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Daffy Dagan was a known small time criminal. When he and his fellow crooks were making a get away from one of their crimes when Robby Reed in one of his HERO forms attack them. during the fight however Robby is knocked out by a tree. Daffy then finds Robby's H Dial and fiddles with it. Miracously Daffy some how dials the letters V-I-L-L-A-I-N into it and becomes the villain Daffy the Great. He then thinks the better of it and goes on a crime spree. Robby now in a new hero form goes after him. After a few fights he is able to wrestle the dial off of him and dials N-I-A-L-L-I-V into it and returns him to normal. In the end Daffy is taken to jail but is happy to be human again.


As Daffy the Great he can cast a forcefield. He can also fire a kinetic blast, heat beam, poison gas, and magnetic beam from his finger tips.

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