master weaver to control all life in the Multiverse and hunt down the the Spider-Totems for they will bring their downfall. Karn accidently screwed up the hunt and casused the death of their mother with his siblings resenting Karn and shaming him. In the Spider-Vesre Daemos and his siblings par take in the great hunt for the Spider-Totems and had killed Mayday's father during the great hunt.Daemos also attempt to kill Spider-Girl of MC2 but Morlun stopped him and went on in the final battle after their father was killed he begged Spider-Girl not to kill him and later was sent into another Dimension along with his family.

Daemos later returns in the Spider-Geddon storyline along wit the rest of the Inheritors where they seek revenge on the Web-warriors for their defeat in the last event.Daemos also appears in the Spider-Man Unlimted game as a boss alongside his brothers Morlun,Jennix,and Karn with their father Solus.

Powers and abilities

Daemos as an Inheritor posses superhuman strength, speed and durability. He can also drain life forces from his victims. He uses a hammer as weapon.