Dai Gui the Earth Demon

Dai Gui

Dai Gui, also known as the Earth Demon, is a minor villain in the TV series; Jackie Chan Adventures.


Brown, a humongous minotaur-like creature with the face of a Shisa, large green horns, red eyes and a muscular body.


He is shown to not be very intelligent, and has a firm dislike for Shendu (perhaps the greatest hatred for him out of all the demon sorcerers), his talismans, and some flowers which are also the immortal item used to banish him originally.


He is shown to be able to dig underground and move exactly like a shark. His horns are visible above ground whenever he digs. His portal is located in Spain, where he attempts to dig a new kingdom underground, but is defeated by Jackie who wears the Armour of the Gods, an item related to the sorcerers who banished the demons to the Nether region. In the "Demon World" story arc, he is one of the last four demons to be banished, likely ruling Iberia (Spain and Portugal) or part of or all of Europe. He is banished forever upon being defeated by Tohru.


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