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Dagar is the master of Nanto Hiyoku Ken (南斗比翼拳, Nanto Hiyoku Ken "South Star Conjoined Wings Fist"), Yuda's lieutenant and a minor villain in Fist of the North Star.

He was voiced by Yūsaku Yara in the anime.


Dagar is first seen when he informs Yuda of Ken-Oh's progress wishing to take advantage of his absence.

When Kenshiro and Rei enter Yuda's castle to confront him, they find Dagar instead, who tells them that Yuda has disappeared, thinking he dislikes pointless fighting and in hours time, Rei will die from the power point that Raoh struck. After gloating how Rei will fail, Dagar also tells Kenshiro that will be handicapped with his left arm injured by Raoh.

He attempts to attack Ken with swift hand strikes, but is quickly punched and slapped by Ken who strikes a pressure point Keichu aka Kafuto that causes Dagar to feel intense pain for the rest of his life. To save his life, Dagar points out that Yuda is in Blue Town and is left to rot.

After Ken and Rei leave the castle, Dagar melts down from his pain wildly slicing through his colleagues. Just then, Yuda comes out of hiding, having witnessed the fight. Feeling betrayed and used as a pawn, Dagar attacks, but Yuda splits him in half with his Nanto Kōkaku Ken "Yōsō Hazan" technique.

In Legends of the Dark King, Dagar trains female dolls to hunt down rival warlords. He is informed by Isabella of her successful assassination mission against Salim. Upon seeing scratches on her neck, Dagar declares it an imperfection and leaves her to be raped by Yuda's henchmen. He then instructs Komaku to take Reina to Yuda's castle.

After Reina is captured, Dagar meets her in the dungeon and instructs her to assassinate Raoh. He also forces Reina to watch Isabella get her nails plucked off. Dagar then tries to make Reina swear loyalty to her and brand her with the UD mark, but she spits blood into his good eye. She turns the poker on him and forces the lieutenant to free Isabella.

Outside, Dagar has Isabella shot dead with an arrow. Just as he is about to have his way, Raoh blasts through the fortress doors. Yuda then informs Raoh that Dagar was just being stupid.


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