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Bernie Dagget is the main antagonist of the Twilight Zone episode "Dead man's Shoes". He is a mob boss who orders the murder of a man named Dane. He was portrayed by Richard Devon.


At the beginning of the episode, Dane, an enemy of Dagget, is gunned down by hitmen. A man named Nate Bledsoe finds his body and steals it's shoes. Throughout the episode, Nate slowly becomes more like Dane, even hooking up with his girlfriend, before eventually going down to Dagget's nightclub and confronting Dagget for killing him. Dagget is unnerved, but eventually realises Nate is possessed by Dane and has him shot, with Nate threatening to come back as he dies. Nate's body is dumped in the alley where Dane was killed, and another man finds and takes the shoes, beginning the cycle again.

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