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A name echoed through his mind, to the very depths of his soul, boiling up hatred a thousand times over, hate that burned, consumed, that left nothing but more of the same. Hatred against them. The invaders. The slaughterers. The slavemasters. The filth. The Daevas.
~ From "A Long Time Past".
We rise! Our age long sleep is now a memory of the distant past. We will strike down our jailers, and they will know that our revenge is complete! The Library shall burn! The books shall be consumed! And I will feast on the heart of the great keeper who watches over their books. An ending is coming. For we are written.
~ From the Wanderer's Library's "Groups of Intrigue" page.
We, as Daevites, are the supreme race. No other can match our glory. Our culture shall be spread by the sword and the spear and the holy chant. We are the Daevites. We are absolute.
~ An expert from SCP-140 in "The Price of Knowledge".

The Daevites, also known as the Daevas or the Daeva, are an ancient civilization in the SCP Foundation universe. They originated from SCP-140, a book that expands upon the history of the civilization if blood or ink is in its presence.

The Daevites play major roles in the "Verse of an Endless Song", "The Trashfire", "Hecatoncheires Cycle" and "Project PARAGON" series.


(Note: Due to the lack of canon in the universe of the SCP Foundation, it is up to the reader to pick which part of the group's history is canon for their headcanon.)

The land of the Daevas from Project PARAGON.

Because of the continual reality changes done to the Daevites their history is somewhat inconsistent and uncertain, and it was theorized that they completely changed their origins or weren't even present in the timeline before the creation of SCP-140. What remained consistent with the Daevites was that they were a secretive antediluvian or Aryan Adronovo civilization comprised of independent kingdoms predating most ancient civilizations such as Ur and Sumer and were centered around south-central Siberia, which at various points through history had an empire that extended as far as Europe and the Middle East.

All periods of the civilization had militarism, conquest, cities ruling over large slave populations, human sacrifice, ancestor worship, horticulture, and functioning magic as core aspects, though they still otherwise changed over time. The Daevas were longer lived than humans, and were divergent from modern humans enough to be considered a separate subspecies named Homo sanguinus. The civilization created a variety of objects that would qualify for SCP classification if rediscovered today. They were previously destroyed by the Sarkic slave revolt and then by Chinese general Qin Kai, but as reality and history changed, the Daevites were able to survive past those attacks and live much longer. In their present timeline, the Daevites were wiped out by Genghis Khan, although this could be further changed by the interference with SCP-140.

Although the Daevite Empire is currently defunct, some immortal daevas and their descendants still live on in the modern times and formed cults such as the Ascetic Order ot the Immortal Daeva and the Children of the Scarlet King whose beliefs are based on the Daevites. After the SCP Foundation found out about the existence of the Daevites and SCP-140, they sought to prevent the chronicle from expanding the civilization's arrival to the present through a CK-Class Restructuring Scenario which would lead to a possible SK-Class Dominance Shift Scenario in which the Daevites would take over the modern world.

Physical Appearance and Characteristics

Being a human subspecies, scientifically known as Homo sanguinus, the Daevas mostly looked identical to normal humans, but with notable differences. Apart from possessing advanced longevity, they were also unnaturally tall and possessed pale skin, sharp triangular teeth and sometimes red eyes as seen with SCP-140-A and Lovaatar. Meanwhile Tokos was described as dark-skinned with mane black hair and hooked nose. They were also described as possessing faces too blunt and broad for cro magnon man and their flesh was carved up in squirming scars and scabs, and as seen with PoI-4887 they covered their bodies in tattoos. SCP-139-ARC, the skull of a daeva general, possessed a ridge at the top of the skull which is most commonly associated with prehistoric herbivorous species of hominids, suggesting that the daevas possessed powerful jaws. When Foundation personnel found a couple bodies of the daevas they sensed some sort of terrible aura surrounding the bodies, making the personnel viewing them feel uncomfortable and terrified. Additionally, SCP-6699-1_C's blood seemingly lacked antigens which allowed the Foundation to use her as an universal blood donor for its personnel.


Hierarchy & Structure

The Daevite Empire was mostly comprised of interconnected city-states spanning from the area around the Black Sea to northwestern Indo-China. The city-states were mostly ruled by a matriarchal monarchy and theocratic aristocracy in which women and priests of the daeva class held absolute power and were known as sorcerer-nawabs and the Ruling Council of Mothers. If children conceived from a daeva matriarch and a concubine were born female they would be granted equal rights to the daeva, while children born male were turned into slaves like their fathers as seen with Ion. However, despite this system, masculinity was also important to the Daevite culture, and the Daevite House of Malidraug was an exception to the usual Daevite monarchial system as it was primarily patriarchal, being ruled only by men while heirs born female were forced to act as men.

As mentioned the daeva subspecies were the ruling class of the Daevite society who fashioned themselves as divine figures, while at the bottom sat their slaves who made up most of the civilization and were treated very harshly, being either used as servants or sacrifices to the daeva and their gods. The Daevites used various means to control their slaves such as magical metal collars which would strangle disobeying slaves and worm-spears, apparatuses that were used to take over the slaves' mind through metallic worm-like entities that could burrow into the body and take control of the nervous system.

Since the Daevite Empire was also theocratic in nature the religion was also very important in the culture, as the Daevite rulers were often members of their clergy, conducting ceremonies and rituals to honor the gods.

The Daevites had a powerful standing army which was comprised of brainwashed strong slaves, thaumaturges, demonic monsters and spirits, and humanoid puppets such as the Grass Children and SCP-3140, which were under the complete control of daeva generals and their most powerful swordsmen who were known as the Seven Swords. The daevas would use their armies to conquer neighbouring nations, but would also often attempt to occupy the nations through economic and cultural means before revolving to war as seen during their siege on Julabin. Their conquest strategies were susceptible to the matriarchs who oversaw all of their military campaigns which led to the unpredictable nature of the Daevites' attacks.

The Daevites as currency used metal coins referred to as tukats.

Based on The Hunter's Black Lodge's old orthodox scripts, the Daevites apparently completely lacked "honor, friendship, virtue, and liberation" as Sarkicism originally stood for these positive qualities. Also, as shown with SCP-4824-1, homosexuality was highly prohibited within the society and was looked down upon by the daeva.


A lot of the power of the Daevites was granted by the Scarlet King: the old god granted them with unholy power and knowledge as a reward for their brutal ways of life, and in turn the Daevites began worshipping him as their chief deity. They reportedly had a temple for every minor name of the Scarlet King, made stone tablets in which they inscribed the theogony revolving around the god and his mythical origins, and possessed knowledge of the King's Laws of Blood and Concrete. According to Tokos, most Daevites primarily worshipped the King in order to keep his sight and attention off of them, and only the highest of the daeva class would dare to come into contact with him. The Children of the Scarlet King are one of the modern cults based on the beliefs of the Daevites.

The Daevites also worshipped other gods such as Moloch, Jeser, the Hanged King, the Eternal Text, the Mother of Them All, the Nothing-In-All, Ana, the Unseelie Queen, the Verdant Mage, the King Worm, Gothog, Molug, and Carthac some of which were the Scarlet King's servants, and would conduct gruesome and horrible sacrifices and rituals to appease the gods and earn their blessing. Some of these practices included: forcing mothers to burn their young children as sacrifices to Moloch, starve themselves in honor of Ana and sacred prostitution in honor of the Mother.

On another account, the Daevites were said to venerate the concept of life and expressed their worship for life, the material world and its creator, known as the Font, through ritualistic dancing. The Daevites seemingly lacked the concept of afterlife and completely disregarded the concept of time. It is theorized that the Font that they worshiped was Yaldabaoth, which most likely led to the creation of Sarkicism. The cult known as the Ascetic Order of the Immortal Daeva had promised its members the elevation of the spirit and the ascendancy of the body toward the divine. It was mentioned in SCP-140 that ancestor worship was a major part of the Daevites' culture and remained consistant throughout their time.

The Hiázaifeut Language

An inscription written in the Old Daevite language.

The Hiázaifeut language, more often referred to as Daevite, Daevic or Daevish, was originally used by the beings of the First Hytoth who would later become the Pattern Screamers as seen in SCP-6125. Somehow the ancient Daevites discovered this language and adopted it as their own. Their language was an isolated one independent from the Daevites' neighbors, which further evolved through time, and because the Daevites tended to write on tree barks the sentences were written in columns. Through time the Daevite language was divided into four languages: Old Daevite which remained until 1000 BCE; Middle Daevite which was used until 200 CE; Late Daevite which was used until 1300 CE; and Neo-Daevite which is still used to this day by small Daevite groups.

Because Old Daevite is an extinct language, its exact right pronunciation is mostly unknown, but historians were mostly able to infer a theoretical realization into neighboring languages. There was also another variation of the language referred by Hgan as Scarlet Daevic. Later on it was revealed that some of the Daevites' scripts had been used for various grimoires such as the Lesser Key of Solomon's sigils of the Ars Goetia, meaning that the Daevites had a big influence on most used magical scripts.

Relationship with other anomalous factions

The SCP Foundation considers the Daevite civilization to be an extreme threat to the modern world should SCP-140 reach past a certain point in the 2nd millennium AD. According to SCP-978, the Daevites are also aware of the SCP Foundation, the Global Occult Coalition and the Horizon Initiative, and consider them their enemies.

Sarkicism began in the 3rd millennium by Grand Karcist Ion as a slave revolt against the Daevite empire, and at first they were able to destroy the evil empire, before SCP-140 changed that resulting in the Sakites reducing the Daevas to a single city state in Mongolia. This allowed the Mekhanites, former allies of the Daevites, to destroy them before SCP-140 intervened again.

During the Ortothan-Daevic War, as part of their territorial expansion the Daevites committed mass genocide on the Earthen Ortothan Kingdom, the ancient precursors of the Church of the Second Hytoth which occupied a part of Asia. The House of Apollyon was another kingdom which warred against the Daevites, although evidence suggested that it was mostly the House who started the conflict without provocation from the Daevite civilization.

During the Daevite expansion in the 8000s BCE, the Daevites went to war with the Imit population, or the Clay People (Homo postdescensus), and exterminated most the Imit to extinction, forcing the surviving members of the humanoid offshoot to retreat and remain hidden in the dark until the modern age. However, this war caused the influence of the Daevas' Old Gods on Earth to weaken.

The ancient predecessor of The Factory, named the Crucible was present in the ancient Daevite Empire.

It is speculated by a Foundation researcher that the Golden Horde, a group of time-travelling Mongols from 1227 who are trying to find a place to bury their leader Ghengis Khan, aren't actually trying to find a burial place and nor is Ghengis Khan dead, but are actually still fighting wars throughout different time eras, probably still fighting with the expanding Daevites.

The Daevites appear to have a vendetta against the Wanderer's Library, an ancient group and location affiliated with the Serpent's Hand, for unknown reasons, but it is theorized by the Librarians that the Library's magic may have had a catastrophic impact on the Daevites at some unknown point in the past.

PoI-4887, a female daeva who lives on to this day, betrayed her people and joined the mysterious group known only as Nobody in order to destroy what remains of the Daevites.

Madeleine von Schaeffer, a German aristocrat whose family is part of a long line of neo-daevic worshippers of the Unseelie Queen, was one of the main investors of the Just Girly Things group.

SCPs Associated with the Daevites

  • SCP-001 (notgull's proposal): SCP-001 are two parts, SCP-001-1, a floating sphere resembling TV static inside Point Alpha, a cave chamber five kilometers south of the ruins of Babylon, and SCP-001-2 a half of a sleeping creature which created the entire reality by dreaming and uses 001-1 to listen to the reality. When the creature gets upset it will proceed to wake up causing reality to cease, and because of this people throughout history kept reading it made up stories in order to keep it entertained and thus, asleep. Among the cultures known to have participated in this protective ritual are the Daevites.
  • SCP-001 (Wrong proposal): A CK-reality reconstruction event which changed the previous timeline in which the Fifth Occult War happened in 1900, including the Daevas invading most of East Asia and their encounter with SCP-2067, SCP-2309, SCP-2880, SCP-2101 and SCP-2788. Following the reality reset the Fifth Occult War ceased to exist along with the Daevas of that time.
  • SCP-001 (Tufto's proposal): The living idea of the Scarlet King about the clash between the pre-modern and modern world which resulted in the creation of the evil god. The Scarlet King was the main deity worshipped by most Daevites, and the worshippers lived on in the modern age becoming known as the Children of the Scarlet King.
  • SCP-012: An incomplete musical score titled "On Mount Golgotha", it was created as a result of a curse set on Vlad Tepes by an old Romani woman.
  • SCP-073: Son of Adam who opposed the Daevites. After having his arms ripped off by his brother he was taken as a slave by the Daevites who replaced his arms with magecraft metal arms.
  • SCP-076: Once a noble warrior named Hevel who originally opposed the Daevites, he later fell under their control becoming their slave and fiercest warrior, known as Ab-Leshal the First Sword of Daevon. He was enhanced with the Daevites black magic and bound to a cube-shaped sarcophagus which allowed Ab-Leshal to resurrect multiple times so he could be used in times of war, but eventually broke free of their control and caused a massive slave revolt.
  • SCP-139-ARC: A poorly preserved skull seemingly belonging to a member of a prehistoric herbivorous species of hominids. According to local legends the skull belonged to the White Div, the demon-spawn of Ahriman. It was discovered by Douglas Winthrop during the 1950s in a small town south of Persepolis, held in a cage, suspended in the air with rope tied to a hook drilled into a cliff. According to an instance of SCP-2305-A, the skull actually belonged to Sepid the White, a high-ranking general of the Daevites. If the skull were to be incinerated, it would cause Sepid to come back to life, along with the rest of the Daevite civilization causing a world war to occur.
  • SCP-140: A book that expands the history of the Daevites when brought in the present of ink or blood. It was recovered from the home of a historian who bled himself to death in order to learn more about them. When he first read the book, the Daevites were destroyed by Qin Kai in the 3rd century BCE, but the expansions he added to it made the Daevite civilization survive for a much longer period, until they were destroyed by Genghis Khan in his early conquests. There are other copies of the book designated SCP-140-B, possibly double digits, that haven't been account for and/or destroyed by the Foundation. Several expansion events have happened when the copy in Foundation hands was not exposed to any sort of writing.
    • SCP-140-A: The unknown author of the book and possibly one of the few surviving Daevites.
    • SCP-140-2: A group of people who were under the complete control of 140-A, and underwent muscle mass growth.
  • SCP-153-D: The preserved thumb of Vlad Tepes which was cut off due to SCP-012. It had the cogntinohazardous effect of making people who held it violent and patriotic before being accidentally decommissioned.
  • SCP-343: Originally a man named Matthew, he later became a sorcerer studying under the Daeva sorcerer known as Relivine and later became the Royal Vizier for the Daevite House of Malidraug where he was known as Methuselah. He learned powerful blood magic from a dying Daevite queen which he used to prolong his life and make himself look like God.
  • SCP-392: A plant species created by Daevite thaumaturgy that is reminiscent of the peach. Instead of producing peach fruits, it instead produces human heads resembling a male sex slave of the Daeva matriarch Waq Waq.
  • SCP-582: Also known as the Eternal Text, it was seen as a holy figure by the Daevites. The being helped the Daevites create SCP-140 in order for them to survive.
  • SCP-597: Also known as the Mother of Them All, it was seen as a holy figure by the Daevites, before seemingly allying itself with the Flesh.
  • SCP-682: Multiple Daevite texts, including SCP-140, contained information regarding 682, which indicate at him being one of the many offsprings of the Scarlet King and his Fourth Bride. 682 himself possessed knowledge of the Daevites and even carved symbols similar to SCP-2140-1-D.
  • SCP-697: A mysterious chemical that can transform any material it touches into plant-like growths. The plants produced by the conversion doesn't resemble any existing plant and do not undergo the same process as the typical plants as the metabolism is way faster than that of normal plants and only produce argon and cobalt-based gas while seemingly not feeding on anything. This chemical was used by the Daevites during their attack on the Mekhanite city of Amoni-Ram.
  • SCP-777-J: Jad-Kar Dark-Blade, a bladed warrior for the Daevites, he was known as the Fourth Sword of Daevon before seemingly going on his own path.
  • SCP-1193: An entity known as the Buried Giant, he was a member of the group of the Buried Giants who were affiliated with the Daevites.
  • SCP-1726: A library located somewhere in China which contains detailed history and artifacts of ancient civilizations, including those of the Daevites.
  • SCP-2131: A man who claims to be Avignon Pope Benedict XIII born in the year 1328 and emits gamma energy when his blood rituals fail. He claims that the Daevites are still alive and were responsible for the death of Pope Boniface whom he opposed. However, the Foundation suspects that the man is a liar and might be a Daevite himself.
  • SCP-2140-1-D: An image featuring symbols of unknown origin. When a person looks at the full image their entire past is rewritten to make them members of the modern Daevite cults. It was discovered at a dig site in Uzbekistan where it turned several Foundation personnel into members of the Daevite cults. After the Foundation got hold of the image they reverse engineered the image, creating SCP-2140 with similar properties, while the original image was since neutralized by the Foundation.
  • SCP-2200: Bergon Soulbearer, another bladed warrior for the Daevites, he was known as the Seventh Sword of Daevon. He seemingly perished, but his weapon proceeded to possess other people.
  • SCP-2264-B: The interdimensional kingdom of Alagadda ruled over by the Hanged King and the Ambassador. Because of their affiliation with the kingdom some Daevites were able to visit the place without problem.
  • SCP-2515: A painting named Napoleon Crossing the Urals depicting Napoleon Bonaparte and his army approaching one of the many fortresses of an unrevealed civilization. It is heavily implied that these fortresses belonged to the Daevites during the events prior to Wrong proposal in which they battled the combined forces of the French and Russian forces led by Napoleon.
  • SCP-2518: An extradimensional region located on the Hindu Kush of Northern Pakistan. It is a place where the remaining ancient humanoids, who are suspected to be the Nephilim, were hiding in while battling the Daevites.
  • SCP-2904: An oblate spheroid with an equatorial radius composed of osmium alloyed with tungsten, iron, carbon and an unidentified exotic matter. Its mass variates regarding the position of the moon. When a living entity directly touches the object and traces the groove in the object's surface over its entire path, beginning and ending at the polar depression they will feel the object becoming extremely hot and pulsating like a heart. After this process is done the individual who touched it will gain some sort of invincibility, ceasing to age, gaining slow regenerative properties, immunity to poisons and cognitohazards, but will not gain new memories and after dying will come back to life, but in a permanent comatose state. This object was found in a Daevite dig site despite being seemingly of non-Daevite origin.
  • SCP-2914: A glass-fronted wooden cabinet which contains twenty-two stoppered glass bottles. If an individual touches the cabinet while recalling a certain memory the bottles will be filled with various materials which correspond to the memory. In the 2932th test in which the Foundation filled the bottles with a combination of seemingly random materials and had D-11328 touched it her memories were overwritten with that of an ancient Asian travelling merchant who was seemingly killed in a Daeva attack.
  • SCP-3059: An 18 year old Hispanic man named Sam Michaels whose parts of his body gets absorbed into written and digital narratives which will include Sam as a character as a result. Sam describes this experience as endlessly bleeding, and if narratives based history absorb his mass it will cause a clone of Michaels to manifest in that time period. It is implied that this property serves to complete SCP-140 which states that Michaels is its author.
  • SCP-3140: Humanoid trees, possibly being originally created by SCP-1000 and later modified by Daevic magic. These plant-machines served as weapons and healers during times of war, and can only be commanded through Daevic language. The Foundation was able to find a functioning member of SCP-3140 which was designated SCP-3140-1 and used its seeds to create two other instances each designated SCP-3140-2 and SCP-3140-3, but lacking the Daevite modifications.
  • SCP-3399: Trees looking identical to the oriental plane trees, when exposed to someone's blood its offsprings will produce leaves showing the past of that person. Then its own offsprings' leaves will show the future of the same person, more specifically will predict their future partner and child. The trees were seemingly used by Daevite royal blood to seek fitting partners to bear children.
  • SCP-3477-25: One of the many immortal humanoids resembling the 17th Prime Minister of Australia Harold Holt. This instance gained immortality through Daevite herbomancy.
  • SCP-3628: A bronze inkwell, when a person loses focus on the inkwell while holding it, they will involuntary say the remaining time they have before dying.
  • SCP-3799: A memetic snow storm capable of rewriting history and grow through human sacrifice. It caused the Daevites to continue to exist past Genghis Khan due to them practicing blood rituals that negatively affected the snow, but eventually they ceased when the a Foundation personnel neutralized it.
  • SCP-4008: Bomb-like seeds that when planted will instantly grow into a massive tree with long roots before exploding, causing the ground to crumble and swallow anything on it while releasing a field which made everyone forget that the bomb detonated in the first place along with memories of everything that resided there. The Daevites were able to get a number of of these seeds after sacrificing some of their men to Titania and used them against enemy civilizations such as the House of Apollyon. This field still exists, confusing Foundation personnel, since their computers are still able to hold information about this SCP, while they themselves couldn't remember. One of the seeds was contained by the Department of Abnormalities within one of their sites which would be designated SCP-3790. The Chaos Insurgency would later steal some of these seeds for their own plans.
  • SCP-4011: A Foundation facility build on Mars which was overseen by the facility's AI known as SCP-4011-1. The AI used devices known as SCP-4011-2 to rewrite history in order to aid the Foundation, but it went rogue and became obsessed with SCP-140 due to it being unable to manipulate the reality affected by the chronicle, and demanded that the chronicle to be handed over to it so it could destroy it for good.
  • SCP-4067: The yearly gathering of insectoid Sarkites designated SCP-4067-1 who worshipped Cicathea, one of Yaldabaoth's Archons. The Daevites created magical pillars in order to kill the instances of SCP-4067-1.
  • SCP-4140: One of Yaldabaoth's six Archons trapped within the central chamber of a cave complex. This Archon appears as a giant mass of nothingness capable of spreading itself, until the Daevites discovered it and forced slaves into playing music in order to stop it. Karcist Otrava eventually freed all of the slaves and killed the Daevites, allowing the Archon to spread itself. Unwilling to sacrifice more innocent slaves Otrava sacrificed himself to deter the monstrosity.
  • SCP-4179: A special language invented by the old gods, primarily by SCP-4179-1, in the distant past that stabilizes the narrative reality of things spoken of in it and seemingly affected the Daevites' history.
  • SCP-4223: A pair of anomalous phenomena affecting the production of SCP-4223-A in the universe M-121948-δ. SCP-4223-A is the energy drink known as Mountain Dew which could only be produced through accumulation of liquids on small plants on a few mountains in Siberia thanks to SCP-4223-2. The liquid was seen by the Daevites as a culturally relevant drink similar to the Mekhanite's view of SCP-4223-A from the main universe.
  • SCP-4290: A powerful dead entity only known as the "Child", sealed within the Qinghai Lake for 10,000 years. Various civilizations enacted rituals in order to repair the lock which kept the entity trapped, with the Daevites being the last civilization to do it.
  • SCP-4612-A: A dead god residing in an underground structure beneath Provisional Site-91. The entity was depicted in murals of various Daevite ritual sites, while similar beings were also depicted as enemies to the Daevites, but any further connection is unknown.
  • SCP-4649: An octagonal-ring formerly used for MMA competition. It was accidentally based on a Daevite temple which made people on it go mad and inflict violence on to others in order to make blood sacrifices.
  • SCP-4753: A white rocky liquid located in Dodge City, Kansas that was previously a white cliff which was inscribed by a monk. The inscriptions, that could only be read by the local residents, told about how the Daevites were killed by some religious figure who sought to preserve the citizens. At some point the rock released transmissions from a world which was undergoing the same apocalypse as described in SCP-001 (Dr Clef's proposal) that seemingly also caused the Daevites to remanifest in the current time.
  • SCP-4800: An unknown force which merges and mixes alternate realities together. This force was responsible for the Daevites existing in the universe.
  • SCP-4812-K: Also known as Profane Adamant, it was one of three profanities summoned by the Faerie princess to take revenge on the House of Apollyon. Profane Adamant wreaked havoc among the Daevite civilization, and after killing numerous Daevites the insectoid monster then proceeded to steal their faces before going to search for the princess.
  • SCP-4824: A sandstone obelisk located in the Gobi which when vandalized will manipulate the weather. It was originally created as a prison for SCP-4824-1, an immortal Daeva prince with geomancy powers, who was punished due to his homosexuality.
  • SCP-4886: A Daeva/Old God hybrid named Ydax the Pallid, conceived by a Daevite Matriarch and the King Worm. He was a member of the Covenants, a group of spymasters capable of wearing the skin of others. Like the rest of the group Ydax is capable of impregnating various subjects, including humans and animals, directly or via creatures his body produces which bear resemblance to tapeworms.
  • SCP-4982: A modified bookcase which contains anomalous books casted out of the Wanderer's Library each designated as SCP-4982-1. One of the books from the "Ego" shelf titled "Notes on the perfection of homunculi" details Daevite rituals involving children's souls which were used to create living flesh golems. These rituals were used by Dr. Wondertainment to create the Little Misters.
  • SCP-5016: An underground tower hundreds of floors deep which contains something at the very bottom. Each floor is based after different eras and civilizations, which contain strange symbols and languages, and overly complex puzzles which are needed to be completed in order to access the lower floors. Later a group of individuals, one of them seemingly being a Daevite mummy, emerged from the building and went to Site-62C messing with SCP-579's containment.
  • SCP-5267: An ancient ruined Daevite temple in the Mongolian-Manchurian grasslands centered on a small hillside surrounded by a low-level cognitohazard which made people who viewed it not acknowledged it and leave. This temple was used to produce humanoid warriors out of dirt and moss through blood rituals and contained a still living mummy of a Matriarch designated SCP-5267-A. While transporting the Matriarch, she was rescued by similar humanoids appearing as Russian soldiers who were members of modern Daevite cults led by Leonid Chernoff, and her current whereabouts are currently unknown.
  • SCP-5280: A modified species of bees which were known to the Daevites as the "Little Priestesses". These bees formed their hives based on Daevite temples and were responsible for various plant-based Daevite products.
  • SCP-5297: A series of thaumaturgic glyphs which when engraved into the bark of fruit trees would act as a component of an arbormantic ritual. This ritual served to keep the fruits grown to stay healthy and not get infected by bacteria or parasites. However, if not done properly it will result in grave accidents.
  • SCP-5338: The entire species of bumblebees which were created through Daevite rituals. Because they are unable of normal flight like other insects, this specie uses their wings to warp reality around them in order to move through air and appearing like flying.
  • SCP-5626: A Daevite ritual that creates sculptures based on wishes of the performer by manipulating reality around the material. The ritual could be performed when the performer sacrificed some people and if someone touched the newly created sculpture, designated SCP-5626-1, then that person would be transported to a pocket dimension where laws of physics differed. Leonid Chernoff attempted on several occasions to use the ritual to bring back the Daevites prior to the interference of MTF-Beta-777.
  • SCP-5711: A thaumaturgic ritual capable of altering the course of historical events. The components required to enact the ritual are: 57 kg beryllium bronze alloy, 0.5 L of blood, at least 3 additional witnesses/participants, an altar/temple complex (SCP-5711-1), and one prepubescent human child. High Priest Khazaard Bin Alarath, alongside defectors of Sarkicism and the Church of the Broken God, tried to use the ritual in order to change the outcome of the Second Punic War to benefit Hannibal, but failed. It was later discovered by the Foundation in 2009 when modern Daevites tried to reenact the ritual which was thwarted by Regina Watts.
  • SCP-6016-E: An area atop a Daevite ruin in which SCP-6016, a magic ritual which suppresses any sound except for those expressing sadness and causes manifestations centering around memories and can only be executed by elephants, was performed.
  • SCP-6140: A CK-Class event which occurred when the Children of the Scarlet King accidentally destroyed SCP-140 when trying to perform a ritual to bring back the Daevites. This resulted in the false history created by SCP-140-A to be undone and reverting the Daevites to a normal civilization designated SCP-6140-A. In the modern age this civilization has become the benevolent Republic of Daevastan which was previously one of the many countries under the Soviet Union before being recognized as an official state by the UN and often faced prejudice from time to time due to their dark shameful past.
  • SCP-6699-1_C: The comatose body of a still living female Daeva. Her body was used by the Foundation as a part of SCP-6699, a machine developed by the Foundation who used it to manipulate the connected minds of humanity and keep the Veil from breaking, in order to use her blood as part of a ritual and supply additional blood to the other human components designated SCP-6699-1_A and SCP-6699-1_B, since she also served as an universal donor.
  • SCP-6996: The anomaly regarding the color red. Because it was possibly connected to the Scarlet King the Daevites identified themselves with color red, regarding it as holy and important.
  • SPC-140: Also known as BRONZE UPPERCUT, is an ancient scroll written on the skin of a CYAN ABYSS, "Sharkic" humans who transformed themselves into creatures resembling a fusion between them, sharks and octopuses. The scroll functions exactly like SCP-140, but only works when it's near the CYAN ABYSS's ink or hide. The scrolls also function as a way to disrupt the influence of SPC-001, the Sharkic Messiah.
  • SCP-CN-012-EX: A group of ancient items discovered by the Chinese branch of the Foundation, seemingly depicting a nuclear war between two humanoid races.
  • SCP-CN-141: A place located in an artificially excavated mountain cave in the Changbai Mountains. This place is resistant to reality warping effects and damage, and contains 166 tombstone-like monuments with 165 of them describing an abbreviated version of SCP-140's content, but with a difference that the stones described the full story of Daevite civilization before the events of SCP-001 (Wrong's proposal) occurred.
  • SCP-CN-232: A ritual involving the feeding of a group of ten wasps with meat. This will cause the manifestation of SCP-CN-232-A, a irregular shaped wasp, several instances of SCP-CN-232-B, big humanoid wasps who constantly smell of rotten flesh, and SCP-CN-232-C, a honeycomb capable of producing from two to ten instances of SCP-CN-232-B out of nowhere. SCP-CN-232-B instances will devour the heads of any near human, but if some human infants are nearby these instances will take care of them before devouring the heads of the adult humans. After devouring the heads, the instances will disappear along with the infants, while the victims' corpses will constantly smell of rotten flesh even when all of the flesh is removed.
  • SCP-CN-523: A memetic object previously contained by Prometheus Labs. This object can cause severe sexual damage to people who become aware of its appearance and properties through SCP-CN-523-A, other objects containing 523's essence.
  • SCP-CN-974: A collective of three islands hidden in reality, containing albino animals and structures. An albino deer exhibiting intelligence and resembled SCP-038-FR only spoke in the Daevic language.
  • SCP-CN-1051: A duo of still living Daevites, a male named Strors designated SCP-CN-1051-1 and a female named Petlever designated SCP-CN-1051-2. They possess memetic properties as when people try to observe their faces they will be unable to memorize them and will become a SCP-CN-1051-3 instance. If a SCP-CN-1051-3 instance gets away from the duo, they will mysteriously disappear causing ink to appear out of nowhere in SCP-140.
  • SCP-CN-1343: A variant of the tsetse fly capable of entering the brains of mammalians, producing and manipulating pheromones causing the infected subject to forcibly go to sleep. These flies can change their fomrs during their growth from the amount of light received. The flies were used by a Daevite thief during the Yongxing era in order to put guards to sleep, facilitating his robberies.
  • SCP-CN-1418-A: Some sort of library created by the early Mekhanites resembling the Wanderer's Library and contains thousands of books detailing various histories related to the world and mythology, which may or may not be real. It was inhabited by some creatures who spoke in the Daevic language before the GOC destroyed the library.
  • SCP-CN-1905: A cave which affects lights within it and contains engraved patterns, some of which are unknown. The recognizable patterns depict Astrological signs of ancient civilizations which include the Daevites.
  • SCP-177-KO: A wooden ring adorned with bones of a reindeer with the phrase "I will always be by your side" in late Daeva. When an individual looks at the ring they'll be compelled to put it on. After wearing the ring the individual will begin to grow reindeer horns and their personality will drastically change for the worse. During the transformation the wearer's consciousness will gradually be replaced with that of Anastasia Alexandrovna Chen, a former performer of Herman Fuller's Circus of the Disquieting whose soul is contained within the ring.
  • SCP-1310-RU: A tall severely injured humanoid with a still functioning severed hand. He was a member of a race which was exterminated by the Daevites.
  • SCP-1388-RU: A very young girl who appears to be of Samoyedic and Daevite lineage. She has the ability to move all matter in front of her allowing her to pass through anything.
  • SCP-ES-133: An ancient abandoned Daevite village in Cambodia. This village was formed by the survivors from the Sarkic slave revolt, but they were then all killed by the Cult of the Great Green God.
  • SCP-481-FR: A ancient scabbard previously belonging to Daevite warriors. It sometimes produces a saliva-like liquid, and while producing this liquid if inorganic objects are approached to it then the scabbard would absorb them and use their materials to create a new sword designated SCP-481-FR-1. If one sword is left within the object then it would gradually start growing a black flesh-like growths. If the sword is used for more than 14 or 15 times, then after 5 or 6 months SCP-481-FR would produce a new unique sword designated SCP-481-FR-X out of random materials. When a new instance of SCP-481-FR-X appears then new text engravings depicting Daevite warriors would manifest near the entrance of SCP-481-FR-T, a Daevite temple with a near-infinite interior.





  • "Daeva" is an Old Iranian term for demons.
  • The daevas bear cultural resemblance to the Drows from Dungeons & Dragons. Their nature and history might have also been inspired by the novel Ash: A Secret History.
    • The tales "Light of the North, Or the Three Impossible Tasks of Te̮la", "Sükni and the Firebird" and "The Catching of the Sun" which told about the legends of Daevite slaves were also inspired by the fan works "How Ekkreth Stole the Stories from Depur" by InvaderTim and "Tatooine Slave Culture" by fialleril.
  • After SCP-2798 ceased functioning, SCP-001 (Kalinin's proposal) manipulated SCP-1981 as it did with other anomalies. In this new version Ronald Reagan raps during the tape and while rapping mentions the Daevites who are among the crowd looking at Reagan.
  • When SCP-3959, an anti-meme which "redacted" information from written documents and people's memories, went rogue the Foundation tried to secure SCP-140 away from 3959's effect, since it would probably cause the Daevites to cease existing and be completely erased from history and reality. Although it would seem as a good thing, the sudden disappearance of the Daevites from history could cause a much greater disaster to reality as the Daevites have had a fundamental part in the universe despite their malevolence.
  • In the now deleted SCP-001 (Roget's proposal), the Foundation cross-tested SCP-140 with SCP-505, a pen which constantly leaks an infinite amount of ink which could cover the world. This cross-test seemingly solved the problem regarding SCP-505, but expanded the Daevites' history so much that it went beyond the present and into the future and interrupting the combination would cause the added history to come true.
  • SCP-2363-A, an ancient immortal humanoid creature resembling an old man, during an interview with the Foundation mentioned encountering the Daevites in the land that would become the state of Wyoming.
  • When SCP-423, an entity referred to as Fred who only exists within the narrative of a book and can go to other books near it, went to SCP-140 he described his experience as extremely painful like being ripped apart. While 423 was within 140, his presence caused some expansion to the Daevites' history.
  • In "A Dysfunctional Heist", during a heist on Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd. MTF Sigma-66 discovered the Daevites' Antique Siberian Warblade which was used as trophy by Genghis Khan after he destroyed them and later fell on the hands of MC&D. Since they had classified the blade as part of a set which included six other swords it is possible that this blade was used by one of Daevon's Seven Swords.
  • When D-24899 combined SCP-3922 with 140, it caused the Daevites to get terminated for good by the soldiers of the Three Moons Initiative, and SCP-140 along with other copies were considered neutralized.
  • O5-4 of the O5-Council who remembered the Fifth Occult War from Wrong's proposal possessed detailed knowledge of Daevite war tactics.
  • In one instance of SCP-2503-A about an attempt at neutralizing SCP-2030, it detailed how the Foundation kept all technology away from the human race for 562 years, which caused humanity to become a monotheistic cult similar to the Daevite civilization and formed a move called "return to Eden".
  • During a discussion about differences between the Daevites and the Sarkites, one author jokingly referred to the daevite specie as "Homo sapiens daevus".
  • Dr. Clef was able to interview a member of the Daevites from an alternate dimension, but the interview went nowhere, since the Daevite was turned into a mindless beast.
  • According to Ambrose Restaurant, death by forced overeating was a normal punishment by the Daevites.
  • SCP-1140 and SCP-5140 are the only SCPs with the number 140 that are not associated with the Daevites.
  • In "Project Isorropía", SCP-140 was introduced to SCP-5074-1, a chimpanzee with the ability to passively accrue knowledge pertaining to anomalous phenomena, while causing written or typed information it produces to emit radiation when it is stressed. After 140 was given to 5074-1, the monkey also became obsessed with finishing the chronicle, dedicating its life by continually adding ink to it. However, due to its other anomalous ability, all of the Daevites were afflicted with sickness caused by exposure to radiation and perished in 139 CE for good, with the additions done by 5074-1 not working anymore.
  • The GOC has categorized anomalies related to the Daevites under the "Retcon" classification.
  • After SCP-6767 lost control of his flesh-avatar during an Occult War, the avatar gained a mind of its own and became a Daevite grunt which helped the civilization in their bloody conquests before joining the Roman Empire as Julius Caesar.

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  • Daevites in the Legends of the Multi Universe Wiki


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