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A name echoed through his mind, to the very depths of his soul, boiling up hatred a thousand times over, hate that burned, consumed, that left nothing but more of the same. Hatred against them. The invaders. The slaughterers. The slavemasters. The filth. The Daevas.
~ From "A Long Time Past"

The Daevites, also known as the Daevas or the Daeva, are a culture in the SCP Foundation universe. They originated from SCP-140, a book that expands upon the history of the civilization if blood or ink is in its presence.


The Daevites were a matriarchal culture centered in modern Mongolia, which at various points through history had an empire that extended as far as Europe and the Middle East. All periods of the civilization had militarism, conquest, cities ruling over large slave populations, human sacrifice, ancestor worship, and functioning magic as core aspects, though they still otherwise changed over time. The Daevas were longer lived than humans, and were divergent from modern humans enough to be considered a separate subspecies. The culture created a variety of objects that would qualify for SCP classification if rediscovered today. In their present timeline, the Daevites were wiped out by Genghis Khan, although this could be changed by interference with SCP-140.


The Daevite language was a isolated language independent from the Daevites' neighbors, which further evolved through time. As a result of this the Daevite language was divided into four languages: Old Daevite which remained until 1000 BCE; Middle Daevite which was used until 200 CE; Late Daevite which was used until 1300 CE; and Neo-Daevite which still used to this day by small Daevite groups.

Because Old Daevite is an extinct language, its exact right pronunciation is mostly unknown, but historians were mostly able to infer a theoretical realization into neighboring languages.

Quite unusually for a language of Siberia, Old Daevite possessed a thorough grammatical gender (or noun-class) system. This system affected pluralization as well as verb conjugation. Old Daevite possessed three grammatical numbers - a singular, a plural, and a null or "zero" number not found in any other language of the region. The singular number is always unmarked. However, nouns in the plural and null numbers are marked with an affix that denotes their number and gender, as is any adjective referring to them. Possession is, in turn, managed by a completely separate set of suffixes which are marked on the possessee and change according to the gender and person of the possessor. If a plural noun is the possessee, these suffixes are added following the plural suffix. There exists a simple adjectivizer prefix, á-, which may be used to transform any noun into an adjective. In case of the noun being adjectivized having adjectives itself, those adjectives are also marked with the prefix.

Old Daevite included a unique system of stop mutation, based on the relative social standing of the speaker and the listener. This system was not considered to be simple allophony, but rather a core and grammatical part of the language, as is evidenced by these mutations being reflected in the Daevite writing system. Daevite stop mutation involved shifting all stops in speech to a differet set if the listener was of significantly higher or lower social rank. These two sets being referred to as the High Register and the Low Register respectively, and are contrasted by the neutral Base Register.

Relationship with other anomalous factions

The SCP Foundation considers the Daevite civilization to be an extreme threat to the modern world should SCP-140 reach past a certain point in the 2nd millennium AD. 

Sarkicism began in the 3rd millennium by Grand Karcist Ion as a slave revolt against the Daevite empire, and they were able to reduce them to a single city state in Mongolia before the Mekhanites destroyed them.

The Daevites once committed mass genocide on the Ortothan, precursors of the Church of the Second Hytoth.

The Daevites appear to have had a vendetta against the Serpent's Hand for unknown reasons.

According to 978, the Daevites are also aware of the SCP Foundation, Global Occult Coalition and the Horizon Initiative, and also consider them as enemies.

A lot of the power of the Daevites was granted by the Scarlet King: an old god granted them with unholy power and knowledge as a reward for their brutal ways of life. They also worshipped Moloch, one of the Scarlet King's servants. The Children of the Scarlet King appear to be an offshoot of the Daevites.

SCP's Associated with the Daevites

  • SCP-001 (notgull's proposal): SCP-001 are two parts, SCP-001-1, a floating sphere resembling TV static inside Point Alpha, a cave chamber five kilometers south of the ruins of Babylon, and SCP-001-2 a half of a sleeping creature which created the entire reality by dreaming and uses 001-1 to listen to the reality. When the creature gets upset it will proceed to wake up causing reality to cease, and because of this people throughout history kept reading it made up stories in order to keep it entertain and not wake up.
  • SCP-076: Once a noble warrior opposing the Daevites, he fell under their control becoming their slave and fiercest warrior, known as the First Sword of Daevon, before breaking free of their control.
  • SCP-140: A book that expands the history of the Daevites when brought in the present of ink or blood. It was recovered from the home of a historian who bled himself to death in order to learn more about them. When he first read the book, the Daevites were destroyed by Qin Kai in the 3rd century BCE, but the expansions he added to it made the Daevite civilization survive for a much longer period, until they were destroyed by Genghis Khan in his early conquests. There are other copies of the book, possibly double digits, that haven't been account for and/or destroyed by the Foundation. Several expansion events have happened when the copy in Foundation hands was not exposed to any sort of writing.
  • SCP-392: A plant species created by Daevite thaumaturgy that is reminiscent of the peach. Instead of producing peach fruits, it instead produces human heads resembling a male sex slave of a Daeva matriarch.
  • SCP-777-J: Jad-Kar Dark-Blade, a bladed warrior for the Daevites, he was known as the Fourth Sword of Daevon before seemingly going on his own path.
  • SCP-1726: A library located somewhere in China which contains detailed history of ancient civilizations, including the Daevites.
  • SCP-2131: A man who claims to be Avignon Pope Benedict XIII born in the year 1328 and emits gamma energy when his blood rituals fail. He claims that the Daevites are still alive and were responsible for the death of Pope Boniface. However, the Foundation suspects that the man might be a Daevite himself.
  • SCP-2140-1-D: An image featuring symbols of unknown origin. When a person looks at the full image their entire past is rewritten to make them members of the modern Daevite cults. After the Foundation reversed engineered the image, creating SCP-2140 with similar properties, the original image was since neutralized by the Foundation.
  • SCP-2200: Bergon Soulbearer, another bladed warrior for the Daevites, he was known as the Seventh Sword of Daevon. He seemingly perished, but his weapon proceeded to possess other people.
  • SCP-2515: A painting named "Napoleon Crossing the Urals" depicting Napoleon and his army approaching one of the many fortresses of an unrevealed civilization. It is heavily implied that these fortresses belonged to the Daevites.
  • SCP-2518: An extradimensional region located on the Hindu Kush of Northern Pakistan. It is a place where the remaining ancient humanoids, who are suspected to be the Nephilim, were hiding in while battling the Daevites.
  • SCP-3140: Humanoid trees, possibly being originally created by the Yeren and later modified by Daevic magic. These plant-machines served as weapons and healers during times of war, and can only be commanded through Daevic language. There is currently only one functioning member currently contained by the Foundation.
  • SCP-3399: Trees looking identical to the oriental plane trees, when exposed to someone's blood its offsprings will produce leaves showing the past of that person. Then the offsprings' leaves of the newly grown tree will show the future of the same person, more specifically will predict their future partner and child. The tree was seemingly used Daevite royal blood to seek fitting partners to bear children.
  • SCP-3628: A bronze inkwell, when a person loses focus on the inkwell while holding it, they will involuntary say the remaining time they have before dying.
  • SCP-3799: A memetic snow storm capable of rewriting history and grow through human sacrifice. It caused the Daevites to continue to exist past Genghis Khan, which ceased when the Foundation neutralized it.
  • SCP-4008: Ancient ruins which were attacked in the past by the Daevites using a bomb. After the bomb was detonated it released a field which made everyone forget that the bomb detonated in the first place. This field still exists, confusing Foundation personnel, since their computers are able still able to hold information about this SCP.
  • SCP-4011: A Foundation facility build on Mars which was overseen by the facility's AI known as SCP-4011-1. The AI used devices known as SCP-4011-2 to rewrite history in order to aid the Foundation, but it went rogue and became obsessed with SCP-140, and demanded it to be handed over to it.
  • SCP-4179: A special language invented by the old gods, primarily SCP-4179-1, in the distant past that stabilizes the narrative reality of things spoken of in it.
  • SCP-4290: A powerful dangerous entity only known as the "Child", sealed within the Qinghai Lake for 10,000 years. Various civilizations enacted rituals in order to repair the lock which kept the entity trapped, with the Daevites being the last civilization to do it.
  • SCP-4612-A: A dead god residing in an underground structure beneath Provisional Site-91. The entity was depicted in murals of various Daevite ritual sites, but any further connection is unknown.
  • SCP-4649: An octagonal-ring formerly used for MMA competition. It was accidentally based on a Daevite temple which made people on it go mad and inflict violence on to others in order to make blood sacrifices.
  • SCP-4800: An unknown force which merges and mixes alternate realities together. This force was responsible for the Daevites existing in this universe.
  • SCP-4812-K: Also known as Profane Adamant, it was one of three profanities summoned by the Faerie princess to take revenge on the house of Apollyon. Profane Adamant wreaked havoc among the Daevite civilization. After killing numerous Daevites the insectoid monster then proceeded to steal their faces before searching for the princess.
  • SCP-4824: A sandstone obelisk located in the Gobi which when vandalized will manipulate the weather.
  • SCP-4982: A modified bookcase which contains anomalous books designated SCP-4982-1. One of the books from the "Ego" shelf titled "Notes on the perfection of homunculi" details Daevite rituals involving children's souls which were used to create flesh golems. These rituals were used by Dr. Wondertainment to create the Little Misters.
  • SCP-5016: An underground tower hundreds of floors deep which contains something at the very bottom. Each floor is based after different eras and civilizations, which contain strange symbols and languages, and overly complex puzzles which are needed to be completed in order to access the lower floors. Later a group of individuals, one of them seemingly being a Daevite mummy, emerged from the building and went to Site-62C messing with SCP-579's containment.
  • SCP-5267: An ancient ruined Daevite temple in the Mongolian-Manchurian grasslands centered on a small hillside surrounded by a low-level cognitohazard which made people who viewed it not acknowledged it and leave. This temple was used to produce humanoid warriors out of dirt and moss through blood rituals and contained a still living mummy of a Matriarch designated SCP-5267-A. While transporting the Matriarch, she was rescued by similar humanoids appearing as Russian soldiers who were members of modern Daevite cults and her current whereabouts are unknown.
  • SCP-5280: A modified species of bees which were known to the Daevites as the "Little Priestesses". These bees formed their hives based on Daevite temples and were responsible for various plant-based Daevite products.
  • SCP-5338: The entire species of bumblebees which were created through Daevite rituals. Because they are unable to normal fly like the other bees, this species uses their wings to warp reality around them in order to move through air appearing like flying.
  • SCP-5711: A thaumaturgic ritual capable of altering the course of historical events. The components required to enact the ritual are: 57 kg beryllium bronze alloy, 0.5 L of blood, at least 3 additional witnesses/participants, an altar/temple complex (SCP-5711-1), and one prepubescent human child. High Priest Khazaard Bin Alarath, alongside defectors of Sarkicism and the Church of the Broken God, tried to use the ritual in order to change the outcome of Second Punic War, but failed. It was later discovered by the Foundation in 2009 when modern Daevites tried to reenact the ritual.




  • "Daeva" is an an Old Iranian term for demons.
  • They bear a resemblance to the Drows from Dungeons & Dragons.
  • SCP-140 bears resemblance to SCP-012, a piece of handwritten musical score entitled "On Mount Golgotha" written with human blood and forces people who view at it to use their own blood to complete it, and SCP-4001, an underground library containing books of the lives of every human who had ever lived and manipulating the books would cause the life of the respective person to change..
  • After SCP-2798 ceased functioning, SCP-001 manipulated SCP-1981 as it did with other anomalies. In this new version Ronald Reagan raps during the tape and while rapping mentions the Daevites who are among the crowd looking at Reagan.
  • SCP-682 has knowledge of the Daevites and even carved symbols similar to SCP-2140-1-D. This might because of 682's connection to the Scarlet King.
  • When SCP-3959, an anti-meme which "redacted" information from written documents and people's memories, went rogue the Foundation tried to secure SCP-140 from 3959's effect, since it would probably cause the Daevites to cease existing and be erased from history. Although at first it seemed to be good thing, the sudden disappearance of the Daevites from history could cause a much greater threat to reality as the Daevites have a very important part in the universe despite their malevolence.
  • When the Foundation used SCP-978, a camera that when takes a picture of someone the photo it produces shows the individual's biggest desire, to take a photo of SCP-140, the photo showed a number of ornately-dressed women look on with approval at an assortment of human corpses from different ethnicities and groups such as the Foundation, GOC and HI impaled on stakes. This means that the 140 not only is sapient and aware of the present, but is possibly possessed by the spirits of ancient Daevites.

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