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Curse you Kakuranger, I will not go, I won't forget this!
~ Daimaou before being sealed away.

Daimaou is the leader of the Youkai Army Corps and the main antagonist of Ninja Sentai Kakuranger.

He is voiced by Hidekatsu Shibata, who also voiced King Bradley, Syn Shenron, and General Shadow.


Ages ago, Daimaou and his forces ran amok in the mortal world until they were defeated by holymen who sealed them away in the Door of Sealing. These holymen became the Sanshinshou, the Kakurangers' allies in fighting the scattered Youkai who formed small groups.

By the modern era, Tsuruhime's father Hakamenro learned of Daimaou's existence and the threat he posed on the world should he be freed. Though forced to serve Daimaou, Hakamenro uses this to uncover the demon's weakness.

Ten years later, Daimaou had his son Gashadokuro set up the ritual for his coming into the human world by gathering fifteen children's souls to open the Demon-Seal Gate. A month later, despite the Kakurangers' attempt to stop it, the ritual is complete and the freed Daimaou begins his reign of terror while vowing revenge on the Kakurangers for Gashadokuro's death.

Eventually, Daimaou creates Daradara to aid him to drowning the world in darkness before his extension is killed. After his brother and sister were killed, Daimaou was the only Youkai left to deal with the Kakurangers.

However, Daimaou, being the embodiment of all evil couldn't be destroyed as it allow his influence to spread worldwide. To rectify this, with the Sanshinshou and Ninjaman using their powers to shrink him.

The Kakurangers instead sealed Daimaoh back into the Door of Sealing.


  • Daimaou's seiyuu Hidekastsu Shiba deepened his voice for the role as Daimaou.

See also

  • Master Vile, his counterpart in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers


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