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Daggoth is a Zerg Cerebrate serving as second-in-command to the Overmind and the secondary antagonist of the real time strategy game StarCraft, as well as a major antagonist in its sequel expansion Brood War.


Daggoth was one of the Cerebrates created by the Overmind from its own consciousness to command the different Broods of the Zerg. In addition to commanding its own Brood, Daggoth served as the Overmind's lead Cerebrate and often advised the newer Cerebrates, as well as Sarah Kerrigan after she was assimilated and converted by the Zerg.

When the Cerebrate Zasz was slain and the Overmind was temporarily paralyzed by the Dark Templar Zeratul, Daggoth took acting command of the Zerg until the Overmind reawakened. In response to Zeratul's actions, Daggoth began formulating a plan to get rid of Zeratul.

Daggoth later accompanied the Zerg Swarm in their invasion of the Protoss home planet of Aiur, which proved a success.

After the Great War ended and the Zerg Overmind was destroyed, Daggoth assumed command of the remaining Cerebrates. Though Kerrigan was set up by the Overmind to succeed it as leader of the Zerg, Daggoth and the Cerebrates did not submit to her and, believing the Cerebrates were obsolete without an Overmind, Daggoth instead began the creation of a new Overmind to lead the Zerg by having several Cerebrates merge to form a second Overmind. This triggered a civil war within the Zerg between the Zerg loyal to Kerrigan and the Renegade Swarm led by Daggoth and the second Overmind.

Daggoth's fate is unknown, though it is almost certain that it was at some point destroyed by Kerrigan to give her full control of the Zerg. The second Overmind it created was later seized by the UED Expeditionary Fleet and used to give the United Earth Directorate control over the Zerg Swarm.


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