Daigo Hotta
~ Daigo
Daigo Hotta is an ambitious, fiery gang leader from the Steel School. He has a crush on Sanzou Kongoumaru's younger sister Aya and will go to any lengths to impress her.


Daigo is very spirited man. He yells which is part of his personality's. He does support other School Gang leader, Sanzou because he tried to impress him for Aya. He fell in love with Aya which is young sister of Sanzou's. Obsessed about Aya is very heavy since he tried to do anything to impress Sanzou and Aya to be worth to protect Aya. His other form, "Devil Daigo". It said he gained this Devil form from entering the cave to contact which is similar to Kunagi's. Devil Dagio have strong coincidence in himself for being powerful fighter but his personality remained the same as before.
Devil Daigo

Devil Diago

Special Abilities

Daigo does not have a B-Ability, but he still relies on a secondary system to increase his damage. As noted in the Specials section, certain moves will give Daigo marks, up to a maximum of nine, and certain moves will consume marks. Moves that consume marks are generally stronger than moves that do not.


  • Very few people who have both B-Power and Demon Power like Daigo Hotta and others yet to have shown.
  • In BBA, Devil Daigo' eyes are yellow.
  • According to Daigo's Victory comments; he have nunchukus. Most likely Daigo Hotta based on Bruce Lee.
  • Devil Daigo's appearance/design seem to be based on from Devilman.[1]
  • When he became Devil Daigo, he became perverted because he used "Daigo Eye" on Aya as if "Daigo Eye" is like Superman who can see through anything.
  • In BBB, if Devil Daigo use its Enhance on Kunagi, Kendo & Kyuudo and Senna, he may get nosebleed as if he act like perverted Superman who can see though any things.
  • According to Daigo's story confronting Ren who said "He ignored my gun" which is assumed for Daigo can avoid gunshots.
  • Daigo is helping Sanzou to conquer for his goal so he can impress Aya everything he does for.
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