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Daichi is an antagonist in the manga series Edens Zero. He serves as one of the supporting antagonists of the Belial Gore arc.

Daichi is one of the four members of the Element 4. He is also a torture addict who has the ability to grow branches in his victims which can bind them and cause intense pain within them. His element is earth.


Daichi is a large blue alien with yellow cross-eyes and dark brown hair.


Daichi first appears before Rebecca after having tortured Labilia. After telling about his anti-torture therapy where he got 60 days anti-torture-coin, he crushes it and then tortures Rebecca until Laguna stops him. Later, he's present when Drakken Joe has Weisz mutilated and laughs about Shiki's team's misery. He reappears in timeline 30, where he and his three partners confront the Four Shining Stars. He fights with Sister Ivry. He uses his powers to torture her, but Sister negates this, defeats him with over-healing him and tortures him for all the things he's done.


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