At last, I'm free!
~ Dai Shi
You were foolish to come here, Tiger Master. It will be your undoing.
~ Dai Shi to Casey.

Dai Shi is the main antagonist of the 2008 Power Rangers series, Power Rangers: Jungle Fury.

Dai Shi was voiced by Geoff Dolan, who previously voiced Omni in Power Rangers S.P.D. and Koragg in Power Rangers Mystic Force.


Dai Shi believed that animals should rule the planet, and humans were to be erased. Over 10,000 years ago, brave warriors channeled their Animal Spirits, and after the Beast War, they were able to imprison Dai Shi. The Pai Zhuq was formed to serve as protectors of him.

Presently, Dai Shi accidentally escaped, Hits Mao master by making him become spirit. He enter in body of Jarrod and change the personality Making him think he is, after he returned to his palace where he began to command his assistant Camille and his army of the undead. Dai Shi entering in body of Jarrod 

Dai Shi lives off fear and the more humanity grows scared, he becomes stronger. With the help of the Five Fingers of Poison, people's fear increased and he was able to morph into an armored Lion form using Jarrod's Lion spirit.

Dai Shi doesn't care if Camille gets destroyed just as long as he made progress in her mission. He sees everyone of his warriors as just a tool he can use to succeed in his mission and they don't mean anything to him. Living as a human, he believe he knew how to defeat the Rangers. He retained Jarrod's memories and they were one, but eventually Dai Shi started to loose control of Jarrod.

Casey fought Dai Shi and he was forced out of Jarrod. Dai Shi opened a portal to the Spirit World and revived selected fallen warriors. All seven masters of the Rangers united and donned animal forms, which Dai Shi took to become his ultimate Dragon form. He was weakened by Jarrod and finally destroyed by the three guardians.



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