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The Daevites, also known as the Daevas or the Daeva, are a culture in the SCP Foundation universe. They originated from SCP-140, a book that expands upon the history of the civilization if blood or ink is in its presence.


The Daevites were a matriarchal culture centered in modern Mongolia, which at various points through history had an empire that extended as far as Europe and the Middle East. All periods of the civilization had militarism, conquest, cities ruling over large slave populations, human sacrifice, ancestor worship, and functioning magic as core aspects, though they still otherwise changed over time. The Daevas were longer lived than humans, and were divergent from modern humans enough to be considered a separate subspecies. The culture created a variety of objects that would qualify for SCP classification if rediscovered today. In their present timeline, the Daevites were wiped out by Genghis Khan, although this could be changed by interference with SCP-140.

Relationship with other anomalous factions

The SCP Foundation considers the Daevite civilization to be an extreme threat to the modern world should SCP-140 reach past a certain point in the 2nd millennium AD. 

Sarkicism began in the 3rd millennium by Grand Karcist Ion as a slave revolt against the Daevite empire, and they were able to reduce them to a single city state in Mongolia before the Mekhanites destroyed them.

The Daevites appear to have had a vendetta against the Serpent's Hand for unknown reasons.

A lot of the power of the Daevites was granted by the Scarlet King: an old god granted them with unholy power and knowledge as a reward for their brutal ways of life. 

SCP's Associated with the Daevites

  • SCP-140: A book that expands the history of the Daevites when brought in the present of ink or blood. It was recovered from the home of a historian who bled himself to death in order to learn more about them. When he first read the book, the Daevites were destroyed by Qin Kai in the 3rd century BCE, but the expansions he added to it made the Daevite civilization survive for a much longer period, until they were destroyed by Genghis Khan in his early conquests. There are other copies of the book, possibly double digits, that haven't been account for and/or destroyed by the Foundation. Several expansion events have happened when the copy in Foundation hands was not exposed to any sort of writing.
  • SCP-392: A plant species created by Daevite thaumaturgy that is reminiscent of the peach. Instead of producing peach fruits, it instead produces human heads resembling a male sex slave of a Daeva matriarch.


  • "Daeva" is an an Old Iranian term for demons.
  • They bear a resemblance to the Drows from Dungeons & Dragons.


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